26 Refreshing Drinks And Snacks To Stock Up On Before The Holidays Hit

Quench your thirst with refreshing drinks and delicious (but healthy) snacks that will curb your hunger and keep you hydrated. This guide has a wide variety of drinks, including robust coffees to teas and flavorful beverages rich in antioxidants that will keep your electrolyte levels balanced. We also have delicious snacks, including Halloween candy, healthy nacho chips, popcorn for movie night, and healthy granola bars that give you the energy you need for your whole day. We have thought of everything you will need to get through the holidays and put you in a festive mood.

Refreshing Drinks


26 Refreshing Drinks And Snacks To Stock Up On Before The Holidays Hit

Let’s do this. Are you ready to take your workout to the next level with better results? The new AMPED™ Next-Level Pack from Isagenix will fuel your muscles and your body before, during, and after your workout. The AMPED™ Next-Level Pack comes with AMPED Nitro, Amped BCAA, AMPED Repair, AMPED Tri-Release Protein, and AMPED Hydrate.

The AMPED Nitro is a pre-workout watermelon-flavored drink that gives you a kickstart and helps you sustain energy. The AMPED BCAA Plus is a delicious raspberry lemonade intra-workout drink that fuels muscles with amino acids. The AMPED Repair is a post-workout tropical punch flavored drink that reduces joint soreness and rebuilds muscles to improve recovery. These refreshing drinks are gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy free.

26 Refreshing Drinks And Snacks To Stock Up On Before The Holidays Hit

The AMPED Tri-Release Protein is the perfect anytime protein shake that helps develop lean muscle and enhance strength. The 25-gram three-protein blend enhances your recovery time so you are ready for your next workout. It comes in chocolate milk and vanilla custard flavors for some of the most refreshing drinks available! The AMPED Tri-Release Protein is gluten-free and soy free.

26 Refreshing Drinks And Snacks To Stock Up On Before The Holidays Hit

The AMPED Hydrate helps you renew and replenish your electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. It quenches your thirst in flavors of blue raspberry, coconut, lemon-lime, and orange. It’s perfect for working out or running errands. Amped Hydrate is gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy free.


Start your morning right; start it with refreshing drinks from POW. Try the delicious Wonder Matcha w/ Adaptogens and Lion’s Mane and the Wonder Matcha + Turmeric Wonder Matcha + Whisk Bundle, guaranteed to increase your focus and blood flow. These delicious blends are made with sustainable ingredients and contain 100% organic ingredients, no sugar, and no fillers. The blend of ceremonial grade matcha is from Uji Japan, and the functional mushrooms and adaptogens are formulated to increase focus and productivity while relieving stress and anxiety. 

This ceremonial grade Wonder Matcha with Adaptogens and Lion’s Mane first pick matcha is paired with Lion’s Mane mushroom to boost focus, energy, and creativity. Add adaptogens for an extra boost. In addition, you can reduce anxiety and manage stress by using ashwagandha and Ceylon cinnamon. With over 140 times more antioxidants than coffee and green tea, this blend keeps you focused and alert throughout the day.

In addition, a matcha beverage contains specific catechin called EGCG, which prevents chronic disease and reduces inflammation. You can also try the Wonder Matcha + Turmeric Wonder Matcha + Whisk Bundle, which includes the Original Wonder Matcha, Turmeric Wonder Matcha, and a Power Whisk. The turmeric blend uses this powerful spice to fight inflammation in the body and is low in caffeine, making it great for light afternoon pick-me-ups.

To improve your cognition and focus while reducing your stress and anxiety, try out any of these wonderful organic Wonder Matcha products. You won’t regret taking this step to a better life!

Drink Simple

Do you struggle to keep yourself hydrated and end up feeling nauseous and having headaches? Well, not anymore, with gratifying and refreshing drinks like Sparkling Maple Water. It comes in a set featuring three delectable flavors: Raspberry Lemon, Blackberry Lemon, and Orange Mango. This set makes you forget you’re drinking water; it’s so refreshing that you can chug the whole can in one go. On top of that, it is super hydrating, thus benefiting and satisfyingly delicious!

If you, on the other hand, prefer non-flavored and unsweetened drinks, then you should go for the original maple water, full of nutrients and minerals. It is entirely plant-powered and contains no added sugar, so you can have natural, refreshing drinks all the time! Furthermore, it will prove to be delightful when making tea, coffee, etc. Explore and delight your palate with Drink Simple’s maple water options!

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Harmless Harvest

26 Refreshing Drinks And Snacks To Stock Up On Before The Holidays Hit

Coconut water is one of the most refreshing drinks on the planet! It’s also the most effective way to stay hydrated, and Harmless Harvest is the #1 coconut water brand in the U.S. for this reason! Made from coconuts grown in Thailand, the Harmless Harvest Organic Coconut Water is the closest you can come to drinking straight from a coconut! This coconut water is not only naturally sweet, crisp, and refreshing but will also satisfy and hydrate whenever you need to soak in all the benefits coconut water has to offer. Benefits include hydration, naturally occurring electrolytes, and a good source of phosphorous and potassium making it one of the most refreshing drinks you will ever have.

Other Harmless Harvest beverages include coconut smoothies, coconut water with pulp, and flavored coconut water. Drink packs are available in 6, 12, or 24 packs with the option to subscribe and save and set up an automatic delivery.

Purity Coffee

A morning without coffee is incomplete. It gives you the energy you need to start the day. Purity coffee aims to make caffeine intake health-friendly. Purity Coffee is made from 100 percent arabica beans with no additives or allergens, providing a distinct and rich flavor. It is a premium selection of specialty coffee that ranges from a light to a dark blend of aromas and flavors, each with its distinct characteristics.

Protect, the light-medium roast coffee satisfies your taste buds with toasted hazelnut and a hint of brown spice. It ensures liver care and enhances your metabolism.

26 Refreshing Drinks And Snacks To Stock Up On Before The Holidays Hit

Flow, a medium roast bean coffee, on the other hand, has a distinct flavor profile that includes salty nuts and delectable dark chocolate, creating a perfect balance. If you like your coffee dark enough to wake you up completely, then dark-roasted whole-bean coffee will suit you well.

You can brew all these coffees in the classic stainer way or with your expresso maker. You can also get the same benefits from the “instant” coffee version – just like you would brew a tea bag, take Purity Coffee Sachets with you anywhere you have access to hot water but don’t always have time to make a full pot with a coffee maker. Purity coffee has thought of everything! These refreshing drinks will give you the boost you will need to start your day.

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SIMI Winery

26 Refreshing Drinks And Snacks To Stock Up On Before The Holidays Hit

Wine is that one well-received gift that never gets old. With a large range of price points and flavors, there’s certainly something for every generous giver, as well as any lucky recipient. In the century-plus that SIMI Wines has diligently produced wines, they’ve curated a beautiful selection of just about every variety. Unless it’s well-known which wine someone prefers, you really cannot go wrong with gifting a Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon. Either bottle is perfect to be shared with friends or enjoyed alone while paired with mushrooms, lamb, goat cheese, and rustic bread, or a hearty bowl of French Onion soup, burgers, blue cheese, or dark chocolate respectively.


Looking for an all-natural way to boost your immunity and energy levels, one sip at a time? Look no further than Nadi! Made with USDA-certified organic ingredients, this powerful beverage is rich in antioxidants and packed with natural Vitamin C, making it a great way to keep your immune system strong. Additionally, Nadi’s refreshing drinks are full of B vitamins, making it a natural way to increase your energy levels. And with no added sugar, Nadi is a healthy and delicious way to enjoy all the benefits of these powerful vitamins and minerals.

Liberty Beans Coffee Company

There’s nothing better than the perfect cup of coffee. The Freedom Blend combines organic coffees from Peru and Brazil. The medium-dark roast coffee is a rich, complex coffee that tastes of toasted almonds with a dark chocolate finish. Of course, Liberty Beans Coffee Company owned and operated by a husband and wife team based in Cherry Hill, NJ, produces a variety of coffees from green coffee importers. They roast each batch to bring out the best in the coffee beans. The grind options for the coffee include whole beans, ground for drip, ground for espresso, and ground for cold brew.

And, now you can enjoy Liberty Beans Coffee in the convenience of K-Cups, too. Sip the signature Liberty Blend medium-dark coffee with notes of caramel, milk chocolate, and berry citrus on a relaxing Saturday morning. The K-cups come in packs of 12 so you can make refreshing drinks every morning!

Twinnings x Welly

26 Refreshing Drinks And Snacks To Stock Up On Before The Holidays Hit

Twinnings Tea and Welly Waterbottles have joined forces to create a unique partnership to showcase the best way to enjoy the new cold water infusions tea. This collaboration includes a limited edition bundle that features an 18 oz Welly Traveler Bottle that is triple-walled and vacuum-insulated and your choice of one of Twinings’ new Superblends Cold Water Infusions! These refreshing drinks have many delicious flavors including Raspberry Hibiscus and Pineapple Coconut. This tea is specially blended and tested to ensure that each serving delivers 500 million CFUs of probiotics to help provide effective digestion support, without impacting the taste of your water.

Delicious Snacks

Super Pop

If you’re a peanut butter lover who can eat anything with peanut butter in it any day, any time, you’d be thrilled to know about these peanut-buttery Super Pop snacks. Peanut Butter Chocolate is the perfect way to boost your dopamine levels when you’re feeling down, exhausted, or unmotivated. This chocolate has a soft texture that melts in your mouth, allowing you to taste all the delectable flavors. You can add this to cookie dough, smoothies, and shakes to create your own refreshing drinks.

The second snack on our list is this protein-rich Peanut Butter and Honey Nut Bar. This gluten-free bar tastes heavenly with its rich flavors. Adding this to your plain yogurt will level up your breakfast game and get your day started off right. For a delectable dessert, the Peanut Butter Churro’s crispiness is out of this world. Serve desserts decorated with peanut butter churros or pair them with your favorite coffee in the morning.

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Dylan’s Candy Bar

Welcome to Dylan’s Candy Bar, the ultimate destination for those with a sweet tooth! They specialize in fashion-forward, artful candy that will make your inner child smile. Their selection of unique confections is sure to dazzle and delight, and are always updating their offerings to keep up with the latest trends.

You as a mother understand that on that dreaded last day of October, your child will want nothing more than to dress up in a crazy costume and indulge in every piece of candy they can get a hold of. Stave off their need for sugar with Halloween Surprise Smash Pumpkin by Dylan’s Candy Bar. Yes, parents, smashing is indeed involved. Why not get your kid’s pent-up energy out, safely at home, before the adventures of Halloween take over?

Simple, delicious, and chaotic fun, the Halloween Surprise Smash Pumpkin candy comes in a classic Halloween look with the joy of taking a hammer to something you want to break. Nothing beats a white chocolate pumpkin full of even more sweet goodies.


26 Refreshing Drinks And Snacks To Stock Up On Before The Holidays Hit

Build Your FavorUtz™ lets you pick and choose your family’s favorite Utz snacks. You can choose all gluten-free snacks like Utz Potato Chips, Utz Cheese Balls, Utz Potato Chips Wavy Heluva Good Buttermilk Ranch, and Good Health® Veggie Stix®. It’s such a treat for a gluten-free family to be able to order a variety pack of snacks. Utz has been making amazing snacks for 100 years with simple, quality ingredients.

Good Health® Veggie Stix are crunchy and delicious. The non-GMO gluten-free snacks are perfect for school lunches and after-school snacks. The Kosher snacks are made without hydrogenated oils. The Veggie Stix are a delicious, flavorful gluten-free treat.

The Utz Pork Rinds Original 18-ounce Barrel 2 Pack is the perfect gluten-free keto-friendly snack. The crunch original Chicharrones are made with just fried pork skins and the right amount of salt. The zero carbohydrate snack comes in resealable storage containers so snack time always is crunchy and delicious. Pair these delicious snacks with refreshing drinks any time of the day.

Johnson’s Popcorn

Sleepovers are incomplete without watching a film with your friends or cousins, and popcorn makes it an even more fun and classic pastime. Johnson’s Popcorn is specially hand churned to ensure each kernel absorbs the flavor to offer you a rich taste for those movie nights! You can get this popcorn in different sizes, which include one-gallon tins, two-gallon tins, and large-size popcorn tubs, depending on how many people you want to serve.

Furthermore, Johnson’s offers many delicious flavors; people’s favorites are caramel, salt-n-sandy, butter, cheddar, platinum, and chocolate drizzle, to name a few. So, with this crunchy gourmet popcorn, make beautiful memories with your family, make new friends at a party, or gift it to your loved ones.

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Are you lactose intolerant or vegan but don’t want to give up on eating ice cream? We don’t blame you; it is indeed one of the best desserts! And Wildwood has got your tummy. Wildwood offers eight delectable flavors to suit a broad range of tastes and preferences. Each ice cream flavor comprises a magical blend of plant-driven ingredients, is low in cholesterol, and is much healthier than the conventional dairy counterparts. Plus, the texture is so good that it melts in your mouth right away. Have fun adding Wildgood’s ice cream to your protein shakes, or add it to your other desired desserts to level up your ice cream experience.

Verb Energy

Are you trying to cut down on your coffee intake but need caffeine to help you get through the day? Verb Energy’s caffeine snack bar is exactly what you’re looking for. It not only saves you the trouble and time of making coffee, but it also gives you an energy boost without making you jittery. On top of that, this delectable snack bar is gluten-free and low in calories – a perfect gift for your vegan friend.

It comes in three flavors, including double chocolate, which is for chocolate lovers and tastes like caffeinated hot chocolate. The s’mores and cinnamon roll flavors each offer unique and delightful tastes. So, whether you are about to start the most important presentation of your life or feeling down/ stressed before your exam, the Verb Energy Snack Bar will make you feel energized and focused, and satisfied.

TinyB Chocolate

It’s time to celebrate the spookiest holiday of the season with the Monsters Chocolate Pops kit by TinyB Chocolate. This DIY popsicle kit is gluten-free, preservative-free, and handmade fresh to order in San Francisco.  The delicious chocolate popsicles are made with a secret Brazilian truffle filling. You could compare these delicious treats to cake pops, except they are creamier, easier to make, and much more satisfying to eat! Bring ghosts, ghouls, and mummies to life, as the kit contains everything you need to mold and temper your popsicle shells, followed by filling and decorating them with brigadeiro and spooky toppings.

With this kit, you can make four filled chocolate popsicles and regular truffles using the leftover brigadeiro. Don’t forget to pair these yummy delights with refreshing drinks such as a tall glass of milk. 

This spooky kit includes: 

-1x jar of brigadeiro (dark chocolate)

-1x jar of brigadeiro spread (pumpkin spice latte)

-200g melting dark chocolate and white chocolate

-4x toppings of mini marshmallows, sugar eyes, seasonal sprinkles

-Silicone popsicle mold and sticks


Celebrate this spooky holiday and create lasting memories with the DIY Monster Chocolate Pops kit from TinyB Chocolate.

12 Tides

26 Refreshing Drinks And Snacks To Stock Up On Before The Holidays Hit

The Organic Puffed Kelp Chips Variety Pack lets you enjoy all three flavors of this unique, healthy, crunchy snack. The nutrient-dense sea kelp snacks come in Sea Salt, Chili Pepper, and Everything. The gluten-free, non-GMO, plant-based chips are packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. They are baked with no added sugars, additives, preservatives, or refined grains and taste great with refreshing drinks. The kelp is sourced from regenerative ocean farms in the United States. In addition, 12 Tides packaging is 100 percent compostable because it is made of bio-based materials. The company gives 1 percent of sales to ocean restoration efforts.


The best tortilla chips for dipping, dunking, and snacking are Chicas. These delicious chips are handcrafted in small batches in Los Angeles. This family recipe starts with soft tortillas which are fried in rice bran oil, giving it immense flavor and hearty texture that stands up to the thickest dips and salsas.

These salty chips are the perfect accompaniment for salsa, guacamole, and dips, seasoned with sea salt and a hint of bright citrus. In addition, these gluten-free chips contain no trans fat, no oily aftertaste, and are non-GMO, and go well with a variety of refreshing drinks. Always choose Chicas for its delicious flavors if you want scrumptious, easy, healthy snacks for your parties.


26 Refreshing Drinks And Snacks To Stock Up On Before The Holidays Hit

It’s hard to resist a big bag of salty chips when you’re hungry. If you are looking for a guilt-free snack that is delicious and healthy, then you need to try HIPPEAS Rockin Ranch chips. These organic tortilla chips are made of chickpeas, are vegan, Kosher, certified gluten-free, and contain no nuts and soy. HIPPEAS chips have 3g of protein and fiber to keep you satisfied and going all day with these essential nutrients.

The Hippeas® is proud to partner with Feeding America® in the global fight against hunger. These flavorful chips are perfect for lunches, road trips, and family parties. So keep your taste buds rockin’ all day long with easy healthy snacks from HIPPEAS.

Blake’s Seed Based

Finding allergen-free snacks can be challenging when you have nut allergies or attend nut-free schools or workplaces. Blake’s Seed-Based Chocolate Lover’s Bundle is nut-free, vegan, allergy-friendly, and gluten-free, and these crispy rice treats are packed with protein and crunch from flax, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds. In addition, the seeds are loaded with protein, healthy fats, essential minerals, and rich vitamins.

This yummy snack bar can be carried everywhere and is a quick healthy fix for the munchies. They are also low in sugar and packed with antioxidants. Blake’s delicious crispy treats make a great afternoon snack that will satisfy your chocolate craving and help you power through the rest of the day.


Looking for grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, GMO-free, and soy-free food options? Look no further than Soozy’s! Their products are perfect for those with allergies or sensitivities and are made with only the highest quality ingredients. Their muffins go great with refreshing drinks like milk or coffee. For those picky eaters, even these products are sure to please even the most discerning palates and will leave everyone feeling nourished and oh-so satisfied! So why not give Soozy’s a try today? You won’t be disappointed!


26 Refreshing Drinks And Snacks To Stock Up On Before The Holidays Hit

There is nothing better than a salty, crunchy snack such as tortilla chips and salsa to satisfy your craving. CHI-CHI’S® Tortilla Chips, salsa, and dips are the perfect party snacks whether you pile them high with nacho fillings, dip them in tangy salsa, or eat them straight out of the bag. The crispy White Corn Tortilla Chips Rounds made from white corn have zero trans fat but are full of flavor. You’ll love this yummy snack as a mid-day snack when you’re craving something crunchy. You won’t be able to eat just one of these delicious rounds at home or work.

You’re sure to have a blast with CHI-CHI’S® Authentic Tortilla Chips, a perfect addition to any gathering. This delicious tortilla chip is crispy and has a robust flavor that pairs well with Fiesta Style Roasted Tomato Salsa. Each jar of CHI-CHI’S® Roasted Tomato Salsa is packed with tremendous flavors so keep you coming back for more. The salsa is loaded with juicy tomatoes, onions, and a mild kick of jalapeño heat. There is nothing like CHI-CHI’S® tortilla chips when it comes to a perfect, salty snack worthy of being enjoyed with roasted tomato salsa and scooped into your mouth.

RED Chocolate

26 Refreshing Drinks And Snacks To Stock Up On Before The Holidays Hit

The rich yummy taste of chocolate with less sugar and calories! Enjoy a variety pack of RED Chocolate to experience a European-style treat without the guilt! They use flavors like caramel, hazelnut, and macadamia all beautiful paired with milk and dark chocolate. These are great to have on hand when you need a quick treat!


Are you looking for a delicious yet healthy snack the whole family can enjoy in their lunches? Then you have to try out Brainiac® Foods! They design apple & fruit pouches, nut butters, and bars. These easy healthy snacks promote brain health, boost immunity, and are convenient to carry anywhere. Pair the bars with refreshing drinks like milk or coffee for a winning combination!

The soft, chewy Peanut Chocolate Chip Brain Bars®, Apple Cinnamon Brain Bars®, and Chocolate Chip Brain Bars®, are full of flavor that will fuel your body with good wholesome ingredients. With golden oats, puffed quinoa, chia seeds, and pea crisps, these bars taste great and have no brown rice or brown rice syrups. They also have prebiotics and 9G whole grains to give you a healthy gut.

26 Refreshing Drinks And Snacks To Stock Up On Before The Holidays Hit

These super tasty Brainiac® bars are loaded with clean, Non-GMO ingredients and nutrients, giving you the energy you need and keeping you going throughout the day.

Lesser Evil

26 Refreshing Drinks And Snacks To Stock Up On Before The Holidays Hit

If you love snacking on popcorn, Lesser Evil has the best, organic popcorn to enjoy a healthy alternative. Using organic rice flour and other natural ingredients, this popcorn is light, tasty, and good for you. With many flavor options to choose from, you will be amazed by all of the delicious varieties. Flavors include Mixed Berry, Fiery Hot, and Avocadolicious.

For a sweet treat, the Lesser Evil Mini Cookies are a guilt-free dessert. Choose from Birthday Cake, Fudge Brownie, or Almond Butter Chocolate Chip. If chocolate is your craving, go with the Fudge Brownie! You’ll love to dip these cookies in your favorite refreshing drinks, like milk or tea. With just 4g of organic coconut sugar and 0 grains per serving, these fantastically fudgy Mini Cookies are choc-full of rich cocoa powder and chocolate chips.

Milton’s Craft Bakers

26 Refreshing Drinks And Snacks To Stock Up On Before The Holidays Hit

Milton’s Craft Bakers Thin & Crispy Cauliflower Crust Pizzas are artisan-inspired, pizzeria-quality Certified Gluten Free pizzas that are made with Milton’s signature, crispy cauliflower crust, and topped with the finest premium ingredients. Available in Pepperoni, Roasted Vegetable, Margarita, and Four Cheese, these pizzas only take 15 minutes to bake, so they make for a great snack or quick meal option. Milton’s signature Thin & Crispy Cauliflower Crust is topped with the finest gluten-free ingredients—delivering an authentic pizzeria experience fresh from your oven.

Get the party started and greet your guests with refreshing drinks and tasty snacks this holiday season. With the right beverages like teas, energy drinks, and roasted coffees with hints of brown spice, you can’t go wrong. These drinks will keep you healthy and hydrated and your body will thank you. So stock up now before these products are sold out for the holiday season!

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26 Refreshing Drinks And Snacks To Stock Up On Before The Holidays Hit



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