Mango Display, The #1 King of Family Organization Apps

Ever wondered what it would be like to share the calendar on your phone with the whole family? With a little help from Mango Display, the king of family organization apps, everyone might remember all the plans without having to ask mom every day. So many families have hung a paper calendar on a wall at the beginning of the year with lofty intentions of staying organized and keeping track of everything. More often than not, the calendar just becomes a pretty poster as the idea of using it is quickly forgotten in the day-to-day moments of family life.

Mango Display, The #1 King Of Family Organization Apps

This is such a common issue that many families have tried creating whiteboard stations in their homes to keep track of each activity in the household, but these can quickly become cumbersome as they must be updated any time there’s a change in schedule. Frequently these areas are just empty spaces to be filled and quite often become a cluttered space in the home vs the organized space once imagined. In best-case scenarios, the space is simply forgotten and unused as time passes.

Mango Display, The #1 King Of Family Organization Apps
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The King of Family Organization Apps

It’s safe to say that life can be a little chaotic when a family’s life revolves around work, school, after-school programs, clubs, and more. To make things easier, try using Mango Display, the king of family organization apps to create a digital family calendar that can be shared and viewed by the whole family. With Mango Display, the living room TV can be transformed into a shared calendar displayed for everyone in the household. This single app can help better organize the way a family communicates the ever-changing schedules so that no events get overlooked or forgotten which is why this is the best of the available family organization apps.

Mango Display, The #1 King Of Family Organization Apps

One of the benefits of Mango Display is that it allows the user to display on any tablet, TV, or monitor a calendar customized to match the needs of the home, in one central location, making a household less disorganized. Even better, the calendar can be shared from iCloud, Google, or Microsoft. Since the app can be used on a TV, installing it on the central television makes it easy to not overlook the calendar. The ease of use and flexibility with the installation make Mango Display the king of family organization apps.

Mango Display, The #1 King Of Family Organization Apps

One thing to note is since Mango Display is an app the user must select Mango Display to have the calendar show, and then it can stay on as the resting screen saver at any time. It’s as easy as switching to any streaming app by going to the apps section of the TV and selecting the option for Mango Display. Once on the TV the user can just as easily switch to any of the other apps and go back to the calendar display when they wish to.

Mango Display, The #1 King Of Family Organization Apps

How to Download and Install Mango Display

The download and installation of Mango Display, family organization app, is a simple 3-5 minute process. To start choose the technology wished to be used for the family organization apps, which could be on a Smart TV, Roku stick, or Amazon tablet, and simply download the Mango Display app. The app will instruct you to go to on a computer or smartphone and follow the simple instructions. The website will have you type in the eleven-digit alphanumeric code to connect the TV app to the control app on the screen. Then name the display; something like “living room”, “bedroom”, or “kitchen” works easily if the user has more than one display at a time.

Mango Display, The #1 King Of Family Organization Apps

Next, choose a layout for the background; the program allows the user to customize the way the display is laid out and how the background appears. Mango Display offers several different backgrounds and layouts built in as well as the ability to use a personalized photo depending on the chosen plan. Once the layout is selected on the control app the screen on the display on the screen of the TV or tablet being set up will automatically adjust to match within a few moments.

After the background has been updated, the Mango Display control app will give the option to rearrange the location of each section of the screen such as the calendar, quotes, weather, and apps. Each background also offers GIFs and stickers on every screen as well as additional widgets that can be added so that the app is customized to the user’s individual preferences.

Mango Display, The #1 King Of Family Organization Apps

Pricing for Mango Display

There are 4 levels of pricing at both monthly and yearly rates for Mango Display. All the options come with a 30-day risk-free trial period to see how the user enjoys using the app. Having 30 days to try the app before locking in on a plan really gives users time to see how the Mango Display, the king of family organization apps, benefits their family on a daily basis. As an added benefit, Mango Display comes with the ability to up or downgrade the package at any time, so there is no risk to give the app a try.

Mango Display, The #1 King Of Family Organization Apps

Starting with the family organization apps free edition, the package comes with two screens and gives access to the clock, news headlines, today’s weather, 5-day forecast, 24-hour forecast, background images, daily inspirational quotes, custom screen layouts, and multiple pages. Keep in mind, this version does not give access to your personal calendar within the app but does make a spectacular screen saver.

Mango Display, The #1 King Of Family Organization Apps

The “Plus” package comes with everything the free version offers plus access to your calendar, which includes: list, schedule, monthly & weekly views, works with Google or Microsoft calendars, and instantly displays event changes. This package also gives the option to display Apple or Google photos and make custom notes. Plus is offered at only $2.99 a month.

Mango Display, The #1 King Of Family Organization Apps

A step up from the plus option is “pro” which includes everything the Plus option has as well as access to Apple iCloud calendars and Apple reminders. This also includes the ability to combine multiple calendar sources, unlimited calendar widgets and views, unlimited photo/image widgets, GIFs, Memes, stickers, and access to Priority Live Chat support. Pro is offered at only $5.99 a month.

Mango Display, The #1 King Of Family Organization Apps

The last option Mango Display offers is called “Health” which includes everything Pro has to offer and adds access to Apple Health in order to best guide the user on their health journey for only $8.99 a month. This is the best of both the family calendar and the health app that so many are searching for in their lives. What better way to stay on top of not only your schedule but your fitness routine as well with Mango Display family organization apps?

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Mango Display, The #1 King Of Family Organization Apps

In the end, Mango Display is an easy-to-use app for basic to advanced users depending on what their needs are for their specific family. When looking for a user-friendly calendar app the whole family can benefit from, look no further than Mango Display, the king of family organization apps, and you won’t be disappointed.

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Mango Display, The #1 King Of Family Organization Apps



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