4 Apps To Help Make Life After College Great for Grads

With high school and college graduations happening all around the country, it’s a good time for us to think about what young adults need as they enter the “real world.” Even the best education doesn’t necessarily equip grads with all the tools they need to financially, physically, and mentally thrive in adulthood. Insert apps for life after college! Apps can be used for more than entertainment. Actually, apps for life after college can help keep everyone organized, calm, prompt, and many other traits that are preferable to employers.

4 Apps To Help Make Life After College Great For Grads

In fact, according to The Conversation, “Today’s college graduates now finish school with almost $30,000 in student loan debt on average, an increase of over 300% from 1970 after adjusting for inflation. Research shows that the burden of this debt causes poorer mental health, poorer physical health, and less overall satisfaction with life.” Not exactly starting life after college off on the right foot!

It may be a surprise to hear that families do not often engage in financial conversations. Parents often keep these matters private or as topics of discussion after children have retired to bed at night so they don’t burden them with “adult matters.” Other adult matters include stress, anxiety, and overall health – these are also often perceived as taboo to talk about in front of children. This can be a neverending cycle unless it is broken.

Think about it this way: You can’t teach what you were never taught. Although children should not completely feel the weight of these matters, they are great opportunities to discuss goals, plans, healthy coping mechanisms, and perseverance well before life after college begins.

4 Apps To Help Make Life After College Great For Grads
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In all actuality, there will come a time that your children will need to spread their wings and take financial responsibility for themselves. And as you can imagine, these lessons and tools to be successful in life after college are not learned overnight. The groundwork must be laid early on, giving them a foundation to make wise financial decisions and avoid evictions, financial stress, and poor credit scores during life after college. While young adults will need to navigate adulthood on their own, it’s okay for parents to nudge them in the right direction.

Parents play a huge role in children’s money management skills. The more parents know and the more they talk to their kids about money, the more likely children will be to budget and spend smartly as adults in life after college.

It’s also never too late to educate yourself and your children on how to be the healthiest they can be. It comes down to more than finances  – mental, emotional, and physical well-being is crucial in life after college as well. Giving graduates apps for life after college can keep them focused and structured when they need it the most.

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Apps And Tools for Life After College

4 Apps To Help Make Life After College Great For Grads

Calling all concerned parents – here are a few apps for organization and tools for grads to utilize to start life after college off on the right foot. After all, you know they are glued to their devices. These great apps for organization and wellness are not only useful for graduates – feel free to join in on organization and planning yourself and download them today!

Build Credit & Embrace Financial Stability: Self Financial 

4 Apps To Help Make Life After College Great For Grads

Self Financial is a fintech company with a mission to make building credit and savings accessible to everyone. Self Financial enables customers to build (or rebuild) their credit while saving money. Customers take out a loan for themselves, pay it back monthly, and potentially walk away with built credit. This is particularly important for new grads entering life after college, who most likely haven’t built up their credit yet.

A good credit score will help grads achieve just about any of the big or small milestones in life, from renting an apartment to buying a car to taking out loans for higher education to accessing the best credit cards.

Take Control Of Their Health: Everlywell

4 Apps To Help Make Life After College Great For Grads

Everlywell offers 30+ at-home health and wellness tests, including tests for general health and wellness, hormone panels, vitamin deficiency tests, and more. It’s a cost-friendly option for those who may be uninsured and no longer have access to their university’s health system. Even for grads still on their parents’ insurance, many plans don’t cover specialists. In that case, Everlywell’s Metabolism Test, Vitamin D Test and Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test are great options to check on common issues.

Make Mental Health A Priority: Calm

4 Apps To Help Make Life After College Great For Grads

Meditation apps like Calm help men and women improve the quality of their sleep and reduce stress and anxiety. Available for a low cost, Calm and other similar meditation apps are a must for recent grads on a budget. Add this app to the list of apps for life after college to remind them to stop and breathe every day.

Get Moving: My Fitness Pal

4 Apps To Help Make Life After College Great For Grads

Whether kids are trying to lose excess weight from college, or simply trying to work out more and get their heart rate up, My Fitness Pal helps keep adults of any age motivated and working towards physical goals. Apps such as My Fintness Pal, can help keep track of calories, activities, weights, and everything needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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A young adult’s wellbeing is affected by many factors – including physical, mental, emotional, financial, and more. It’s vital for parents to push their children in the right direction and equip them with the tools they need to be successful. It is never too early to start teaching the lessons that will have a lifelong impact.

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4 Apps To Help Make Life After College Great For Grads

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