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If you are shopping for new clothes, you likely have a set of requirements in your head. And if you are a busy mom shopping for new clothes, there is no doubt that one word pops right to the front of your mind: VERSATILE! With summer comes hectic schedules and long, hot days. Haven Collective Yoga makes it simple to head from your morning yoga class to running errands and meeting friends for lunch. Today, we need you to see and experience their amazing line of athleisure wear. From the company’s reason for inception to its mission statement and the gorgeous collection itself, it is quite simply a brand that NEEDS to be on your radar. And no need to worry – if you’ve never stepped foot in a yoga class, this clothing is still for you.

Choosing the right outfit is essential to tackling the day and starting off strong. Some may think that you have to do this with an outfit that is business casual or something that at least involves a nice pair of jeans. While these are great options, busy moms everywhere know better. On days where your schedule is packed with play dates, errands, trips to the gym, and more, you really need clothing that can keep up with you. This means you need clothing that makes it easy to move, but you certainly don’t need to sacrifice style for comfort. Always remember: when you start the day in control of your own self-confidence, you become a pioneer of productivity.

The Brand

When thinking of the best way to describe Haven Collective as a brand, one of the most important words that comes to mind is mindful.

Their clothing is mindfully designed. Since inception, Haven Collective has set out to encourage people to live with less, creating a line of essential pieces that withstand time and trend. All of their fabrics are globally sourced from eco-conscious mills, and ethically sewn in America (New York City, to be exact.) With their ongoing commitment to provide customers with clothing that offers a seamless balance between form and function, they have constructed an activewear line that breaks down the barriers and embodies sophistication along with performance. The line that they have created is designed to offer its wearers a look that has a hint of sexy, allowing you to show off your confidence in clothing that was actually designed to fit the body of a woman.

Haven Collective is providing a HAVEN for bodies in motion — clothing that is graceful and intelligent, and activates one’s highest sense of self.

While they offer intelligent and attractive designs, they also work to increase their social footprint by connecting women to a broader network of like-minded spirits, who take care of themselves and each other. They recognize a responsibility to take care of their community and support causes that their company believes in.


One of the unique things about Haven Collective is the wonderful fabrics they use in their products. Each is specifically selected with the perfect fit, draping, and element of comfort in mind. Below are some of the amazing fabric options used in their clothing.

Italian Performance Jersey (Tops): These tops feature a gently brushed finish that drapes elegantly.

Italian Performance Jersey (Bottoms): Featuring a super matte finish, this is a sophisticated contouring fabric that makes it perfect for both the studio and the street.

  • Delicate, supportive fit
  • High LYCRA® spandex percentage for flexibility
  • Recovery from bending and stretching
  • Sweat wicking/Quick drying
  • Wrinkle/Pill Free
  • Eco-sensitive fabric
  • 100% opacity

Soft Rayon Jersey: Smooth and soft with an easy drape to flatter the silhouette. Though often used in luxury garments, rayon is easy to care for and machine washable!

  • Superior colorfastness
  • Australian rayon, sustainable fabric
  • Environmentally responsible dying and manufacturing processes

Bamboo: Bamboo is a stylish, sustainable, and practical fabric. It is incredibly soft and drapes over the body like silk. Since it grows quickly and uses less land and water than cotton, it is highly sustainable. It is also super-absorbent and quick drying as well as naturally anti-bacterial and anti-UV.

  • Super soft and lightweight
  • Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-UV
  • Sweat wicking
  • Sustainable fabric

Tech-Nylon: This combines the traditional comfort of cotton with the performance benefits of modern fabric technology. This fabric is softer than standard nylon fabrics and is lightweight, breathable, and quick drying.

  • Lightweight/Cottony-soft comfort
  • High LYCRA® spandex percentage for flexibility
  • Sweat Wicking/Quick Drying
  • Pill Free
  • 100% opacity

Waffle MicroModal® & MicroModal®: These fabrics are both light and cozy. The extra fine fibers that make up this fabric offer a “barely there” feel on your skin.

The Collection

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. So now that you know a little bit more about this amazing brand and its technology, let us show you what some of their closet staples are.

Styling Tip: We are loving the pullover styled with a pair of denim shorts. Perfect for cool summer days and the lovely breeze on summer nights. All of the tops from Haven Collective look amazing with denim.

Finally, we’ve found that one piece of clothing that can be worn from day to night without fail, and it fits perfectly. As you can see, Haven Collective features luxurious but technically advanced fabrics perfect for wherever life takes you! The professionals at Haven Collective Yoga are bringing you all the fabrics that will flawlessly complement your body while on the move. Italian performance and soft rayon tops and bottoms are constructed for a supportive, flexible fit. Quick drying as well as wrinkle and pill free fabric provides a comfortable transition from “studio to street to office”. Stop settling for old, worn out workout clothes and upgrade to athleisure pieces that will get you through your entire day. What are you waiting for? Your closet is waiting!


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