Natural Medicine Checklist: The 7 Items Every Family Needs

Whether you’re still battling cold and flu season or your kids are venturing outside more and more every day, it’s important to always keep the necessities for health care stocked. Kids are always going to find cuts and scrapes, bug bites, and all of the germs, so while you’re tackling Spring cleaning, or just purging your trusty natural medicine cabinet, take a few moments to purge old and expired items (be sure to properly dispose of any drugs or supplements!), and re-stock with a few of these essentials for taking care of those scrapes and sniffles.

We’ve got the natural remedies checklist for you, many of which can probably be found right in your own kitchen. The rest? They’re readily available at natural grocery stores or easily ordered online.

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The Benefits of Using Natural Medicine

Using natural medicine at home is an important way to stay healthy. Humans have been using the natural things around us provided by nature for ailments and first aid for centuries. Herbal medicines, food-based treatments, and homeopathic healing are all examples of natural medicine that have been used since the dawn of time to treat a wide range of ailments. These remedies offer a variety of benefits that make them appealing to people from all walks of life.

One of the major benefits of natural remedies is their gentleness on the body, as many do not contain aggressive chemicals or toxins like over-the-counter drugs or prescriptions. This gentleness often allows people to address issues without feeling overwhelmed by intense side effects and makes it easier for them to integrate natural medicine into their lifestyle in a sustainable way. There’s typically less of a worry of mixing remedies unlike with prescription drugs, and many can also be used on children without adverse side effects.

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Not only do using natural medicines and remedies offer a safer alternative to modern medicines, but they’re more affordable. These natural alternatives are often much more affordable than medications derived from chemicals, providing those with limited financial resources the opportunity to heal, especially if it’s a minor ailment. These substances have undergone less chemical processing than drugs produced synthetically in laboratories, meaning fewer resources were required to obtain them. This in return results in lower production costs which get passed on to consumers who benefit from the affordability of the product. And then, because natural remedies are not patented like pharmaceuticals, there is a greater range of options available as well as competitive pricing among suppliers.

Many of these natural remedies are derived from plants and minerals and can be grown or harvested without impacting the environment in a negative way. With that fact, people have been increasing awareness and buy-in for these types of treatments. They promote many’s commitment to living sustainably, which is a positive outcome.

Natural medicine doesn’t just come from plants either; it can include remedies such as massage therapy or yoga, which are both incredibly beneficial for us in multiple ways. One of the main reasons why natural medicine is so beneficial is because it takes into account our individual needs and lifestyle habits. Natural medicine can be tailored specifically to address one’s unique health concerns or ailments without risking any side effects.
Another great thing about using natural medicine at home is that we have control over the ingredients used in the remedies.

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Common Ailments

From aches and pains to fevers and upset stomachs, treating everyday problems can be as simple as grabbing an over-the-counter medication or using natural remedies right from the safety of your own home. For minor issues such as headaches and muscle pain, using an icepack, or heating pad is a great start. But ibuprofen or acetaminophen may provide relief as well.

Cold and flu symptoms can be treated with herbal teas, eucalyptus, or over-the-counter decongestants to ease congestion. When it comes to digestive ailments such as nausea or indigestion, ginger tea or antacids like Tums may help soothe the issue. For minor cuts and scrapes, a bandage and hydrogen peroxide solution should do the trick in most cases. Keeping all of the supplies you need for simple ailments at home will

The Natural Medicine Checklist

From herbs and plants to vitamins and minerals, natural remedies can be powerful tools for healing the body without the use of pharmaceuticals. There are hundreds of natural remedies that have been used over centuries in various cultures around the world to improve overall well-being. Here is a short list of some common natural tools to have in your medicine cabinet:

  • Badger Balm Muscle Rub
  • Baking Soda
  • Dried Herbs
  • Coconut Oil
  • Raw Honey
  • Witch Hazel
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil

Badger Balm Sore Muscle Rub & Aromatic Chest Rub

Badger products are great for the home natural remedies cabinet or kit. The Sore Muscle Rub is great for general aches and pains. Rub it on the base of the neck and temples for headaches, or wherever it hurts for muscle aches. It has a light, lemon scent rather than an off-putting scent, and it doesn’t have the icy-hot effect of some other muscle rubs, making it pleasant and safe for youngsters. Just be sure to avoid the eye, mouth, and nose areas.

For those colds and coughs, the Badger Aromatic Chest Rub is a great remedy to clear those sinuses. Organic Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Ravintsara, and tea tree gently work together to support deeper breathing and relaxation. Grab them both and make sure you always have some on hand.

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Baking Soda

Add enough water to a few teaspoons of baking soda to create a paste that is wonderful for drying up mosquito bites, easing pain from bee stings, and making the stinger easier to remove. Add 1/2 cup to a bathtub of warm water to ease skin irritations such as sunburns, poison ivy, hives, and heat rash.

Dried Herbs

Such as mint, lavender flowers, chamomile flowers, and crystallized ginger pieces. This blend makes a very effective and delicious-tasting tea for upset tummies. Also helps with headaches and tastes great iced, too. Simply mix 4 parts mint (we like a blend of peppermint and spearmint), 1 part each lavender, chamomile, and ginger, and steep 1 tsp herb mixture in an 8 oz cup of hot water. You may want to keep a packet of crystallized ginger in your purse or diaper bag for tummy aches that strike while on the go.

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Coconut Oil

A wonderfully soothing after-sun treatment, and also helps keep sunburned skin from peeling. For scrapes and cuts, rub onto scabbed areas to speed healing and prevent scarring. Coconut oil is known to have antimicrobial properties, and it may help relieve itching from athlete’s foot, yeast infections, heat rash, and eczema. Apply to dry hair a half hour before shampooing to deep-condition tresses that are dry and dull from chlorinated pool water.

Raw Honey

Another great remedy for any kind of burn, bug bite, or skin irritation. It is also shown to be effective for coughs and sore throats. Take a spoonful by itself, or stirred into hot water with a squeeze of lemon or some herbal tea. Look for raw, unfiltered wildflower honey produced in your area, and take a tablespoon full every day to help combat seasonal allergies. Remember to never give honey to infants under 1 year!

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Witch Hazel

A fantastic general-purpose skin cleanser. Dab onto minor scrapes, burns, and cuts to cleanse. For a soothing sunburn spray, mix with equal parts pure aloe vera gel and filtered water in a spray bottle, store in the refrigerator, and mist onto sunburned skin.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil has antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, making it an effective detoxifier. Try dabbing it on pimples, cold sores, even athlete’s foot overnight, full-strength or diluted by half with a carrier oil such as olive or coconut. It is also known to help dry up bug bites and poison ivy (dilute a few drops in a tablespoon of carrier oil for use on large areas), and if applied full-strength regularly over the course of several days, it can remove warts. If using on young children, remind them not to put the treated area in their mouths, as tea tree oil is not safe to ingest.

What Else Should A Medicine Cabinet Have?

While natural medicine supplies are great to have, every family should also have a fully stocked first-aid kit, along with a few other important medicines for any medical emergency that might arise.

First, it’s good to have a basic first aid kit that includes supplies like bandages, gauze and tape, antiseptic wipes or spray, antibiotic ointment, tweezers, scissors, etc. Many first aid kits come stocked with everything required like this one. It’s also beneficial to have over-the-counter medicines like ibuprofen and acetaminophen for pain relief as well as antihistamines for allergies. Natural remedies can also be included in the medicine cabinet such as herbs like lavender or chamomile for stress relief or eucalyptus oil for congestion.

Stocking a natural medicine cabinet is an easy and important way to ensure that you are prepared for when cold and flu season comes around. With simple items like apple cider vinegar, essential oils, and honey, you can easily make natural remedies for any minor illness or injury. And with a stocked natural medicine cabinet, you can be sure that your family is safe and healthy. 



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