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Summer months in the sun means the hopeful possibility of hours spent lounging poolside. In between snack breaks and reapplying sunscreen, now is the perfect time to catch up on all the reading you’ve missed out on while the weather was too cold to enjoy the outdoors.

We’ve picked a few of our favorite novels to start off your summer reading list.

The Mermaid’s Sister

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By Carrie Anne Noble

Set in the late 1800s, The Mermaid’s Sister follows Clara and Maren, two adopted sisters who live with the village healer. As they come of age, Maren begins a miraculous transformation, changing from a young woman into a mermaid. Initially hoping to prevent her sister’s transformation, Clara eventually gives in and begins a journey to take Maren to her rightful home in the sea.

Perfect for reading while you dip your feet in the cool pool, The Mermaid’s Sister will have you appreciative that despite all the childhood pretending time of being a mermaid, the actual experience is one you won’t have to witness.

Find The Mermaid’s Sister on Amazon.

American Gods

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By Neil Gaiman

Imagine a world where folklore is alive and mythological creatures walk among us. Another mini series, this time on Starz, is a contemporary introduction to gods and mythical beings paints a portrait of what the world might look like if immortals were left to toil on earth.

This dark tale follows the journey of a man named Shadow as he is pulled into a battle of gods, as they combat the world of modern conveniences like the internet, credit cards, and television.

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The Handmaid’s Tale

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By Margaret Atwood

This summer’s Hulu blockbuster, The Handmaid’s Tale was a dark look on a dystopian world long before dystopian novels became trendy. This may have been required reading in high school, but it’s worth a re-read if you haven’t picked it up in a few years, especially if you are watching the Hulu series this summer.

The Handmaid’s Tale tells the story of Offred, a young woman indentured to serve as a surrogate for military leaders in a dark version of the United States. While typically it’s difficult to create a movie that is better than the book, Hulu has done a phenomenal job of filling in the blanks Atwood left to your imagination.

Find The Handmaid’s Tale on Amazon.

Red Queen Series

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By Victoria Aveyard

Imagine X-Men meets the Hunger Games. Set in a world ruled by monarchs who have supernatural powers and sparkling silver blood, the Red Queen follows the journey of Mare, a common thief hoping to escape conscription in the army. With three books in the current series, you’ll meet Mare, a red blooded girl with unnatural powers, and watch as she grows into a leader of a revolution.

As a young adult novel, you’ll be delighted in watching Mare grow into adulthood, but be anguished as you remember why 19 year olds aren’t allowed to make strategic political decisions.

Find the Red Queen Series on Amazon.

Paper Princess

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By Erin Watt

Best described as a romance novel ‘light’, the Paper Princess tells the story of orphan Ella as she finds herself plucked from poverty and into the millionaire world of the Callum Royal, an aviation tycoon with playboy sons. A series of four novels, you’ll watch as Ella fights against her new-found family, only to fight for them later on in the story line.

As a romance novel, the material is a bit suggestive with a younger adult spin. Book four, the Fallen Heir, is scheduled for release in the early fall.

Find the Paper Princess on Amazon.

Children of Eden

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By Joey Graceffa

In a destroyed world, families are limited to a single child to conserve resources. When twins are born to an elite family, one child is forced to live in secrecy until a time when the family can secure safe passage and placement in a host family unable to have children.

The Children of Eden follows the story of second child Rowan as she struggles to enter the world outside when her adoption goes extremely wrong. All seems lost until Rowan stumbles across a community of second children, just like her, living in hiding within the city.

Find the Children of Eden on Amazon.

What books are you reading this summer? Leave a note in the comments with your recommendations for the pool this year.

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