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At some point- everyone desires to redesign their home. Perhaps the rooms were designed in a hurried rush to move in or you never had the time to do anything special to them at all.  Whether or not you have the time, dedication, and money can impact your decision to have the rooms designed the way you have always dreamed. We have great news! It is easier than you think to give your home’s interior the redesign it needs! Did we mention that there is a way to do it yourself on a budget, too?!

Diy- Redesigning Each Room In Your Home On A Tight Budget

Simplify Your Plan

We suggest you do not attempt an exterior and interior facelift along with a renovation or addition all at once. Have a plan that is one you know you can achieve! Simplify your plan to one that is reasonable. Even if you are not an interior designer, you can absolutely do a lot of the cosmetic work yourself. We are not talking about new plumbing and knocking down walls. Merely keep your plan simple enough to make sure the rooms are designed to your liking.

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Diy- Redesigning Each Room In Your Home On A Tight Budget

Rooms Designed- Kitchen

An incredible update to any kitchen is much simpler than you may believe. Painting your cabinets and installing new hardware can change the entire look of your kitchen. The results can be astonishing and all it costs you is a gallon of paint and some knobs.

TIP: Apply two coats of primer to dark cabinets.

Toddlers and young children can get in on the fun! Torn between two or more colors? Allow your child to choose the color. Want help painting? Kids as young as three are absolutely capable of painting with you- with ample supervision, of course. Painting your cabinets with your child can be a special bonding experience that you can reminisce about each time you are in the kitchen.

Diy- Redesigning Each Room In Your Home On A Tight Budget
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Choose One Splurge Item

If your kitchen is super outdated and needs more of an overhaul, new countertops or flooring can be your featured splurge item! Perhaps your friend is a handyman and can help you lay down the floor to cut back on the cost and add to the DIY theme of your redesign. Saving money means you may have to step outside of your comfort zone, test yourself, and stretch your abilities. You will be surprised by your own dexterity when you put your mind to something! You could potentially be laying your new flooring in no time! Most companies automatically install new countertops so do not expect to do it yourself!

Diy- Redesigning Each Room In Your Home On A Tight Budget

Less Expensive Options

New countertops or flooring for the entire kitchen can add up quickly. A cheaper, budget-friendly option is to install new light fixtures and a new faucet. You will be pleasantly surprised by the way the entire room design will change with a simple faucet or light fixture update. A new light fixture and faucet can really change the design theme within your kitchen.

Diy- Redesigning Each Room In Your Home On A Tight Budget

Rooms Designed- Play Room

A fresh coat of paint or some wall decals can be all your child’s playroom needs. A new storage bin, bookshelf, or toy box can be found at a thrift shop or an online yard sale website. Out with the old & in with the new. If the playroom is filled with untouched toys, teach your child how to donate to others in need or have a yard sale.

Diy- Redesigning Each Room In Your Home On A Tight Budget

TIP: Domestic violence shelters are a great place to donate gently loved toys!

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A book nook is a wonderful addition to any playroom. If you do not have a lot of space to work with, a bookshelf and some pillows can suffice. Thrift stores and yard sales are a great place to find cheap furniture. Cover a bookshelf with a coat of paint and it will look brand new! Add a nice throw rug or a new bean bag chair and voila- your child’s new and improved playroom is complete!

Diy- Redesigning Each Room In Your Home On A Tight Budget
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Rooms Designed- Living Room

If you do not have it in the budget for brand new furniture- be open to “new to you” furniture. Put up a post on social media that you are in the market for new couches and you will be pleasantly surprised at what may come your way. Someone you know may have nearly new couches and be in the process of redecorating their own home. They could be looking to give great pieces away for free or next to nothing to make way for their new furniture. If replacing all of your living room furniture is out of the question- try to add one new loveseat or recliner. A couch cover can also change the aesthetics of your living room.

Diy- Redesigning Each Room In Your Home On A Tight Budget

TIP: A loveseat that reclines is a great space saver for smaller rooms or preventing clutter with ottomans.

A new area rug can change the entire look of your living room! New curtains and decorative rods can also change the entire look of your room for a cost-effective fix. As always- a change in paint color and some new wall decor will spruce up any living room space. Merely painting the trim in your living room can be a simpler way to add a subtle change in appearance. Updating family photographs and any older decor will make a difference. If you have a wood stove or fireplace in your living room, cleaning it regularly can make your living room look nicer, as well. A new set of fireplace tools or a trendy firewood holder can be aesthetically pleasing and add to the new room design.

Diy- Redesigning Each Room In Your Home On A Tight Budget

A house plant or tree can truly add to a fresh new look in your living room. Adding life to your space may be all it takes to have the rooms designed the way you want them. House plants can be great conversation pieces. You can order some from all over the world. Keeping them alive is now easier than ever! Companies allow you to choose house plants and trees based upon the lighting, temperature, and overall climate within your home.

Rooms Designed- Bedroom

A new bedspread or coat of paint can be the change you crave in your master bedroom. A new nightstand from a yard sale can also be the addition you need. Painting a bargain dresser or vanity is a great cost-effective way to update and spruce up your bedroom furniture.

Diy- Redesigning Each Room In Your Home On A Tight Budget

TIP: While redecorating your bedroom, we highly suggest purchasing some room darkening curtains. They are superb in the bedroom and truly add to sleep quality.

An area rug can easily change the look of your bedroom. If your budget allows for it, new flooring can really add to the room being designed the way you had always dreamed of. As with the kitchen, have a handy friend or neighbor help show you the ropes. If you truly want to do it yourself, remember that you may have to step outside of your comfort zone and truly do it yourself.

Diy- Redesigning Each Room In Your Home On A Tight Budget

Choosing new wall decor may be the easiest way to redesign your bedroom. Adding your favorite song lyrics or an empowering quote on a plaque can add daily positivity to your life. Craft fairs and county fairs are great places to find local vendors that make unique home decor.

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Rooms Designed- Bathroom

Diy- Redesigning Each Room In Your Home On A Tight Budget

We all know you can go all out in a bathroom remodel. If you are doing it yourself and on a budget, that is the last thing you want to attempt. A new showerhead or light fixture is a great start. Easy to install, there are now so many designs that can bring any style to your bathroom. If you are on a tight budget, a simple way to update your bathroom is a new (and completely inexpensive) shower curtain can effortlessly tie in your new design.

TIP: Towels go on sale often, especially around the holidays. Treat yourself to a new set of bathroom towels. They, too, can be aesthetically appealing.

Be Open To “New To You” In Place Of Brand New

You can find a new medicine cabinet, towel rack, or shelving in home improvement stores in the clearance section. As we suggested before, a yard sale or social media post can be a great place to find something “new to you”. Keep an eye out when your neighbors and friends are renovating. You can score great finds there, as well.

Diy- Redesigning Each Room In Your Home On A Tight Budget

Call in the favor your friend’s handy husband or your brother owes you when it comes to your bathroom redesign. A new backsplash by your sink or tile in the shower can update the entire space. As with every room, new wall decor or a coat of paint can be all the change the bathroom may need.


A fresh coat of paint, even painting white over white, can brighten up your space and be more inviting to guests and satisfying to you. New wall decor (which you can find for super cheap but does not look cheap, at all) can set the tone of your home. A cross or favorite quote can tell guests about your family as they enter your home. New locks on your front door can even change the whole look of your entryway. A used, yet “new to you”, bench can spruce up your space.

Diy- Redesigning Each Room In Your Home On A Tight Budget


Hanging new updated family photographs or new decor (Hobby Lobby has cute options while on a budget) can give your home’s hallways a fresh look. Merely paint the doors in your hallway and put on new doorknobs for a cheap and easy DIY update!

Diy- Redesigning Each Room In Your Home On A Tight Budget

Everyone goes through a phase with their home where they want the rooms designed in another way. Do what you can as you can. A coat of paint can go a long way. Think of the level of expertise you will obtain if you paint several rooms. By the time you have the rooms designed in the way you always have wanted, you will be a professional painter! New hardware on cabinets or doors can be a simple, cheap, and easy upgrade that you can absolutely do yourself! Your entire home will not be redesigned at once, especially since you are doing it yourself and on a budget! Know that great things take time to unfold and achieve. Having the rooms designed the way you want will be worth the wait in the end! If all else fails and it is impossible to redesign each room, merely rearrange the furniture. At least the appearance will change in some way- a completely free way!


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Diy- Rooms Designed The Way You Want In Your Home On A Tight Budget

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