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Do you ever feel inspired by getting dressed in the morning for an early sunrise jog? Does tossing on a zip up hoodie to run to the farmers market give you inspiration for your next vegan masterpiece? This next activewear brand we want to introduce you to believes that clothing shouldn’t just be something you wear, but something that inspires you to be better, reach higher, dig deeper. They believe that if they can positively affect just one life by selling a few pieces of great activewear, then they’ve done their job. We love that energy, so we’re excited to share with you our next favorite activewear brand!

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In·spired (inˈspīrd) adj. 

Awakened, animated, or imbued with the spirit to do something, by or as if by supernatural or divine influence.

A few years ago, in the spring of 2008, in sunny Los Angeles, NUX was born, and thus a new activewear clothing line entered the marketplace, bringing with them apparel designed to inspire. The folks at NUX want their customers to more than just wear their clothing, they want to evoke a sense of inspiration from you every time you slip on a pair of their leggings or tug on a sports bra.

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Inspiration can come in many different forms, and NUX wants to inspire you to reach higher, whether that is with your fitness goals, your healthy living plans, or something else that makes you become a better you. We don’t know about you, but we kind of love having a company that cares just as much about our goals and dreams as outfitting us to help accomplish those goals and dreams. 


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Besides being a company that truly cares, NUX also prides themselves on standing on three non-negotiable pillars:

  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Body Engineering
  • Compression 

While trying to bring more manufacturing jobs back home to the USA, NUX also believes in focusing their designs on the technical requirements of the human body, which brings you activewear that truly allows you to be active, all with increased comfort and top notch quality.

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NUX also offers different levels of compression in their garments, because they know that no two women like their clothing to fit the same. Whether you like tighter, more supportive bras or looser, flowing tops, depending on what activity you’re involved in, NUX gives you the right level of hold and support that you desire.


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The fabrics that NUX uses in their activewear apparel range from micro fiber nylon to their proprietary natural fibers, depending on your workout needs and comfort requirements.

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With a wide variety of apparel and accessory options, you could make your whole activewear wardrobe exclusively NUX! Offering sports bra, tanks to long sleeve tops, every category bottom, outerwear, and even athleisure wear, you are certain to find numerous styles that appeal to your senses and that will fit your workout routines perfectly. You can even “shop by activity”, and NUX will show you their top options for your specific sport, whether that be spinning, yoga, or running.


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Again, due to the body engineering and compression pillars that NUX stands on, you can be guaranteed an almost custom-like fit with any piece of NUX activewear. With 4 compression options (NO compression, LIGHT compression, MODERATE compression, HIGH compression) for basically every style available, you can find the one that fits you the best, tailored to your favorite workout activities.

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Some of the features that NUX boasts in their apparel are specifically due to the body engineering designs, that utilize highly specialized computers and knitting machines to bring you clothing knitted in one piece that is near perfect in contouring your every curve. Mesh detail for cooling, ribs for compression, and no seams for superior comfort are some of the details that go into NUX’s activewear, making for apparel that holds you in while still allowing you to breathe!


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Considering the highly technical process that NUX’s activewear undergoes to become the masterpieces that they are, you’d expect to pay a pretty penny for a bra or two. NUX brings you their unparalleled designs at the mid-range price point. To give you a visual, you can expect NUX bras to range from $22-$53 and their capris to be anywhere from $45-$82.

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