Understanding THC and CBD Benefits with these 14 Products

After a long day of work, it’s important to unwind with the best self care brands that are natural and will put you in a state of euphoria. This guide will take you on a relaxed journey to fully experience THC and CBD benefits with these products, including lavender bath bombs, delicious gummies, skincare, sparkling drinks, and sleep aids.

These products are vegan, gluten-free, and designed to relax your mind and lift your spirits with safe, natural ingredients. As a result, you will feel uplifted and ready to start your day! So dive into this guide and take a groovy trip through some of the best self care brands available with a long list of amazing CBD benefits.

Best Self Care Brands to Experience THC and CBD Benefits


Understanding Thc And Cbd Benefits With These 14 Products

Mermaids are stunningly beautiful women who get to soak up the sun and ocean waves all day, and now we can too. The Mermaid Glow Collection by HempHera is one of the best self care brands as it uses plankton extract, organic sea kelp, and organic hemp extract which are mineral rich and protect skin from daily and long-term environmental pollutants, toxins, excess sun exposure, and aging.

Incorporating this CBD skincare into your daily routine will not only provide CBD benefits improve the overall look of your face and body but makes you feel as glorious as a mermaid. Packed full of bio-marine sourced actives and healing energies, these powerful hydrators leave skin feeling plump, dewy, and radiant. The Mermaid Glow Collection is one of the best self care brands on the market.

The Mermaid Glow Collection includes:

  • Sea Goddess Body Polish: infused with nano amplified broad spectrum hemp extract and certified organic, wild harvested blue/green algae for unbelievably soft and polished skin
  • BioMarine Facial Cleanser: cleanse your skin while re-balancing moisture levels
  • Algae Eye Cream: nano-amplified hemp extract provides immense hydration while strengthening the skin’s ability to fight environmental factors, like sun damage
  • Mami Wata Moisturizer: helps heal dryness, leaving skin soft, supple, and smooth
  • BioMarine Facial Toner: a multitasking formula that tones, soothes, and hydrates skin while promoting new cell growth and balances pH levels
  • Dope Skin Bio-Marine Serum: a lightweight, deeply regenerating serum awakening vitality – one drop at a time
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Amour CBD

AmourCBD™ Cream is an FDA-registered CBD cream with lidocaine made in the USA with a full range of CBD benefits. The odor-free cream provides quick pain relief for joint and muscle pain. It boasts 200 mg of Broad Spectrum CBD cream and zero percent THC.

Understanding Thc And Cbd Benefits With These 14 Products

The AmourCBD™ 25 mg Soft Gels also are made with a patent-pending water-soluble hemp oil with CBD, as well as natural present terpenes. Each soft gel tab contains 10 mg of CBD and 0 percent THC. Amour CBD uses all USA-grown hemp and no external additives, making it one of the most natural self care brands.

The AmourCBD™ 10mg Gummies are made with Broad Spectrum CBD and 0 percent THC, which allows CBD to be ingested throughout the day. The delicious gummies are lemon, grape, and orange flavored. They are made with natural coloring and without artificial sweeteners. AmourCBD™ is one of the most effective, natural self care brands.


Understanding Thc And Cbd Benefits With These 14 Products

Beboe was created for those looking for a mindful and elevated cannabis experience with their CBD benefits. Designed to be “socially-dosed,” Beboe products deliver a sophisticated, sleek, 100% natural cannabis experience that enhances your day without losing your cool.

Sparkly yet functional, the light and bright Inspired Vape Pen is intended for early afternoon enjoyment and social gatherings. The state-of-the-art formulation and hardware boast a socially-dosed 65% THC potency, and a designer minor cannabinoid cocktail featuring a whopping 12% CBG and 7% CBD to help keep you grounded. Enjoy a gentle, euphoric, clear-headed high unlike any other — and see the world through Beboe’s rose-tinted glasses. This pen is breath activated and uses no buttons. For a full-bodied dose, draw from the mouthpiece for three seconds and the LED light at the base will indicate activation. This product contains multiple doses and is one of the best self care brands that will keep you relaxed.

Slip into serenity with the Downtime Gummies. These succulent blackberry treats feature a soothing 1:1 blend that helps you shift gears into “airplane mode” and takeoff into some much-deserved me-time. Lift your spirits with Inspired Blend Pastilles. Intended for all hours of the day, Inspired Pastilles are the sweet-tart treat designed to shed that self-consciousness, and get down to creative business.

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Black Sheep

Understanding Thc And Cbd Benefits With These 14 Products

CBD benefits have now been combined with the delicious treat of meringue cookies! Black Sheep’s CBD meringue cookies are not only tasty but also fun to eat. Black Sheep’s goal is to remake all those traditional treats, but with a twist, taking all the poor ingredients that harm our bodies, and incorporating the best natural ingredients for all to consume without ever feeling guilty. Made with all-natural ingredients like cane sugar and natural flavors, they are gluten-free, lactose-free, cholesterol-free, and THC Free. These cookies contain 50MG of non-hemp CBD and will help to uplift your mood and bring your body and mind to a positive mood. There are 9 amazing flavors including:

  • birthday cake
  • cappuccino
  • caramel
  • chocolate
  • cookies n’ cream
  • cotton candy
  • mint chocolate
  • strawberry
  • vanilla


Understanding Thc And Cbd Benefits With These 14 Products

TribeTokes understands the need for discretion, that’s why they developed the CBD Oil Vape Pen with the Starter Kit. The saber battery cartridge conceals the vape pen inside of the device, protecting your privacy. We love that the entire device looks just like a key fob. And because the mouthpiece is concealed within the cartridge, it’s protected from germs. Releasing the mouthpiece is as easy as pushing a button. The Starter Kit includes one full-gram vape cartridge. Each cartridge contains two ingredients: full-spectrum CBD extract and natural terpenes. It also features a built-in USB charger so you can keep it charged while you’re on the go. TribeTokes is definitely one of the best self care brands with CBD benefits.

Susan’s Own

Susan’s Own CBD Gummies by Blazy Susan are deliciously flavored treats to provide maximum relaxation wherever you are which makes this one of the best self care brands with CBD benefits. With 25 mg of CBD per gummy, you can find relief on the go or even help to find a better night’s sleep. These all-natural, vegan gummies are available in 3 tropical flavors including dragon fruit, blue raspberry, and pina colada. Taking two gummies daily helps promote a healthy lifestyle. Other Blazy Susan CBD products include tinctures, muscle balms, and bath bombs.

Understanding Thc And Cbd Benefits With These 14 Products

Rest, relax, and rejuvenate with Susan’s Own Full Spectrum CBD Bath Bombs. These bath bombs, offered in either rose or lavender, are filled with everything your body needs to achieve total bath time bliss. With 100mg of fast-absorbing CBD, you will leave you feeling relaxed so that you can wash away the day and start the next one feeling fully rested. Soak away pains and stresses while enjoying natural scents and soothing aromas that will make you feel your best with Susan’s Own.

ECO Therapy

ECO Therapy products are designed to help you feel your best, so revive, relax, and rest this year with ECO Therapy CBD mints. ECO Therapy products are infused with all natural essential oils and vitamins to deliver the optimal effect you’re looking for.

Feel revived with their Revive mints, an uplifting mix of cannabinoids, orange oil, ginseng, and Vitamin B12 to bring you a focused, creative energy, and breath new life into your routine. When you need some calm, go with the Relax mints that contain a blend of calming cannabinoids, chamomile, ginger, and green tea extract to create a tranquil consistency throughout your day. Finally, end your day with ECO Therapy’s Rest mints. This fusion of restful cannabinoids, melatonin, and essential oils help achieve a new understanding of sweet dreams.

Don’t pick just one. Get all three types of mints with the CBD Mint Bundle! Each container has 30 mints with 10 mg of CBD per mint. Welcome the new year with a more revived, relaxed, and rested you.

Grassroots Harvest

Understanding Thc And Cbd Benefits With These 14 Products

If you’re looking for quality CBD benefits, THC, and HHC products, look no further than Grassroots Harvest. Their priority is bringing you the best of Nature’s Bounty, harvested sustainably and crafted in small batches in Austin, TX. That way, they can ensure the highest quality from start to finish. Starting with 100% organic hemp and adding as few ingredients as possible to their products, they are able to bring you CBD benefits and THC-related products the way Nature intended; She knows what She’s doing, after all!

We were interested in something a little more potent than CBD, so we decided to check out Lucy Jane’s HHC Gummies with 20mg HHC per gummy! These gummies contain premium HHC extract, (containing 80-90% potency of Delta-9 THC making the effects nearly indistinguishable from Delta-9 THC, while being federally legal), for a cannabinoid experience you’ll love! These gummies are available in 5 delicious flavor options, including Blackberry Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Strawberry Watermelon, and Peach. Which one will you choose?

We also decided to try a couple of Delta-8 THC options, including D8 Minis. These delta 8 THC mini gummies are a mix of four yummy flavors, with 10mg delta 8 THC each! That makes it easy to take the perfect dose, no matter how little- or how much- you need! There are 30 gummies per jar, so you can enjoy that beachy feeling over and over again.

Alternatively, give the Austin Chronic Delta 8 THC Gummies in a delicious Honey Flavor a try. Much like the D8 Minis, these gummies contain 10mg of Delta 8 THC in each bite, making it easy to take just the right amount. Furthermore, the honey flavor is absolutely delicious, sweet, and herbaceous, leaving you feeling great!

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Tonic Vibes

Understanding Thc And Cbd Benefits With These 14 Products

Stay balanced and focused when you use the Zone CBD Vape Pen by Tonic. This CBD Vape pen features limonene and pinene terpenes to help you get into a blissful and calm zone. Limonene is ideal for reducing inflammation and lowering stress levels. Pinene helps you achieve mental clarity and improve memory retention.

The Starter Kit includes one cartridge with a rechargeable battery and a USB charger. How long does it take to feel the effects? We’re so glad you asked. While onset is quick, Tonic recommends users wait five seconds between each hit and then 5-10 minutes after the first few hits to decide if another hit is necessary. Don’t let stress, anxiety, or chronic pain take control of your life. Add one of the best self care brands with CBD benefits to your shopping cart with the Zone CBD Vape Pen Starter Kit!


Understanding Thc And Cbd Benefits With These 14 Products

A good night’s rest is always important, but for those occasions when you need to sleep like a log, a plant-powered solution makes sense. Down for the count. Out like a light. Whatever your favorite term for a knockout night of sleep is, you’ll get there with the Deep Sleep Synergy+ THC & CBN Gummies.

Carefully crafted by CBDistillery‘s expert botanists, these Full Spectrum gummies rely on 5mg of naturally occurring, hemp-derived Delta-9 THC to put you to sleep. Meanwhile, 5mg of CBN and 25mg of CBD work in synergy to keep you in slumber mode all through the night until you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the next day. Their commitment to using 100% clean ingredients means you’ll feel great about making these vegan, dreamberry-flavored gummies one of your go-to CBD benefits brands for a good night’s sleep. Those restless nights will feel like nothing but a bad dream.

Understanding Thc And Cbd Benefits With These 14 Products

Incorporating THC and CBD into your health and wellness routine has shown many proven benefits. The CBDistillery Unwind Synergy+ THC & CBD Gummies are designed to help your mind and body relax in a naturally supported manner so you can feel restored tomorrow. These vegan, berry-flavored gummies are a proprietary blend of 5mg of hemp-derived Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and 25mg of CBD that creates an ideal balance for your body to naturally wind down and prepare for the day’s end. This blend of CBD and hemp-derived THC work in synergy, to create a balanced state of relaxation and well-being. This product is perfect to use at home after your busy day to help you wind down.

Day One

Understanding Thc And Cbd Benefits With These 14 Products

Day One is a refreshing sparkling CBD water that balances and renews. Each can contains the perfect amount of citrus zest, and 20mg of broad-spectrum, and THC-Free CBD to deliver you the balance you need to get ready for anything! All that, and zero calories, makes this Sparkling CBD Water perfect for any occasion! The original idea behind Day One was to create next-level sparkling water using natural ingredients like CBD and fruit juice. The result is a refreshing drink that can facilitate a balanced mindset and get you ready for your next beginning. This beverage is available in three flavors including lemon, lime, and grapefruit.

TNT Pro Series


Many of us want to improve our body in some way, but it is tough and hard to find the time for it, and let’s face it: we tend to skip trainings because of the slow results. With TNT Pro Ignite’s Sweat Cream for Weight Loss your transformation will be taken to the next level. TNT Pro Ignite opens skin pores for improved circulation which leads to faster results. One of the hardest parts of weight loss for many people is losing belly fat, especially on the lower belly. Fortunately, with TNT Pro Ignite’s Slimming Cream the results come multiple times faster due to improved circulation and sweating.

2 1

The TNT Pro Ignite Sweat Stick is a thermogenic sweat cream gel that burns the calories for you! Now available in a convenient roll-on stick for ease of application and cleaning. With a brand new heating agent infused into the cream, you’ll feel it working! You’ll increase, heat, circulation, and sweat, especially in those areas with stubborn weight. Use with a TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer Body Wraps and Arm & Thigh Slimmers.

Supercharge your workouts, by increasing thermogenic activity and sweat. Just wrap the Waist Trimmer Belt around your midsection and do your regular workout! This belt also includes a downloadable 6-week fat burning program along with our complete nutrition manual for burning fat for free!


Understanding Thc And Cbd Benefits With These 14 Products

Happi’s delicious, all-natural flavors are made with simple ingredients and organic fruit and are non-GMO and gluten-free with no additives or artificial flavors. With just 2.5mg of THC, you control how ‘Happi’ you feel. Inside every can is just enough THC to leave you feeling buzzed (think one glass of wine), but never hungover. Happi is currently available in two delicious, organically sourced flavors including Raspberry Honeysuckle and Lemon Elderflower, and a third coming soon: Pomegranate Hibiscus.


Understanding Thc And Cbd Benefits With These 14 Products

Feelgenics has a a full spectrum CBD gummy that both tastes great and is potent enough to serve all your wellness needs. These high-potent full spectrum watermelon-flavored gummies are the perfect tasty addition to any daily routine. They are made of 100% hemp-derived full spectrum CBD that is manufactured in an FDA-regulated laboratory in the United States. The added 3 mg of zinc provides an extra boost to your immunity. Just take one to two gummies as needed and you will be on your way to being your most relaxed, healthy self.

Don’t let the holidays get you down. Using a wide variety of THC and CBD products will give you the boost you need and the full experience of THC and CBD benefits. This groovy guide features discreet vape pens, delicious CBD meringue cookies full of flavor, odor-free creams designed to relieve pain, and sleep aids that make you sleep like a baby. All of these amazing CBD products will give you what you need without the pesky side effects. So when you want the best self-care brands, you can always trust Daily Mom.


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Understanding Thc And Cbd Benefits With These 14 Products



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