BauBax: The Best Jacket for the Frequent Traveler

Wanderlust souls who spend their non-traveling days planning their next adventure know that part of the planning is finding the perfect gear. BauBax understands the importance of providing clothing and gear that is useful, comfortable, and stylish. Any serious traveler knows that what they bring on their travels has to be well thought-out and planned. We often search for gear that is versatile for different situations and environments as well as compact. Everything from our suitcases to our clothing and shoes is evaluated when one is a serious traveler- and BauBax knows that taking less is always more.

Here’s Why You Need a BauBax Travel Jacket

Baubax: The Best Jacket For The Frequent Traveler Daily Mom Parent Portal

BauBax creates clothing that has everything a well-versed wanderlust needs for comfortable travel right within the clothing itself. Their goal is to ensure that every adventurer can experience the world around them to the fullest, instead of trying to carry everything with them. Their world-class traveler’s jackets contain 25 different features right within the folds of the fabric all while keeping the coat compact and stylish. BauBax’s jackets are truly the best traveler’s jackets on the planet because they take all those extras that you would normally pack into a bulky suitcase and place them right where you need them- within arm’s reach.

BauBax traveler’s jackets have features such as:

  • Built-in neck pillow
  • Phone pocket
  • Tablet pocket
  • AirPods straps
  • Sunglasses pocket
  • Passport pocket
  • Bottle opener
  • Drink pocket
  • Earplug pocket
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Travel water bottle
  • Foot rest
  • Blanket and blanket pocket
  • Portable charger pocket
  • and more.
Baubax: The Best Jacket For The Frequent Traveler Daily Mom Parent Portal

No matter what style of jacket you get from BauBax, you will have 25 different features that help keep you comfortable and stylish throughout your travels with everything you need right at your fingertips.

Two BauBax Jackets We Think You’ll Love

Women’s Bomber Jacket by BauBax

Baubax: The Best Jacket For The Frequent Traveler Daily Mom Parent Portal

The BauBax Bomber Jacket for women is the classic design you remember from Top Gun and it has all the utility you would expect from a military-inspired jacket. It is stylish yet comfortable, and is designed to ensure that traveler’s have everything they need to make their travel even easier. With accessories like a built-in eye mask, a neck pillow, a footrest, and other features like the ones listed above, this Bomber Jacket not only looks good but also provides a traveler with the accessibility to all of her most-needed items.

The BauBax Bomber Jacket’s shell is made from 100% polyester which makes it water resistant yet breathable. The gloves and the hood can detach when in warmer climates, and it comes with accessories such as AirPods straps, a whistle, a travel water bottle, and a travel blanket. It comes in olive, black, and blue and it is a dream to wear in the airport, on a train, or during your outdoor exploring and adventures.

Baubax: The Best Jacket For The Frequent Traveler Daily Mom Parent Portal

Men’s Windbreaker Jacket by BauBax

Baubax: The Best Jacket For The Frequent Traveler Daily Mom Parent Portal

The BauBax Windbreaker Jacket for men is made for the great outdoors. The lightweight fabric allows you to move wherever your adventures take you, but it also keeps you warm and dry in those cooler climates. It has the same 25 features as the other BauBax travel jacket styles including a built-in neck pillow, an eye mask, AirPods straps, retractable bottle opener, a travel water bottle, a travel blanket, and more.

The breathable and flexible polyester shell keeps you dry and comfortable- even in the rain or on chilly mountain hikes. The detachable gloves are there when you need them, and can be left at home when you don’t. The BauBax men’s windbreaker jacket comes in red or black.

Baubax: The Best Jacket For The Frequent Traveler Daily Mom Parent Portal

Seasoned travelers know that getting the right gear, whether that means clothing or otherwise, is important. The right gear can make a huge difference in your traveling experience. And that doesn’t just mean getting to your destination. BauBax creates clothing that not only helps the actual travel part easier (a built-in neck pillow and eye mask are clutch during those red eye flights) but they also make the actual adventuring part easier, too. Things like bottle openers, whistles, travel water bottles, detachable gloves, and sunglasses pockets can make an otherwise exhausting day out sight-seeing, hiking, or trekking a thousand times more enjoyable. BauBax knows what it means to travel and that means traveling light so you can enjoy the world around you.

Baubax: The Best Jacket For The Frequent Traveler Daily Mom Parent Portal

Women’s Bomber Jacket | Men’s Windbreaker Jacket

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Baubax: The Best Jacket For The Frequent Traveler



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