6 Unique and Easy DIY Mason Jar Craft Ideas

Mason jars aren’t just for farmers or home canners anymore! They are good for so much more – especially when you add your own flair to them with these DIY mason jar projects. 

Mason jars are endlessly versatile, and you can use them in every room of your house. Organize your beauty supplies or all the bits and bobs in your sewing room. Keep a couple of extras in the kitchen for spices or as a baking dish for the best single-serve dinner roll you’ve ever eaten, or even make tiny tart pans. You’ll never run out of uses for mason jars. They are the perfect size to hold just the right amount of something, not too much or too little, and you’ll always have an extra corner here or there to stash them in.  

Mason jars are excellent crafting mediums for all ages, too. Finding a new use for old jars makes for a fun family afternoon. After all, whether or not you’re a big canner, chances are you have at least a few of these handy glass canisters stashed somewhere in your home. 

The sky’s the limit when working with mason jars, which are not only versatile, but inexpensive as well. They can be found in thrift stores, antique stores, and even Amazon. The ideas mentioned in this article are designed to take less than 20 minutes to complete.

Getting Started with Your DIY Mason Jar Project

6 Unique And Easy Diy Mason Jar Craft Ideas
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Step 1: Find a DIY Mason Jar Craft

Prior to going shopping, you’ll want to find the DIY mason jar craft that you want to make. Otherwise, you won’t know what size and shape of jars you will need. Some crafts, like a mason jar snow globe, require smaller jars, while larger crafts, like an at-home herb garden, require larger jars.

Step 2: Shop the Materials

After deciding on a craft or two, head to the store, and buy all the DIY mason jar craft materials you may need. It’s always best to get a little more than you think you will need, just in case there are any mistakes along the way.

Step 3: Rinse Your Mason Jars

Whether you have purchased jars from the craft store, or are planning to reuse some you have on hand, it’s a good idea to wash and dry your mason jars before you begin so they are free of dust or debris – especially if you’ll be using them for a food-related craft!

Step 4: Protect Your Space

DIY mason jar crafts can be messy, so no matter what craft you decided on, it’s a good idea to protect the space where you will be working. You can do this with paper, plastic, or even a tarp, if it is a big project.

Step 5: Start Crafting

All that’s left to do is start making your DIY mason jar crafts! Be sure you have the instructions on hand (maybe even printed). Follow the instructions step-by-step and most importantly, have fun!

DIY Mason Jar Candy Displays

6 Unique And Easy Diy Mason Jar Craft Ideas
Photo Credit: Country Living

Take the candy bar at your next party to a new level with this DIY project. DIY Mason Jar Candy Containers will showcase all the colorful candy you can imagine. Or, match your painted jars with your party colors. Let your little artists paint the jars when planning your next party. This project can be adapted for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, or any other holiday.

Required Items: Mason jar, paint, hot glue, and a small toy that fits the top. Don’t forget the candy!

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DIY Mason Jar Trip Bank

6 Unique And Easy Diy Mason Jar Craft Ideas
Photo Credit: Pillar Box Blue

Planning a family trip? Consider putting together a DIY Mason Jar Bank. Count down and save up for your next vacation with these adorable banks. Draw inspiration from maps or cut out picture of national landmarks, beaches or spring break destinations and affix to your jars. You could make a DIY mason jar for each member of the family to save up some spending money, too. As a bonus, these make great tools for teaching money management. 

Required Items: Mason jar, glue, picture of where you want to go, and a mason jar bank lid.

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DIY Mason Jar Manicure Kit

6 Unique And Easy Diy Mason Jar Craft Ideas
Photo Credit: That’s What She Said

This is the perfect gift for your nail art-obsessed friend, or for yourself. Everyone needs a little me time, and what better way to use old jars, then to make a DIY Mason Jar Manicure Kit? This kit will delight friends and family when you present them with a jar filled with all their favorite polishes, lotions, files, or nail stickers.

Required Items: Mason jar, nail polish, files, small lotions, and other favorites, plus some pretty ribbon, twine, and cardstock to make a cute gift tag.

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DIY Mason Jar Button Jar with Pin Top

6 Unique And Easy Diy Mason Jar Craft Ideas
Photo Credit: Wait ‘Til Your Father Gets Home

That old button box just got upgraded! Turn your mason jar into a convenient caddy for your favorite craft-lover. Wrap a fabric square around a ball of stuffing and tuck it into the lid insert. Fill the jar with buttons, pins, and other sewing essentials. Any aspiring tailor in the family will be thrilled to receive this DIY mason jar gift and shouldn’t have much trouble filling it.

Required Items: Mason jar, small square of fabric, pillow stuffing or batting, glue. A mix of sewing supplies and accessories.

DIY Mason Jar Dinner

6 Unique And Easy Diy Mason Jar Craft Ideas
Photo Credit: Make-Ahead Meal Mom

Create a worry-free weeknight dinner with one of these meals in a DIY mason jar. Choose from a variety of dry dinner ingredients, and finish with a creative gift tag that include the recipe. These make great gifts for new parents, new neighbors, or for students heading off to college. 

Required Items: Mason jar, dry ingredients, gift tags, and twine. For extra flair, you can add ribbons, bows and even a kitchen tool like a spatula or wooden spoon.

DIY Mason Bathroom Jar Sets

6 Unique And Easy Diy Mason Jar Craft Ideas
Photo Credit: Mason Jar Crafts Love

Mason jars come in a multitude of different sizes. Use them to customize your bathroom accessories and make organization more manageable. Match to your bathroom colors, or let the kids select their own colors, paint their DIY mason jar, and define their space.

Required Items: Mason jar, paint, mason jar soap pumps lids, and bathroom lids.

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No matter your crafting or canning needs, mason jars are a great item to have around the house. There’s truly no limit when it comes to the amount of creative DIY mason jar decor ideas there are out there. With so many projects to choose from, you may have trouble deciding what to make. So why not make a trip to your local craft store, grab some supplies and try more than one?

Once you’ve made some DIY mason jar crafts, check out our DIY page to browse for even more inspiration!


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6 Unique And Easy Diy Mason Jar Craft Ideas



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