Ten Ways To Rediscover Yourself After Having A Baby

Ten Ways To Rediscover Yourself After Having A Baby 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

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You had a baby. Now, you are blissfully consumed in protecting, nurturing, feeding, clothing, kissing, cuddling, loving and being ALL for this perfect little being. You are SO wrapped up in motherhood, that 6 months have gone by and one day you look down and realize you’re still wearing your maternity pants (hey, they’re so comfortable!) and you’re pretty sure you haven’t brushed your hair in… what day is it again? Taking care of your precious new creation is your top priority, but it’s just as important to take care of yourself. The following are ten ways to rediscover yourself after having a baby, and tips on harmonizing the wonderful mom you have become with the awesome “you” you were before.

Get dressed!

As a stay-at -home-mom, it’s so easy to stay in your pajamas all day. That doesn’t mean you’re being lazy. Sometimes, you’re just too busy to change your clothes. But putting regular clothes on every morning will keep you motivated throughout the day, and you will feel a little less awkward answering the door at 3 PM in your bathrobe.

Put on makeup and do your hair

Ten Ways To Rediscover Yourself After Having A Baby 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families
{Photo credit: With A Red Bird On My Shoulder}

Okay, maybe this might be a little excessive everyday if you’re not planning on leaving the house, but doing this a few days a week will leave you feeling refreshed and might even encourage you to do that mom/baby photo shoot you’ve  been putting off! Check out this post for easy makeup tips for moms.

Get out of the house

Try to leave the house a few days a week, even if it’s a quick trip to the grocery store or the post office with baby in tow. This will keep you feeling connected to the outside world and will also provide you and baby with a little Vitamin D.

Arrange a monthly Girls’ Night/Date Night

It’s important to not only have some time alone with your significant other, but also to get out with the girls at least once a month. Plan a shopping trip, lunch and a matinee, dinner and drinks.

Have adult conversations

You might find that after having a baby, your vocabulary has dwindled down to the very basics. While your mind used to be filled with news, fashion and creativity, it is now filled with feeding schedules, diaper lingo and the theme song to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Find time to discuss things other than the baby with your husband and family and friends.

Make time for a hobby

I know… you’re laughing at the very thought of making time for anything. But hobbies, such as crafts, writing, photography and reading can provide a much needed outlet and relieve stress. Try to find a few hours a week to immerse yourself in something you love.

Keep a journal

Writing down your thoughts, ideas, feelings will help you stay connected with yourself in the chaos of motherhood. It will also be nice to look back at this journal when your children are grown.


Whether you had a regular exercise routine before your pregnancy or never set foot in a gym, establishing a routine after baby will not only help you get into post-baby shape, but will also give you much needed strength and energy to take care of your child. For the best fitness apps, look here.

Bring baby out

Sometimes between packing the diaper bag and car, feeding and changing the baby and trying to get ready yourself, it just seems easier to order Chinese and stay in on a Friday night instead of meeting your friends and the local steak house. Go! It might seem like a lot of work for a few hours, but you will be glad you went. And the more you do it, the easier it will become.

Accept that you ARE a different person now

Ten Ways To Rediscover Yourself After Having A Baby 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families
{Photo credit: With A Red Bird On My Shoulder}

There are some things that simply WILL change in your life after having a baby. If you accept this and adapt with the changes, instead of trying to fit your baby into your old lifestyle, you will be the happiest version of you as an individual and a mom!

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