Self Care for Men in the 21st: Introducing The Grooming Lounge for Gentlemen

The idea that women are the only ones to have multiple products for their face, body, and hair is disingenuous to men and young boys. Contrary to popular belief, self care for men is a necessity and perhaps, just perhaps, men also should have multiple products. Why? Because their hair, face, and body are comprised of a different number of layers of skin that differ from women and require different products. For instance, men’s scalps are thicker and produce oils to coat their hair, therefore requiring a specific cleanser to clean dirt and excess oil based on their skin’s composition…and that’s not all that’s different.

Self Care for Men: Self Care is Not Just for Women

Self care for men starts now. Men’s faces, especially around their eyes, are more sensitive and have the thinnest layer of skin on their body, therefore, requiring a gentler soap. The ingredients in shampoos are made for the thicker layer of skin on your scalp and hair, and that’s good; however, it’s not compatible with men’s bodies and especially not their nether regions. Body wash is made for your body (hence the name) – and designing a self care for men regimen needs a compatible body wash that will be conducive to their unique chemical makeup.

Self Care For Men In The 21St: Introducing The Grooming Lounge For Gentlemen
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Listen, men, it is time to step up your game with the Grooming Lounge and get pretty while using products that actually work for YOU…not your woman. When we say pretty, we do not mean feminine, we mean handsome, attractive, and very well put together. According to InsideHook, 33% of men do not wash their face, and 63% of men who do wash their face, use something other than face wash. Some men even use shampoo to wash their bodies and face! Now that is just not wise guys.

The Grooming Lounge specializes in hair, body, and face products specifically for men – addressing all of men’s needs, from literally, head to toe. This incredible lineup of men’s head-to-toe grooming products has been used since 1999 in their iconic Barbershop & Men’s Spa. Men all around the country have found and felt confidence thanks to each product being designed to clean, exfoliate and moisturize each part of their body in exactly how their bodies need. For example, the Grooming Lounge‘s The Best Shampoo is designed to remove oil and dirt from your hair while moisturizing your scalp and adding volume (yes, men with voluptuous hair are super sexy).

Self Care For Men In The 21St: Introducing The Grooming Lounge For Gentlemen

When it comes to a man’s body, take heed with the Jack Black Charcoal Body Bar, where exfoliation, soothing, and moisture are pampering your skin. This is the body wash kind of soap that will not leave your skin stiff and dry. Women don’t like that, guys (and neither do babies!). Due to the thinner skin around your eyes and mouth, the Grooming Lounge designed face scrubs and washes to be soothing, moisturizing, and gentle while still washing away dirt and de-clogging your pores – you want this!

Remember, men, your face has fewer layers of skin than the rest of your body –  especially around your eyes. Therefore, using soaps that are gentler and kinder are better for the health of your skin, making you look vibrant, more alert, younger, and ultimately, more handsome.

Self Care For Men In The 21St: Introducing The Grooming Lounge For Gentlemen

Self Care for Men – Your Face

Did you know there are facial soaps that will not weigh down or harm your facial hair? Mug Cleaner Face Wash is the perfect compliment for self care for men when it comes to your face. It removes the oil and environmental, day-to-day, grit, and grime without irritating your skin – especially if you need to shave on a daily basis. Unlike bar soap, this face wash ought to be used for your face, and ONLY your face. Reminder – bar soap…we shall let you figure that one out – just avoid it altogether for your face. 

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When it comes to your self care for men time alone (or not) in the shower, pay close attention – showering is important but using specific soaps and specific body washes that compliment your skin will go the extra mile for cleansing all of your masculinity. Using products that not only make you feel clean and refreshed but help improve your skin and hair health is the icing on top to make your body touchable and kissable. 

Now it begs the question… what to use to wash your face and which ingredients to use can be confusing, especially for adolescent boys. Not too mention those boys who are maturing and have zero clue on how to properly care for their bodies. Hormones are a wave of problems all on their own, but when you throw in acne, a cracking voice, and growth spurts, you now have some awkward (and probably low self-confident) teenagers on your hand. Let’s change that, shall we?

Self Care For Men In The 21St: Introducing The Grooming Lounge For Gentlemen

The Grooming Lounge products are made by barbers, used by barbers, and sold to everyday men and teens to continue creating the classic barber feel in your own home. Treating yourself and your sons to a spa-like pampering every day is the kind of spoil everyone deserves…and dare we say needs?! 

According to Young Mens Health, positive self-esteem gives young men the courage to try new things, the power of belief in themselves, and the confidence to make healthy and beneficial choices for themselves. Teaching your sons to care about their physical health goes beyond food and working out. It also includes skin and hair health, because let’s face it, everyone’s first impression about someone new is always going to be a physical appearance first impression. Whether that be maintaining pubic, armpit, chest, back, and leg hair, or keeping their hair and face clean – it’s going to be noticed.

Self Care For Men In The 21St: Introducing The Grooming Lounge For Gentlemen

We have all heard of man-scaping, the process of removing and cleaning up the hair down there. This process does not always just mean keeping the nether regions trimmed up, it also involves the rest of the body. Maintaining and controlling the hair on your young (or mature) man’s body can help improve personal hygiene and comfort.

Trimming body hair is not solely reserved for women or gorgeous male models. It’s no secret that many actors and everyday men, like those you know and love, choose to shave their chest and back hair for a cleaner, smoother look. This ought to be the norm – it’s simply beautiful!

Self Care for Men – {Masculine} Body Powders

So, while shaping and shaving, your young boys (and men) can use Grooming Lounge‘s Balla for Men Body Powder to lessen sweat discomfort and chaffing (definitely a deterrent from shaving at all). Educating your adolescent or even young adult sons how to care for their body goes farther than just surface cleaning and shaving, however.

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Self Care For Men In The 21St: Introducing The Grooming Lounge For Gentlemen

With confidence comes self-respect and self-love. Demonstrate and communicate to your adolescent and young adult sons that caring and being intentional about their outward appearance is not vanity, it is love and respect for the body that they are given. Teaching them their own self care for men routine as they grow is pertinent and beneficial.

Women are typically the ones who wash their faces once or twice a day, prim and proper, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with young and older men doing the same. Since skin is the largest organ, designed to protect us from harmful bacteria and viruses, would it not be beneficial for you to take care of it in order to not only improve your internal health but also your skin health?

This is why it’s a huge no-no for guys if you are using body soap for your face (not a self care for men approved daily routine) because you could be causing more harm than good by using a soap that is not designed to be gentle enough for your face – remember, men’s skin around your eyes are, more delicate and sensitive than a woman’s! 

Self Care For Men In The 21St: Introducing The Grooming Lounge For Gentlemen

The harsh ingredients contained within shampoos can slowly begin to damage and age boy’s skin, especially their face. By using face wash and soap designed for the skin around men’s eyes and mouth, you can clear his skin of acne, reduce scarring and wrinkles and keep his skin looking smooth, strong, and young. A confident man is attractive and commands attention, that’s sexy! 

Men, if you are using subpar soaps, your skin will not be as healthy as it could be and you probably realize that if it’s excessively dry, prematurely aging, and simply not looking youthful and vibrant as it once did. As part of your self care for men routine, the same goes for men’s hair products. If you use cheap, dollar store hair products, thinking that your hair doesn’t “matter”, it could be doing more damage to your scalp and hair health, with every single wash, your confidence in your appearance can suffer – even if it’s not forefront in your mind about why you don’t feel very confident.

Self Care for Men – Scalp & Hair

Self Care For Men In The 21St: Introducing The Grooming Lounge For Gentlemen

Let’s face it, most store-bought shampoos contain harmful chemicals that can cause already sensitive scalps to become dry and itchy which can lead to hair loss, unmanageability, and dull-looking hair. Sometimes, you probably don’t even want your significant other to run their finger through your hair because you know it would absolutely be disgusting what ends up on their fingers. Not only is that utterly embarrassing, but it’s also an unhealthy environment for your hair and skin.

So, choose shampoos to add to your self care for men hair care routine and use man-made products (pun intended) that will not only add shine and volume to your hair but will also improve how you see yourself, and how pleased you are about the reflection in the mirror (kissable scalp included)? But if it’s not the scalp issues you’re concerned about… maybe it’s the lack of hair covering your scalp that is the issue.

Self Care For Men In The 21St: Introducing The Grooming Lounge For Gentlemen
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Well, you are not alone. By the age of 50, approximately 85 percent of men will have significantly thinner hair. Male-pattern-baldness is a grim future that no man wants to experience but may feel like it’s inevitable. Receding hairlines can make young men look older than they are which may cause them to lose confidence in themselves – ever notice men slouching more, avoiding eye contact, or wearing more hats?

Whereas most shampoos contain harmful chemicals that can damage your hair, the Grooming Lounge creates shampoos that are sulfate and paraben-free. As part of your self care for men hair care regimen, you don’t want anything impeding your scalp health and hair growth – which may be due to ingredients like those mentioned.

Using specific, made-for-men hair products that can improve your scalp and hair health can improve your chances of keeping those gorgeous locks for many years to come – no lack of confidence or self esteem necessary. Check ingredients and become serious about your hair care as you grow your self care for men arsenal of products.

Self Care for Men – Preventative Measures

Self Care For Men In The 21St: Introducing The Grooming Lounge For Gentlemen

Ever have feelings of hopelessness? For a man, it’s probably the Achilles heel of their existence – that’s why the Grooming Lounge’s Malin+Goetz line is designed to care for sensitive skin while still beautifully clearing up problem areas and skin issues as well as hair and scalp woes that have plagued guys for years with no hope for consistently clear, and blemish-free skin and truly, healthy, touchable hair.  Whether you are looking for better hair products, face washes, or body soaps, for your self care for men basket, Grooming Lounge has it all – just for the men in your life

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Attractive people, especially men who dress well, look clean, and put together more so than the average “Joe”, will attract more positive attention from women, the workplace, and quite possibly, a more positive mindset about themselves. It is innate in us as humans to be attracted to beautiful and handsome things. Whether it is a beautiful, delicate flower, a strong, sturdy oak tree in its prime, the ruggedly handsome man across the room, or the baby-faced, clean-cut college-bound boy-men, take your grooming and hygiene habits up a notch with your newfound self care for men routine, we’ll notice.

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Self Care For Men In The 21St: Introducing The Grooming Lounge For Gentlemen
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