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Bold colors, playful pictures, and nautical themed logos. Lourdes’ summer line offers all of that and more. With a preppy style that is young at heart we can’t help but swoon over these precious looks. Additionally, with Lourdes, you don’t have to trade in this one-of-a-kind style when it’s time to head to the water, the swim line is just as delectable.

Dress Style

Lourdes has captured the innocence and playfulness of every little girl in each dress. The Matryoshka dolls, each beautifully patterned, and the signature Lourdes mermaid allow your little lady to dress up while embracing their youth!

The small, effortless bows and full skirt give just enough femininity to each look. Your little lady is sure to be the center of attention when wearing a Lourdes sundress.

Swim Style

Your child will only be young once so accentuate everything you love about their baby body while they still have it. Round tummies and those last few baby fat rolls are even more darling when in swimwear.

Each bikini, one-piece, and swim trunk features the individual style that is also found in the Lourdes clothing line.

A day at the beach can get confusing if your little one has the same bathing suit as three other children her age. Find a Lourdes suit that will help your little girl or guy stand out.

Nautical Style

Whether it be in a collared shirt, effortless tank, or an adorable swimsuit, Lourdes knows how to have nautical themed fun!

Have your little one dress the part on your next trip to the beach or lake. The blue and white stripes seen on these water-themed items shout summer! We cannot get enough of these precious Lourdes logos. An adorable mermaid and sailboat contrast playfully against the structured stripes.

Everywhere you look on a Lourdes outfit you will find another adorable detail. Bows, logos, and pictures can be found all around. The back, shoulders, stomach, and legs, are all equally stylish. Every angle is precious and your little one will look cute whether they are running in for a kiss or running out toward the waves!

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  1. Oh, that little blue eyed, blonde girl at the beginning in the red dress is just gorgeous. What a great little model!!! One of the best kid models I’ve seen on the site. Awwww!


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