ENIGMA: The Best Woman’s Personal Massager in 2021

There are so many ways women have been shamed for expressing their pleasures and desires with their bodies. The double-standard in our culture, when it comes to seeking the human right to sexual pleasure, seems to be more demeaned among women than men. Well, we’re here to set the record straight. Exploration and guiltless pleasure are a natural part of a woman’s life and we’re here to embrace every inch of pleasure we can get. With the new ENIGMA™ by LELO, sexual discovery is not only warranted, but it’s also proven as a necessity in a woman’s life.

What exactly is “self-pleasure”? Sure, we can think masturbation, but does it go deeper than that? Pun intended, absolutely, it does! Sensual pleasure is literally that, using your senses to gain pleasure, happiness, joy, and/or contentment from what you see, feel, taste, hear, and smell. Ever roll your eyes in delight after biting into a morsel of pure deliciousness? Of course, you have, so why should it be any different if all of that happens below the belt?

Whether it’s hormones, stress, an unhealthy lifestyle, or lack of emotional connection with your partner – self-pleasure among women is not only achievable, it’s necessary.

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Debunking the Negativity for Sexual Health in Women

First, get real with yourself. Do you (or your partner) make excuses for why pleasure and sex aren’t a priority in your life? Has past trauma or negative experiences kept you from fully coming alive and using your body in ways that are healthy, safe, and desired? Often we tell ourselves (women) that we’re too busy, tired, stressed out, or it’s simply not important enough to even think about. If you find yourself getting a “headache” or rolling your eyes whenever your partner suggests having sex…consider reconsidering what exactly he’s offering YOU. Yes, what he’s offering YOU – believe it or not, men love giving women mind-blowing orgasms.

Consider journaling what brings you pleasure in life. Journal why you stopped doing those activities and how it’s impacted your life, whether negatively or positively. Write real, honest feelings here, don’t ‘sugarcoat’ your reality.

The experience of pleasure is essential to being a human being. You may survive, but you can’t thrive without your daily doses of pleasure.

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You’re Missing Out When You Don’t Orgasm

Enigma: The Best Woman’S Personal Massager In 2021

Brain health – is it connected to your loins? Simply answered…yes. Your brain releases the pleasure hormone known as oxytocin when you have an orgasm/climax. It’s the same hormone that a mother feels after having a natural birth (no medications that disrupt the brain’s ability to release this hormone naturally – as an epidural would). This is why most mothers have such a strong social bond with their newborn babes. This same “love hormone” is released during sexual pleasure. If women aren’t experiencing this hormone-release on the regular, that explains why some women may feel disassociated with their partner and lack sexual engagement.

Let us say this loud and clear: Sex and having orgasmic pleasure isn’t dirty nor are you a slut for desiring it as much or even more than your partner. It’s necessary for human women and can help with a myriad of issues that most women experience throughout their life.

  • Relieves stress
  • Helps with insomnia
  • Helps alleviate
  • Help you live longer
  • Stimulates your brain
  • Keeps you looking young
  • Gets (so much) better with time
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ENIGMA™: The Holistic Approach to Pleasure

Enigma: The Best Woman’S Personal Massager In 2021

Whether it’s lost mojo after babies, a stressful lifestyle, or a low sex drive for unknown reasons, the ENIGMA™ by LELO may help you rediscover your pleasure zones and take you to new heights of personal bliss. It can be one of the most transformative times in your life to make pleasure your priority. When you get to know yourself in a more intimate capacity, you’ll become more conscious, confident, empowered to go after what you desire. Self-discovery is therapeutic and healing, and you’ll release the tension and energy that has been bottled up, stifled, and unallowed for far too long.

Enigma: The Best Woman’S Personal Massager In 2021

When women use the ENIGMA™ by LELO they’re creating a newfound motivation or desire in your life. If you or your partner is suffering from female sexual dysfunction, that’s when a gentle, yet orgasmic tool like the ENIGMA™ can create the cycle of pleasure that has been absent in your or your woman’s life. If it’s not yourself, we’re sure that you’ve heard of women who complain of the lack of sexual desire in their life but aren’t sure about how to rectify their situation. If there are no underlying factors or health concerns that fully explain a lack of sexual desire, the ENIGMA™ tool may help with stimulating arousal and desire…just as fast or slow as a woman pleases.

The last thing any woman should do is stop having sex altogether and negate exploring other options to add pleasure into her life. This leads to feelings of discontentment with your partner, may lead to more stress and anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, and more negative feelings overall in your life. Also, though we personally recommend it, sexual activity and pleasure don’t need to happen every day, once a week seems to be the sweet spot for a healthy sexual lifestyle.

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So why the ENIGMA™? How is this different than any other arousal tool? Think about it this way, if you’re “going there”, get there exactly how you want to climax or how you want to feel in the beginning. Women have a dual system of obtaining climax – through the clitoris and G-spot within the silky walls of your precious vagina. The ENIGMA™ offers you a light to deep clitoral stimulation paired with the G-spot vibration stimulation for an intense orgasm.

You don’t want to just “test” the waters to get to climax, you want to ensure your body responds appropriately to a healthy and must-needed release and climax as you explore what you personally desire. It’s a holistic approach to orgasm for the female body and we couldn’t be more grateful!

Remember, if you are feeling apprehensive or are feeling like it’s still “not right”, your brain activity during orgasm is complicated…but it’s a VERY good thing.

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How ENIGMA™ Works with a Woman’s Body for Self-Discovery

ENIGMA™ is amazing! It has sonic waves to stimulate the clitoris – which has 8,000 (and up to 15,000) nerve-endings, which is over twice that of the male penis. Basically, you should be having 2x the pleasure of your man and if you’re not…we’re here to change that. The outer visible and invisible inner area of the clitoris is gently loved and stimulated to your liking, ensuring the climax’s strength. You want that. Since the silicone in the ENIGMA™ has been manufactured to absorb those wonderful sonic waves, it transmits them back onto your erogenous zones for a deep but femininely soft sensation.

Enigma: The Best Woman’S Personal Massager In 2021

With the dual-action Sonic Wave Technology, those gentle pulses around your feminine lady parts provide twice the pleasure for all your exploration desires. The ENIGMA™ is that best-friend who massages you intimately, privately, and discreetly with its super-smooth, luxury-feeling silicone. Oh, and in case we forgot to mention it, the eight vibration patterns you get to play with are surrounded in 100% waterproof materials. So at anytime and anywhere you desire, explore, climax, and repeat.

The Partner’s Benefit of Using ENIGMA™

How much more satisfied could your partner be knowing that you are on a thrill ride every time you intentionally have sexual intercourse or are sexually intimate time together?? Having a one-sided relationship isn’t fun nor is it healthy for the relationship as a whole. Just like communication, you won’t be heard if you don’t speak up. If you never climax, only one person is ever doing the talking and you know what…sometimes we have a word or two to get in; same with your orgasms. Let them come and speak up…over and over and over again with the help of the ENIGMA™!

Men are thrilled to see you climax and experience the body riveting release that they get to experience with you. One of the worst things is seeing a woman deny herself because she feels like her man won’t enjoy pleasing her and/or she’s unsure of how to tell him so she ends up not speaking at all; ignoring her body’s deepest desires. If you don’t think that your partner cares about your pleasure, think again… and invite them in to explore with you.

For Him: When She Needs a Break

We get it, life is stressful and the days can feel extremely long and tiresome It’s OK to be tired and to take a day or two off (days, women, not months). We want to ensure you get the most exploration and healthy new sexual lifestyle in play with the ENIGMA™ on a regular basis. Whether you are alone or with your partner. So, speaking of your partner, for those long days where you just need a break, there are other ways of attaining pleasure and release for him when you are not available.

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Enigma: The Best Woman’S Personal Massager In 2021

Women, watching your man’s expression and desire cascade through his body is almost as satisfying. Let’s leave some room for more, shall we? So, for the man in your life who needs a release but is respectful of your downtime, the F1s™ Developer’s Kit Red has those same hypnotic sonic waves for him to experience an entirely new sexual experience. The dual motors have a Cruise Control™ and LELO’s revolutionary SenSonic™ technology to take him from flaccid to erect to climax, and it’s all completely customizable.

The beauty of the F1s™ Developer’s Kit Red comes from it being a step above the standard vibration sleeve. Nah, these motors emit a robust sonic wave that penetrates deep into his penis – giving him a 360-degree coverage of pleasure; all around and from all directions at once. If you thought this was the male version of the ENIGMA™, you’re correct!

Similar to the ENIGMA™, where you can customize your desired rhythm, the F1s™ Developer’s Kit Red ensures he gets a completely seamless, unencumbered experience. Of course, we suggest, ladies, that you use the exclusive LELO app IOS or Play Store and experiment together with the ultimate rush of connection, pleasure, fun, and commitment to your newfound healthy sex-lives!

Women, it’s healthy, it’s necessary, it’s approved, and it’s one of the best things ever – to have a healthy, fulfilling, and pleasure-filled lifestyle. Self-exploration takes time, but when you have the ENIGMA™ by LELO at your fingertips, your imagination is your only limit. You won’t have to think too hard, though (no pun intended), the ENIGMA™ does all the work for you, you just make sure those batteries stay charged when not in use for a few moments *wink*.

ENIGMA™ by LELO | F1s™ Developer’s Kit Red
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Enigma: The Best Woman’S Personal Massager In 2021

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