15 Underrated Summer Holidays to Create Unforgettable Memories with Your Kids

Summer is a wonderful time for moms and kids to bond and have fun together while creating unforgettable memories. While we all know about the big hitters like Christmas, Easter, and Halloween, there’s a world of lesser-known summer holidays waiting to be explored. Here’s a lineup of unique, off-the-radar summer celebrations, all set to make your family’s sunny season unforgettable.

Add These Uncommon Summer Holidays to Your Family’s Calendar Now!

International Picnic Day (June 18th)

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Kicking off our summer holidays extravaganza is International Picnic Day! It’s an opportunity to bask in the great outdoors with your little ones. Pack a delightful picnic basket filled with your kids’ favorites and head to your local park or beach. Add games, toys, and fun activities for an enjoyable family outing that will strengthen your bonds. Make the most of the sunshine while it lasts!

National Ice Cream Soda Day (June 20th)

Just a couple of days later, we arrive at National Ice Cream Soda Day. What better summer holidays are there to cool down on a hot day than one where you can make your own ice cream soda at home or visit a local soda fountain with your kids? Experiment with different ice cream flavors and toppings, creating a taste test that will satisfy your sweet tooth and provide sweet memories.

World UFO Day (June 24th)

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On June 24th, we celebrate World UFO Day, a fantastic occasion to spark your children’s imagination and curiosity. This is one of those summer holidays that is a gateway to exploring the world beyond our own. Encourage your kids to craft their own UFOs, watch exciting sci-fi movies, or dive into out-of-this-world books about space and aliens. Let your kids’ creativity take flight!

National Sunglasses Day (June 27th)

As we approach the end of June, don’t miss the chance to flaunt your favorite shades on National Sunglasses Day. Encourage your kids to let their creativity shine by crafting unique sunglasses. You can even organize a fashion show with a dazzling array of styles, all while soaking up the sun. Summer holidays like this are a terrific way to nurture your children’s creativity while teaching them the importance of protecting their eyes from the sun’s rays.

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World Chocolate Day (July 7th)

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Who doesn’t love summer holidays that celebrate chocolate? Spending World Chocolate Day with your kids is a great way to enjoy quality time together and indulge in some delicious treats. You can make your own chocolate desserts at home, such as chocolate cakes, brownies, or truffles, or visit a local chocolate shop to try different varieties of chocolate. You can also have a chocolate-tasting party with your kids, trying out different types of chocolate from around the world.

National Blueberry Day (July 8th)

Blueberries are a delicious and healthy summer fruit, and National Blueberry Day is one of the summer holidays that’s the perfect time to celebrate them with your kids. Head to a local blueberry farm and pick your own, or create mouthwatering blueberry treats at home, from muffins to smoothies. This holiday is all about relishing the sweet, juicy goodness of blueberries together.

National Hot Dog Day (3rd Wednesday in July)

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The third Wednesday in July marks National Hot Dog Day, a perfect excuse to indulge in this classic summer holidays-inspired treat with your kids. Host a hot dog barbecue or craft your own delicious homemade hot dogs with a variety of toppings and condiments. Set up a hot dog bar and let your kids unleash their culinary creativity. This activity is a sizzling adventure for grill enthusiasts and hot dog aficionados.

National Hammock Day (July 22nd)

If you’re in need of a break to relax and rejuvenate with your kids on a lazy summer day, look no further than National Hammock Day. We’re all for summer holidays where we can create a cozy hammock spot in your backyard or even bring one to a nearby park. Spend your summer holidays swaying in the breeze, sharing stories, reading books, or simply cloud-watching together. It’s a serene way to unwind and etch memories of tranquility with your loved ones.

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National Watermelon Day (August 3rd)

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August kicks off with a juicy slice of summer as we celebrate National Watermelon Day. Share the joy of this refreshing fruit with your kids by crafting watermelon popsicles, fruit salads, or watermelon smoothies together. For an added touch of fun on this and other summer holidays, try carving watermelon shapes or host a friendly watermelon seed-spitting contest in the backyard. It’s a delicious and delightfully messy way to relish the season with your little ones.

National Water Balloon Day (1st Friday in August)

Summer holidays are perfect for water fun, and National Water Balloon Day is a great way to beat the heat. Fill up some water balloons and have a water balloon fight with your kids or their friends. You can also create different games with water balloons, such as water balloon relay races or water balloon tosses. This activity is a great way to cool off and have some fun in the sun while getting exercise.

International Left-handers Day (August 13th)

On International Left-Handers Day, embrace the uniqueness of your left-handed kids. Plan a day during your summer holidays filled with left-handed challenges, from eating lunch with their non-dominant hand to engaging in left-handed activities. Bake fun, left-handed cookies, or embark on arts and crafts projects. Celebrate the diversity in your family and show your lefties some extra love.

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World Photography Day (August 19th)

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Capture your family’s summer adventures with a creative twist on World Photography Day. Encourage your kids to snap pictures as you embark on a photo safari, exploring your neighborhood or a nearby nature preserve. Create a photo album or a digital gallery to preserve these special moments together. It’s an excellent way to nurture your children’s creativity and document your summer escapades.

National Relaxation Day (August 15th)

Amid the hustle and bustle of summer, pause and unwind on National Relaxation Day. Create a Zen-like atmosphere at home, with soothing music, scented candles, and a relaxation corner. Teach your kids simple relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing or meditation. Or go all out and plan a family spa day with DIY facials, foot baths, and soothing massages. We love summer holidays when we can recharge and teach the kids the value of self-care. (Win-win!)

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National Dog Day (August 26th)

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For those families with furry members, National Dog Day is one of the perfect summer holidays to celebrate your loyal companions. Plan a day filled with outdoor activities like hiking, frisbee, or a trip to the dog park. Involve your kids in creating dog-friendly treats or toys, and take the time to educate them about responsible pet ownership. It’s an ideal day to demonstrate the importance of loving and caring for your four-legged family member.

National Just Because Day (August 27th)

Lastly, National Just Because Day is all about spontaneous fun. Wake up, decide, and create memorable moments without any special reason. It’s a day to have a picnic in the living room, embark on a spontaneous treasure hunt, or build an indoor fort. This is one of those summer holidays that reminds us that life’s little surprises can be just as delightful as planned events.

In your quest for excitement, these lesser-known summer holidays offer boundless opportunities for creating remarkable family moments. So, grab your calendar, gather your little ones, and start planning your summer adventures today.

As the curtain falls on this summer holiday extravaganza, remember that every moment counts. Whether you’re sparking their imaginations with UFOs or savoring the delights of watermelon and chocolate, these hidden gems of summer offer endless possibilities for creating unforgettable family memories. Don’t let this summer pass you by without savoring each moment with your loved ones. Make the most of these lesser-known treasures and cherish the joy they bring to your family’s sunny season.

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