A Basic Power Tool Set: 3 Important Tools Every Person Needs

Thinking of a power tool set may bring to mind images of a grandfather working on the siding, your own father fussing with the car (again), or your husband trying to figure out how to put the crib together. Regardless of how you were raised, experiences you had or did not have, or the abilities you don’t believe you can access, the ability to use a power tool set is something that you can learn, and quite easily!

A Basic Power Tool Set: 3 Important Tools Every Person Needs

Using a power tool set doesn’t mean that you’re going to be building works of art and selling it online, though it could. Using tools simply provides the user with the ability to take control of their home environment and make changes, if necessary. If you are interested in creating a power tool set for your own home, here are 3 important tools that every person needs to learn how to use and, eventually, add to their power tool set.

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Getting Started: Safety First

A Basic Power Tool Set: 3 Important Tools Every Person Needs

Before any person uses any tool from their power tool set, it is important to find the proper safety gear. Safety glasses and gloves are essential to get started. As your projects get more and more involved and produce more dust or chemical fumes, then a mask and protective clothing can become even more vital to your safety so that you can properly use your power tool set.

There seems to be a stigma around wearing protective gear, whether wearing the protective items imply that you don’t know what you’re doing, or that you’re afraid. Regardless of the stigma surrounding this gear, the fact is that power tools can be dangerous. Depending on the tool you’re using, damage to eyes, hands, and even your lungs can easily happen. Wear the protective gear so that you can prevent injury. If you’re not sure where to start with it, there are plenty of resources online to help you decide how to get started.

Power Tool #1: A Power Drill Set

A Basic Power Tool Set: 3 Important Tools Every Person Needs

The most basic and most useful power tool to invest in is definitely a power drill. A drill can drill holes, drive screws, remove unwanted screws, and is the basic power tool used when building and repairing items around the house. When you are choosing a power drill, there are choices you will need to consider:

  • Cordless Or Powered?
    The perks of a cordless drill: Very helpful when you need a drill throughout your property because you don’t need to stop and find an outlet to power your drill.
    The perks of a powered drill: You don’t have a battery to charge.
  • How Much Power Do You Need?
    Power drills range from low voltage (power) to high voltage. When you’re shopping for a drill, you will see numbers that include 6, 7.2, 9.6, 12, 14.4 and 18V. All of these voltages can help you drill some screws to hang a painting, but an 18V drill can secure flooring and basically build a room. The higher the voltage, the heavier the drill. With prolonged use, an 18V drill that weighs roughly 3.5 lbs can really start to weigh on a person.
  • The Need For Speed
    When choosing a drill, you may need to consider the speed offered. Many of the lower-priced drills run at one single speed, but most drills have two fixed speeds: 300 rpm and 800 rpm. There is a switch or trigger that will allow you to select between these speeds. What’s the difference? Low speeds can handle most easy jobs, like driving screws. Higher speeds can drill holes. For larger jobs or more intense repair tasks, it is best to have a drill that offers variable speed control. This will allow you to change the speed from 0 rpm to the top-end of its ability (sometimes 1,000 rpm!)

Once you have made your drill decision, find something to practice on. The weight, noise, and movement of any power tool can be surprising, especially if you have never used one! No shame in this game, the more you learn the more you know. Grab yourself a box of screws, find some lumber remnants, and get to practicing. Practice your speed, changing your drill bits, and see for yourself what the speed and weight of your drill can do for you.

Once you have become familiar with your new drill, you can comfortably add it to your power tool set and start making changes in your own home that you want to make, all without calling a handyman!

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Power Tool #2: A Rotary Tool

A Basic Power Tool Set: 3 Important Tools Every Person Needs

If a power drill wasn’t such an important baseline for every power tool set, then a rotary tool would have definitely been #1 on our list simply because it’s fun to use and it can do so many things.

This tool has a fast-spinning motor tip on which you can place many different attachments. It can sand, cut, grind, and polish. Rotary tools can be pneumatically powered (powered with pressurized air) or electronic. Electronic rotary tools are not used for heavy duty jobs which makes it better for general use and thus more household-friendly. It can help you make all sorts of small repairs around the house. The best way to get started when choosing your rotary tool is to find one with lots of attachments and accessories.

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Some projects that a rotary tool can help complete include:

  • Cutting: A rotary tool can cut tile, wood, plastics, or even metal. Your rotary tool may come in a kit with attachments for each of these mediums.
  • Sanding/Grinding: Your rotary tool can help add beautiful lines to your wood work. It can also grind off screw and nail heads to leave a smooth finish on projects. Or, it can help you spruce up your home by cleaning/removing grout after a light remodel. You can also use the grinder to sharpen items as small as kitchen knives, pruning shears, or tools as large as that ax you forgot you owned.
  • Polishing: Try it on your glassware, mirrors, or scratched windows to bring them back. Just be sure to use the correct attachment.

The successful use of this tool is almost completely dependent on using the correct bits and attachments. The options for attachments are very broad, but a quick call or trip to the hardware store can lead you in the right direction for the project you’re working.

Power Tool #3: An Air Compressor

A Basic Power Tool Set: 3 Important Tools Every Person Needs

While an air compressor isn’t exactly what you’d imagine as a necessary addition to your power tool set, the versatility of this tool can get just about any job done. Air compressors are offered in so many different sizes, which means they are available in a variety of strengths. There is an air compressor out there for any type of living situation, and the basic capabilities of this incredible tool include:

  • Filling up tires on vehicles, bicycles, inflatable toys, pools, and any number of things which would otherwise require a LOT of oxygen on your part are easily filled up.
  • There are attachments for most air compressors that can help you accomplish tasks, from detailing your car to painting your house.
  • Don’t have a pressure washer? No worries! An air compressor can double as a pressure washer, or even as powerful as an air sander.

Air compressors are versatile and cost-effective as they create no waste, and using an air compressor for at-home cleanup saves both time, money, and precious resources.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or have never held a hammer in your life, creating your own power tool set according to the needs of your home and your lifestyle can help you to create real independence and ownership of your own space. Carefully consider your needs and abilities, and before you know it, you’ll be able to fix (or even create) things in your own home without calling a handyman-or your Dad!

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A Basic Power Tool Set: 3 Important Tools Every Person Needs



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