Go Outside and Get Creative: 100 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids to Enjoy in the Sun

As the days grow longer and the temperatures rise, there’s no better time than now to take advantage of the outdoors! With the sun shining, it’s the perfect opportunity for you and your kiddos to leave the house and get creative with these fun outdoor activities for kids. From the activities you already know and love to brand new ideas, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in the warm weather.

Take a break from the monotony of being stuck inside, and enjoy the sunshine and some time outdoors as a family. Let your kids run free and explore the world around them, while finding ways to have some fun. Whether it’s going on a bug hunt, setting up garden mazes, or having a scavenger hunt, there’s sure to be something they’ll enjoy outside. Here are some ideas to get your kids up and moving and out enjoying the sun. So let’s go outside and have some fun in the sun!

Benefits of Outdoor Activity

Go Outside And Get Creative: Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids To Enjoy In The Sun

Staying indoors all the time can be monotonous, and can lead to sluggishness in both adults and children. We can all use a bit of fresh air and sunlight every once in a while. It’s also a great way to boost your immune system and even improve your mental health. With that in mind, why not go outside and enjoy some fun outdoor activities with your kids?

Getting your kids to go outside can help them reap some big benefits, plus help them get their daily dose of Vitamin D. For starters, outdoor activities help burn calories and keep them physically active, which can help support a restful night’s sleep. It also gives them an opportunity to explore and discover new things. Plus, they will be exposed to the wonders of nature, which can help them appreciate the environment and all its beauty.

When your kids go outside and get creative with outdoor activities, they get to learn valuable skills like communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking. They also learn how to be independent and resourceful by exploring on their own and coming up with new games and activities. Outdoor activity also encourages teamwork and teaches them how to share and collaborate with others.

Additionally, outdoor activities can help your kids develop a better sense of direction. They will be able to learn about their environment and the different flora and fauna around them. As they explore their surroundings, they will learn more about the importance of nature.

Outdoor activities can also help reduce stress and improve your child’s overall mood. It’s the perfect way to have some quality time with the family and just have some good ole fashion fun. Whether it’s playing tag or doing a nature scavenger hunt, your kids will be sure to enjoy some fun and be entertained. Plus, the more time you spend outside and the more ways you show your kids various ways to enjoy the outdoors, the more they will do it on their own.

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Outdoor Activity Ideas for Kids

Go Outside And Get Creative: Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids To Enjoy In The Sun

It’s summertime and kids everywhere are looking for ways to stay cool and have fun. Going outside and getting creative with outdoor activities is a great way to do so, without having to spend a lot of money or drive anywhere. With a little bit of planning and some creativity, there are plenty of fun activities that kids can enjoy.

One popular outdoor activity for kids is a scavenger hunt. Start by writing up a list of things that kids can look for in the outdoors, such as different kinds of bugs, flowers, leaves, and small rocks. Kids will love the challenge of searching for these items and the satisfaction of ticking them off the list! You can make your own or check out Good Housekeeping for 35 easy and fun scavenger hunt ideas.

For older kids, you can organize a game of capture the flag. Divide the children into two teams and have each team choose a flag to represent them. Then, have the children hide their flags in different locations and search for the other team’s flag. The team who finds their opponent’s flag first wins!

If your kids are into sports, there are plenty of outdoor activities to keep them entertained. A game of kickball is a great physical activity for kids to enjoy in the sun, run around, and get all of the wiggles out. All you need is a kickball, a few friends, and a large enough area to play. Kids will have a blast running, kicking, and chasing the ball.

Kids can also play a game of Frisbee golf. Set up a course in your backyard or a nearby park, and let the kids have a go at throwing the frisbee into a target. Adults and kids alike will love the challenge of throwing the frisbee in the right direction and aiming at the target.

For a more creative outdoor activity, you can let the kids build their own outdoor obstacle course. Have them hunt for materials like sticks, rocks, and leaves to create the course. They can build bridges and tunnels, and create different levels of difficulty for each obstacle. Everyone will have a blast running, jumping, and crawling through the course to complete it.

Making nature art is another fun and expressive outdoor activity for kids. Gather together some leaves, twigs, stones, flowers and whatever else they can find, and then just let the kids create a work of art. They can make pictures, sculptures, and mosaics with the materials they find in nature. Kids will love being creative and expressing themselves through nature art.

100 outdoor activities you can do with your kids

  1. Go on a nature scavenger hunt.
  2. Have a picnic in the park.
  3. Fly a kite.
  4. Go on a bike ride.
  5. Play a game of tag.
  6. Have a water balloon fight.
  7. Build a sandcastle at the beach.
  8. Go on a nature hike.
  9. Play a game of frisbee.
  10. Go camping in the backyard.
  11. Have a backyard obstacle course.
  12. Play a game of soccer.
  13. Go on a fishing trip.
  14. Have a water gun battle.
  15. Play a game of basketball.
  16. Go geocaching.
  17. Have a game of hopscotch.
  18. Go on a nature photography adventure.
  19. Play a game of baseball.
  20. Go horseback riding.
  21. Have a watermelon seed spitting contest.
  22. Go on a nature treasure hunt.
  23. Play a game of volleyball.
  24. Have a family Olympics day.
  25. Go birdwatching.
  26. Play a game of badminton.
  27. Go on a rollerblading adventure.
  28. Have a watercolor painting session outside.
  29. Play a game of tennis.
  30. Go on a nature journaling expedition.
  31. Have a scavenger hunt in the neighborhood.
  32. Play a game of mini golf.
  33. Go on a nature camping trip.
  34. Have a bubble blowing contest.
  35. Play a game of cricket.
  36. Go on a wildlife spotting adventure.
  37. Have a backyard movie night.
  38. Play a game of kickball.
  39. Go on a nature sensory walk.
  40. Have a potato sack race.
  41. Play a game of bocce ball.
  42. Go on a nature stargazing night.
  43. Have a homemade ice cream party.
  44. Play a game of horseshoes.
  45. Go on a nature painting expedition.
  46. Have a DIY kite-making session.
  47. Play a game of capture the flag.
  48. Go on a nature camping adventure.
  49. Have a water balloon piñata.
  50. Play a game of ultimate frisbee.
  51. Go on a nature photography scavenger hunt.
  52. Have a family bike ride.
  53. Play a game of tag rugby.
  54. Go on a nature treasure map adventure.
  55. Have a backyard obstacle course race.
  56. Play a game of water balloon volleyball.
  57. Go on a hike to a waterfall.
  58. Have a mini Olympics day.
  59. Play a game of flag football.
  60. Go on a nature bug hunt.
  61. Have a bubble wrap hopscotch.
  62. Play a game of cornhole.
  63. Go on a nature birdhouse building project.
  64. Have a DIY tie-dye party.
  65. Play a game of frisbee golf.
  66. Go on a nature rock painting expedition.
  67. Have a family relay race.
  68. Play a game of soccer golf.
  69. Go on a nature leaf pressing adventure.
  70. Have a backyard water slide.
  71. Play a game of water balloon dodgeball.
  72. Go on a hike to a scenic viewpoint.
  73. Have a DIY bird feeder making session.
  74. Play a game of water balloon baseball.
  75. Go on a nature leaf identification walk.
  76. Have a family sack race.
  77. Play a game of disc golf.
  78. Go on a nature birdwatching expedition.
  79. Have a DIY nature craft party.
  80. Play a game of tug of war.
  81. Go on a hike to a natural swimming hole.
  82. Have a backyard obstacle course relay.
  83. Play a game of water balloon toss.
  84. Go on a nature bug hotel building project.
  85. Have a family three-legged race.
  86. Play a game of frisbee tic-tac-toe.
  87. Go on a nature rock skipping adventure.
  88. Have a DIY nature-inspired jewelry making session.
  89. Play a game of water balloon basketball.
  90. Go on a nature tree identification walk.
  91. Have a backyard slip ‘n slide.
  92. Play a game of water balloon piñata soccer.
  93. Go on a hike to a forest trail.
  94. Have a DIY nature-inspired dreamcatcher making session.
  95. Play a game of water balloon relay.
  96. Go on a nature plant potting project.
  97. Have a family egg and spoon race.
  98. Play a game of frisbee tic-tac-toe golf.
  99. Go on a nature leaf rubbing adventure.
  100. Have a DIY nature-inspired wind chime making session.
Go Outside And Get Creative: Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids To Enjoy In The Sun
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Tips for Engaging Kids in Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities are the perfect way to get kids away from screens, explore nature, and be creative. With the warmer months just around the corner, taking advantage of the sun and fresh air is the best way to keep your kids entertained. Here are some tips for engaging kids in outdoor activities, so that they can get the most out of the summer and enjoy the world around them!

Start Simple — Before planning big camping trips or long hikes, start off with basic outdoor activities. This can include activities such as playing catch, flying kites, or having a picnic. These activities will help get your kids used to being outside, and can easily be done in one afternoon, take breaks as needed, and don’t try to do too much at once.

Look for Fun Opportunities — Visit your local parks and look for activities like bird watching, fishing, or nature walks. If your local park offers any type of programming, such as nature hikes or educational activities, this can be a great way to introduce your kids to the outdoors.

Choose Appropriate Activities — When thinking of activities, consider the age and abilities of your children. Plenty of fun activities can be tailored to their age and ability level, such as picking flowers, counting leaves, or collecting rocks. Don’t forget to also include activities that can help with motor skills and hand-eye coordination, such as playing tag or climbing on playgrounds.

Be Prepared — Before heading out, make sure you have all the essentials. This can include items like sunscreen, water bottles, snacks, and any other necessary items. You don’t want to be stuck out in the sun without the necessary supplies.

Involve Your Kids in Planning — Give your kids a chance to be involved in the planning process. Ask them what activities they would like to do, or what they would like to learn while they’re out. This can help to make sure they stay engaged and are excited about the activities.

Make it a Learning Experience — Incorporating learning opportunities into your outdoor activities can make them more engaging and educational. While on a nature walk, have your children try to identify plants and animals. You can also look for constellations in the night sky, or bring along a magnifying glass to look for insects.

Incorporate Games — Games are a great way to keep kids entertained and active, especially if they are not super into nature or exploring on their own right away. Bring along board games, card games, or outdoor games such as badminton or Frisbee.

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Ways Parents Can Encourage Outdoor Activity

Go Outside And Get Creative: Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids To Enjoy In The Sun

One great way to get kids interested in outdoor activities is to get outside yourself and show them how to enjoy being outside. From soaking up the sun to enjoying physical activity or gardening, do the activities you enjoy doing outside. By setting a good example, kids are naturally curious and will want to follow you and see what you are doing.

Parents can also turn outdoor activities into a game or a friendly competition. Lawn games like croquet, badminton, and bean bag toss are fun for all ages and can provide hours of entertainment. If you don’t own any of these games, you can always make your own out of everyday items. For example, you can make your own version of cornhole using a sheet, some balls, and a few buckets.

Another great way to get kids to enjoy the outdoors for free is to take a nature walk. This can be as simple as a walk around the block, or as complex as a hike in a nearby park or national forest. Taking a walk also allows parents to educate their children about the environment and teach them about plants, animals, and other aspects of nature.

Simply playing in the backyard and encouraging kids to get outside and be active is an easy and convenient way to go outside. Setting up a tent or creating an outdoor “fort” with chairs and blankets can be a great way to provide a space for imaginative play. Activities like backyard scavenger hunts or water balloon fights are also fun and can get the whole family involved.

There are also many outdoor activities that can be done in the evening, such as stargazing or playing flashlight tag. Parents can also take advantage of the warmer summer nights and plan a backyard campout. Having a campfire, telling stories, and making s’mores are all fun and engaging activities that can bring the family together.

Outdoor activities don’t have to be complicated or expensive. With a little creativity, parents can come up with some fun and engaging activities that will get the whole family outside and enjoy family time together. For your little ones bring some bubbles to help keep them intrigued even if they get a bit bored with the planned activities.

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Essentially outdoor activities should be a regular part of any kid’s day, as it provides an opportunity for them to learn and explore a different environment. It also encourages physical activity that can help boost your child’s physical and mental health. With the right activity for them, your child can have an exhilarating and enjoyable time outside. Whether it’s playing catch, geocaching, or scavenger hunting, you can let your child’s imagination run wild and have some quality time with the sun shining down.

Fun Outdoor Games to Entertain the Neighborhood Kids This Summer



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Go Outside And Get Creative: Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids To Enjoy In The Sun

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