Why Moms Need Sex

Sex: It feels great for some; other times, it may feel more dutiful than pleasurable and satisfying. If you are thinking that a “duty” has to be performed, then yes, it may not do much for you as far as getting to the pleasure zone. However, what if you came to the realization that, Mom, you need sex in your life? You need to feel the proven health benefits of sex in order to complete you as a healthy holistic being… and yes, that includes you as a mother. Ready to explore the proven health benefits of why a mom needs sex and turn any feelings of ‘its a duty’ into a pleasure-prescription for lasting health and vitality? 

Sure, sex can give you the warm fuzzies, make your partner smile, and even create a baby, but what else can it do to serve you, Mom? According to research studies, sex can help ward off colds and flu by increasing your immunity. Immunoglobulin A — an antibody that helps fight infections and the common cold was found in couple’s saliva. These IgA levels were highest in couples who consistently had sex a few times a week, but lower in people who had no sex or lots of sex.

So do yourself a favor when all those snot-nosed little humans bring in every bug, virus, and cough out there – stay strong, have sex 2-3 times a week, and potentially increase your chances of not succumbing to their germs. Mom – you don’t need to be sick.

To say that most moms are stressed these days is like saying your two-year-old will throw a temper tantrum at least three times this month because you said no. It’s inevitable and there’s no fighting the reality of it. So guess what stressed out Mom? Another study has shown that contact with semen reduces stress and depression in women. Sure you could grab some chocolates or a pint of ice cream, but if you could have the dish of sex instead… we’re just sayin.

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In general, intercourse can make blood pressure less reactive to stress and reduce overall stress levels.

It was noted that the longer the time period between sexual encounters, depression scores went up. This is consistent with the possibility that semen may antagonize depressive symptoms, and evidence which shows that the vagina absorbs a number of components of semen that can be detected in the bloodstream within a few hours of administration. In comparison to women who had no intercourse at all, the semen-exposed women showed more elevated moods and less depression.

Not feeling very physically fit? Motivation tip – regularly working out tends to improve sex lives. Even if you aren’t starting in the gym just yet, jump in the sack and have some sex.

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Whether you want to hit the gym to burn off 144 calories or a good half hour of sex – either way, you’re doing your body good (and your partner), another proven study and motivator to hit the gym (and the sheets).

Remember the euphoria of the ‘cuddly, feel good’ hormone oxytocin cocktail after giving birth? This wonderful hormone that naturally relaxes you, promotes the “snuggle with me” vibe while reducing stress also is a pain reliever. Imagine, sex also releases its own pleasure drink of serotonin, endorphins, and phenyl ethylamine, hormones that generate feelings of euphoria, pleasure, and elation. Next thing you know, you forget all about that nagging sore muscle in your neck or that back twinge. The aches and subtle pains that come from multiple carrying angles of your baby or toddler could definitely use a bit of relief – even if for a few moments with your beloved.

Other studies have shown intercourse can stop migraines in their tracks.

Did you think that the pregnancy glow (or sweat as some claim) was your only ally for a natural beauty shine? Think again, as a matter of fact… glow again! A morning rendezvous can not only set the stage for an amazing day, it can actually make you glow, according to this Scottish study.

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Your orgasms trigger the release of the sex hormone estrogen – which occurs in both men and women. If you want to improve your hair and skin quality, estrogen is responsible for this, making you look more attractive. Feeling attractive and sexy, heck, even just presentable enough to leave the house is huge! Having a consistent flow of normal hormone levels as a mom that leaves you feeling good about yourself is definitely needed for you.

Pleasure derived from sex is a crucial factor in preserving youth. It makes us happy and produces chemicals telling us so.

says, Dr. David Weeks.

Dr. Weeks warns it is loving intercourse with a regular partner, and not promiscuous sexual activity, which gives the most benefit.

Regular periods AND fertilization are much easier through… yup you guessed it, sex. However, it’s not what you think. It’s actually the exposure to male sweat that calms you down, Mom, allowing you to feel more relaxed. More relaxation also means less stress, which in turn helps to regulate your periods. On a scientific level, what’s also happening are the smaller changes of levels of the luteinizing hormone (which controls the menstrual cycle).

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And when it’s time to get things cookin’ — putting the bun in the oven, trying ‘too’ much should never be overrated. A study at an Australian fertility center showed that men who ejaculated daily for seven days had higher-quality sperm by the end of the week. What they found was that the sperm’s rate of DNA fragmentation dropped from 34 percent to 26 percent. Your partner’s little soldiers are more hearty and more likely to fertilize your egg. With frequent sex and ejaculation, the sperm are hypothesized to be stronger because they are spending less time in the testicular ducts. Which means, they are less likely to be damaged over time.

Mom, your heart is not only full of love for your children but also for your partner. What better way to say “I love you” than by taking care of your man’s heart? Yes! Studies show doing the loving-deed actually reduces risk of stroke and coronary heart disease in men. So, if your man has sex less than once a month, according to the study, men were 45 percent more likely to contract a cardiovascular disease than their sex-getting counterparts. By doing your man, you’re keeping him heart-healthy, you satisfied, calm, snuggly, and glowing.

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On the flip side, if you or your partner are suffering from high blood pressure – again, prescribe yourself some sex. Studies have shown a link between low testosterone and high blood pressure, which both Mom and Dad need. The spikes in testosterone associated with sexual encounters may help lower blood pressure. High blood pressure puts too much force on the blood vessels, causing damage and narrowed hardened arteries. These same effects that endanger the functionality of the heart can also cause erectile dysfunction in men and reduced arousal with an inability to achieve orgasm in women. Yuck!

Stay proactive, Mom, by keeping up the hormone cocktail of vitality through sex. A healthy, happy mom makes a sexy household.

As a mom with so much on your plate, you really do deserve to have the best “you” come forward each and every day. Sex is simply a tool in which you can use to procreate, find comfort, and pleasure in. Beyond the physical gems of sex, there truly are deeper levels of health and mind blowing experiences (beyond the orgasm itself) that are legit benefits to your overall well-being.

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Okay, so now you are convinced that you truly do need sex as a mom. But how do you find the time, and can it really be hot and sexy again even after kids? Go read how you can still have Hot Sex Even After Children!

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