5 Stunning Androgynous Clothing Styles You’ll Want to Rock at Your Wedding

Not into the princess dress idea for your wedding? Not to worry! There are so many androgynous clothing styles out there for you can rock on your day if poofy dresses just aren’t for you! Whether you’re looking to wear a suit, pants, or still a dress but with an androgynous style, we have lots of styles for you to get inspired!

5 Stunning Androgynous Clothing Styles You’Ll Want To Rock At Your Wedding

What is Androgyny?

First, before we take a deep dive into some truly fashionable androgynous clothing styles, let’s make sure we’re on the same page. Androgyny has gained and lost popularity in mainstream society often so it is a word that may not be as familiar to you yet.

By definition, Androgyny is a combination of both masculine and feminine characteristics in an ambiguous form. It can be expressed in several ways and regarding biological sex, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual identity. In layman’s terms, it’s when you either identify or express yourself in a gender-fluid way, being neither female nor male. Essentially, it’s a marriage of both genders together in a well-formed balance.

Common Mysconception

When talking about androgynous clothing styles it’s often thought that it’s main characteristic is a female dressed in a more masculine way. While that can be one way to express androgyny, it’s not limited to that form. Individuals who identify as men can also dress in more feminine styles to express their fluidity or women can dress in a balanced expression of both genders to convey an androgynous appeal.

Now that we’ve skimmed over the topic and we’re all on the same page, let’s jump in and see all those amazing androgynous clothing styles you’ll most definitely want to don on your wedding day!

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If history has taught us anything, it’s that classics never go out of style. The Tuxedo has been an outstanding base for fashionable choices since the late 1800s and as far as we’re concerned, it isn’t going anywhere but up. The smart, quintessential look translates effortlessly whether you want to don slacks or a dress. Adding fun details like the rhinestones on this Jay Godfrey Tuxedo Mini Dress or the onyx lapel and pockets, the Tuxedo in androgynous clothing is a style that will never let you down.


Just because you don’t want a fluffy dress doesn’t technically mean you don’t want a little bling. Adding sequins to masculine cut balances the genders so beautifully. This sequined lapel by Elisabetta Franchi comes in several different colors so you can be glam in whatever hue you’d like. Another great option is this Brunello Cucinelli Blouse with delicate detailing and sequin flair. Pair with a modern pair of slacks and you’ll have everyone wanting to sport androgynous clothing all the time. Just another instance where even if you don’t want to be the center of attention, you can still shine.

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Romantic Sleeves

If androgynous clothing has taught us anything, it’s that it’s all about balance. Antonio Bernadi marries the genders magically by designing a structured vest and adding romantic and wistful detailing to the sleeves. Modern, masculine lines and feminine touches pair so well together that you may want to throw out the dress idea altogether! Since there is no hard-fast rule and it is, after all, your wedding, you can blend to your heart’s content and rock androgynous clothing into a wedding look people will be sure to remember.

Modern White Suit

Who says you BOTH can’t wear the pants in the relationship? Donning contemporary white suits together is not only a total power couple move but also can be extremely endearing. We’re not always team “matching with your partner,” but if you’re rocking crisp, white, suits, that’s a different story completely. That’s something we can definitely get behind.

If you still want to add a small feminine touch, simply add a veil or even a stunning cape to bring out both sides more strongly. A modern white suit is gorgeous all on its own but if it’s a bit too simple for you no worries! It’s easy to customize and show off your unique style too! Use the classic suit in white as a foundation for your look and add personality with your accessories easily!

Bold Color

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Since we’re already throwing tradition out the window, why not go all out? Rock some androgynous clothing styles in jewel tones, pastels, the world is your oyster! Use your attire to count as your “something blue.” Do your wedding colors include some fun hues? Mimic them in your suit color! Is your partner’s favorite color purple? Rock it as a sweet surprise!

Boden actually has a great suit available in not one, or even two, but seven different colors! Rock one in emerald green to be festive for your holiday wedding! There are so many fun ways to express yourself through androgynous clothing but playing with color is one of our favorite ways to do it!

Androgynous clothing doesn’t have to be overly masculine. It doesn’t have to be only in neutral colors. It doesn’t even have to follow any special formula. As long as you feel that your true self is being expressed in a comfortable and balanced way, it works! If you’re not the type to want a full-fledged Cinderella ball gown, don’t go for it! You can easily rock androgynous clothing for your wedding and feel like a bride. The perfect mixing of masculine and feminine is a style as unique as your love. Make sure you celebrate it, express it, and most importantly, flaunt it.


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5 Stunning Androgynous Clothing Styles You’Ll Want To Rock At Your Wedding

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