Live Oak Landing Vacation: RV Resort in Florida During COVID-19

It’s time to vacation outside, like at an RV Resort in Florida with safe social-distancing measures in place, and live again by traveling! After all, this year has been met with a lot of uncertainty, restrictions, and banned traveling outside of necessity. Solo travelers are grounded, family travelers are homebound and restless; so what are your options as the world shifts and changes during this pandemic when it comes to taking a family trip?

The number one thing that will keep a family from traveling may be fear. However, statistically, fear shouldn’t hold you back or make you hesitate (for too long), because the fear of missing out on memorable moments with your family should be absolutely terrifying! This is why we’re traveling again…and we’re not fearful, we’re awfully excited!

Where Are You Going?

Perhaps the question should be, where is the safest place to go when you want to take a family vacation during COVID-19? First, consider your destination options and if the state or country has any quarantine requirements if you decide to visit. Would it be safer to drive as opposed to flying? Are you desiring to travel internationally?

As of September 2020, if you decide to stay in the continental U.S., check out the state’s travel advisory list to determine if a particular state has any recommendations about quarantine, face mask requirements, social distancing measures, and what is open to the public. The site is routinely updated so you’ll stay current on each state’s happenings during COVID. This will assist you in determining where to travel and what would be safest for your family.

An RV Resort in Florida: Why You Should Start There

Live Oak Landing Vacation: Rv Resort In Florida During Covid-19

Get. Outside! One of the best places to have any type of family vacation is to be outside. According to the Mayo Clinic, “When you’re outside, fresh air is constantly moving, dispersing these droplets. So, you’re less likely to breathe in enough of the respiratory droplets containing the virus that causes COVID-19 to become infected.” It quickly becomes a no-brainer to choose an RV Resort in Florida as a family destination to travel again during COVID-19.

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Not only are you immersed in nature with plenty of fresh air, and the ability to easily avoid any potential large crowds, you’ll have a tiny house or RV camper all to yourself. No hotel lobbies to shuffle through or bribing your kids to wear masks just to get to their hotel room avoiding passerbys as much as possible.

Live Oak Landing Vacation: Rv Resort In Florida During Covid-19

Vacationing at an RV resort in Florida allows families to get away from city life and constrictive face mask regulations without the stress of hotel limitations (no more free breakfast buffets for example), one-room confinement areas, and lack of family-friendly indoor activities. Visiting an RV Resort in Florida is designed to get you outside, away from social media, out in nature, and spending much-needed family time together that you wouldn’t normally have experienced if you stayed home.

Imagine getting away from the hustle and bustle of trying to figure out the tech-specs of virtual schooling, work-from-home schedules, and in-classroom schedules. Your mental health needs a break and if you are feeling stressed, chances are, your kids are processing all of these negative energies around them as well. There’s really no better time to visit an RV resort in Florida to give yourself and the littles a mental break. S’mores can certainly help you do that. After all, if you’re going to be at an RV resort in Florida, start a campfire and get out the fixings for some S’mores!

Live Oak Landing Vacation: Rv Resort In Florida During Covid-19

Your well-being is literally at stake. 2020 hasn’t been easy and there’s no telling how long restrictions are going to be in place. With so many unknowns about COVID-19, a vacation is actually the ONE known you can control. You get to decided when and where to take your family and to breathe freely and healthily.

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The simple act of removing yourself from the everyday environment and routine activities that are associated with stress and anxiety is crucial to your health (and your children’s). With CDC protocols in place, an RV resort in Florida is a great first vacation to take, even during a pandemic. Visualize getting quaint and cozy in a little cottage or traditional RV-style accommodations that uniquely match your family’s style. With everything you have at home, vacationing at an RV resort in Florida is a home away from home without the nuances of everyday “home” tasks and chores that you would otherwise be doing.

Live Oak Landing Vacation: Rv Resort In Florida During Covid-19

Homeschoolers & Virtual School Learners Benefit From Vacations

Live Oak Landing Vacation: Rv Resort In Florida During Covid-19
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You more than likely won’t be signing any permission slips for field trips any time soon. If you did, could you really see a group of 30+ 4th graders, with masks on, complying ever so patiently and adhering to social-distancing guidelines? Kind of a funny visual isn’t it? So, now that you are now in charge of all field trips this year, think of all the wonders you can explore. History, science, math (yes, there’s math in nature), community service acts, and so much more! Every moment can be a teaching and observation at an RV resort in Florida.

Take a look at this hidden gem in Freeport, Florida, just a few minutes from an RV resort in Florida, the Live Oak Landing RV Resort. Morrison Springs is one of the hot (yet frigid) spots in northwest Florida. With a 250-foot diameter natural spring pool, every day it’s estimated to produce anywhere from 48 – 70 million gallons of fresh, earth-driven water to the surface from an underground aquifer. Yes, educational opportunities exist everywhere especially near one of our favorite RV resorts in Florida!

Live Oak Landing Vacation: Rv Resort In Florida During Covid-19

Vacations Give Your Family a Sense of Normalcy

The pools are closed, summer sports are canceled, and now mom and dad are working from home (or not working at all!). Normal didn’t happen this past spring and summer. If your kids are anything like ours, they don’t quite understand what’s going on, but they’ll still ask to go to the pool when it’s 100 degrees outside! It’s not normal to NOT go to the pool when it’s summertime! An RV resort in Florida provides accommodations that allow your kids an inkling of normalcy that, refreshingly, allows them to forget about the pandemic.

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Live Oak Landing Vacation: Rv Resort In Florida During Covid-19

Who is finally ready to take a cannon-ball jump into the cool waters at the Live Oak Landing RV Resort’s pool? It’s large enough to safely social distance with other families, but why do that when you could have the entire pool to yourself? Since a lot of families are not on vacation, you pretty much feel like you own the joint! So sit back and relax parents, you really are on vacation at an RV resort in Florida!

Live Oak Landing Vacation: Rv Resort In Florida During Covid-19

The pool is just the beginning. Whether you need mom and dad time or some time on the water as a family, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to answering the question, “what should we do today?” If there’s anything that an RV resort in Florida will give you, it’s plenty of water and gorgeous sunshine! Renting one of Live Oak Landing RV Resort’s pontoon boats is incredibly easy, even if you’ve never operated a boat before. After a quick in-person tutorial and a map, let’s just say, figuratively, the sky’s the limit. Nothing feels more freeing and the sense of being alive than looking into the gulf at sunset.

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Best Way to Get There: Road-tripping to an RV Resort in Florida

You may not be ready to book a flight just yet, and that’s okay. You’ll have many more adventures and the opportunity to sneak off on some spontaneous side trips if you are behind the wheel versus 30,000 feet above the ground. Road trips are truly fun. Everyone (except the driver) can plan out their car activities, and play numerous car games along the way. Not only are you avoiding unnecessary interactions with others, by limiting exposure and contact, but you’re also getting one of the most cost-effective ways to vacation again during COVID-19.

Now that you have your own vehicle at your leisure, visiting the local attractions will be a breeze. Plan ahead and be sure to find out what is open and how they are following recommended guidelines for minimum exposure. Explore with caution and adventure. Just because you decide to go on vacation, it doesn’t make you a fool, it simply means you’re willing to step back out into the world and explore her beauty once more. Remember, it’s like a family field trip, no permission slips needed!

Yes, there’s a pandemic going on. Yes, it’s contagious. Yes, yes, yes. There are a million and two reasons to NOT vacation this year (and maybe even next year). But honestly, you only need ONE reason to go on vacation. An RV resort in Florida, the Live Oak Landing RV Resort, gives you that ONE reason. Go on vacation because you want to and it IS safe at an RV resort in Florida. Okay, that was two reasons, but you get our drift. Vacation again and have fun doing it! It’s allowed and by still practicing safe social distancing, you’ll create “normal” memories in an abnormal time in our lives.

Go, have fun, and plan your (very safe) pandemic vacation already!

Live Oak Landing RV Resort
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Live Oak Landing Vacation: Rv Resort In Florida During Covid-19



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The kids needed to get out of the house - cabin fever was no joke! This RV resort hit the nail on the head. Very little contact with others so we felt 'safe' to explore, go boating, and have endless hours of pool time while enjoying each other's company. Even if FL is labeled a 'red' state, being outdoors and having our own cottage meant we didn't have to be in hallways or tight corridors with masks on 24/7. Vacationing outdoors is the best thing to do during COVID. Live Oak Landing Vacation: RV Resort in Florida During COVID-19