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From the minute you attend your first obstetrician appointment, the questions will be the same – any pain, swelling, discomfort, pelvic pressure? The list goes on. If this is your first pregnancy you may not be anticipating the aches and pains that pregnancy can bring about, but soon you will join the band of merry mama’s all too familiar with the feelings of being stretched and kicked literally from the inside out.

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Pregnancy Support Solutions With Blanqi 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Whether carrying baby # 1 or # 4, each pregnancy comes with new discomforts you never knew existed. The expanding little miracle in your belly begins a battle with your body from the day of conception until birth and it is a journey! From 1st trimester morning sickness to 3rd trimester pelvic pressure your baby is constantly changing the landscape of your body, but trust me while challenging, it is also amazing.

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Our female forms are made for this and with a little extra pregnancy support here and there, this adventure can be enjoyable. Make sure to savor every one of those wondrous little kicks and hiccups as your pregnancy will not last forever and one day, it will be just a memory.

With a little extra rest and relaxation during these 9 months the majority of aches and pains can be alleviated. Most are not uncommon or harmful to your growing infant.

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Round Ligament Pain

Most women begin to experience round ligament pain during the 2nd trimester of pregnancy once the baby really begins increasing in size. Although this is likely to occur earlier in consecutive pregnancies, the signs and symptoms are still the same. Round ligament pain is a sharp, shooting pain often felt when in motion – rising to stand, bending to sit, coughing, or laughing – felt in the stomach or hip area. Nothing to worry about, these quick, sharp pains can be uncomfortable. The pain is the result of the stretching of the round ligament which support the uterus, connecting the front of the uterus to the groin.

Similar to a side stitch or pain when running or exercising, these pains can be alleviated by changing positions slowly. Bending or flexing your hips during movement can help reduce the onset of the shooting pain. Daily stretches or prenatal yoga can also help prevent this quick ligament contraction.

Lower Back Pain

As baby grows, especially later in the 2nd and into the 3rd trimester, 50%-70% of pregnant women report lower back pain. Not surprisingly, the growth of the baby, the pressure on your hips and low back, and the loosing of your joints due to hormones all contribute to this discomfort or pain.

With the widening of your pelvis and hips as your body prepares for the birthing process, the movement of your joints and relaxing of usually taut ligaments and muscles decreases the support your lower back is accustomed to. Further, your center of gravity is off balance as your uterus moves forward and your belly grows. All of this combined with the additional weight you are carrying often leads to poor posture.

A pleasant solution for lower back pain is to see a massage therapist. Make sure to find someone certified in prenatal massage. This can be an enjoyable and relaxing experience that can alleviate some of the pain and also the tension you are likely feeling during this time. Another great option is acupuncture which can manage pain relieving pressure points without medication. Wearing flat shoes, a maternity support belt, and even exercises or stretches can all help make your lower back pain more manageable.

Pelvic Pressure

Common during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy, pelvic pressure occurs for various reasons. Mainly, because your growing baby is getting heavier. As your baby gets bigger and moves closer to all of your surrounding organs – the uterus, small intestine, bladder and rectum – the pressure is likely to increase simply because there is only so much room in there. With hormones loosening all your ligaments in preparation for birth there is also less support around your pelvis.

As your baby drops later in pregnancy the pressure is likely to increase until delivery. Unfortunately, while the majority of women will likely experience some form of pressure, the consecutive pregnancies usually result in pelvic pressure earlier on. Even though you may get back to your pre-pregnancy shape those once taut muscles and ligaments have now been stretched and elongated allowing baby to sit lower even sooner.

Hot showers and long baths can ease pelvic pressure. Floating in the tub seems to alleviate a lot of the weight on your pelvis and will help you relax giving your changing body some relief. Pelvic tilts and rolls along with stretching, laying on your left side and elevating your feet can all help relieve some of the pressure as well.

A Stylish and Supportive Solution

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Perfect for alleviating pregnancy aches and pains are Blanqi’s pregnancy support wear. Designed to gently lift some of your growing baby’s weight off of your sensitive muscles and joints, pregnancy support wear can keep you active and comfortable for all 9 months. With staples for your maternity wardrobe, Blanqi presents a stylish solution for all pregnant mothers-to-be.

The benefits of pregnancy support wear are endless. Featuring super stretchy, built-in support to lift and alleviate baby’s weight, Blanqi’s stylish solutions ease pelvic pressure and back pain without unsightly or uncomfortable closures.

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With an invisible built-in belly support band, Blanqi’s Maternity Belly Support Tanktop is a must have for every pregnancy. This full-coverage, full-support tanktop decreases pelvic pressure and alleviates round ligament pain utilizing varying degrees of compression and a flexible belly panel. Further, the X-shaped reinforcement on the back panel provides support and encourages proper posture to keep you feeling secure and energized.

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Perfect for pairing with a tunic or tanktop are Blanqi’s Maternity Belly Support Leggings which provide full, over-the-belly-coverage. Unlike other pregnancy support bands with fabric-snagging velcro or straps, these leggings get the job done by anchoring under your belly while providing X-shaped back supports to reduce lower back pain and pressure. Featuring all over compression with their breathable, moisture-wicking fabric, Blanqi contains and smoothes all the pregnancy lumps and bumps bound to develop as your body expands to accommodate baby.

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If purchasing a new maternity wardrobe is not in the budget, or if you simply want to wear certain pre-pregnancy pants, Blanqi even has a Maternity Built-In Support Bellyband perfect for accommodating that favorite pair of pants. Featuring the same seamless compression and targeted belly support as the tank and leggings, this bellyband is ideal for both pre and post pregnancy wardrobes by still providing the much needed support and pressure relief. Easy to wear and ideal for smoothing and supporting your growing belly, this bellyband can even be worn under flowy tops or dresses to keep you comfortable.

There is no reason you should suffer during this memorable time in your life. Ease your pain, relax your mind, and enjoy your pregnancy with the help of the stylish and supportive assistance of Blanqi.


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Pregnancy may have a few unexpected discomforts and sleepless nights, but there will also be incredible feelings that no one can truly describe such as your baby’s first kick or feeling that first contraction. Pregnancy is a stage, it is a phase, it is a chapter in your book of life that flies by quicker than you can ever imagine. So brace yourself, mama, because one day soon you will look back and wonder where the time has gone!

For some exercise advice on keeping those pregnancy pains at bay check out Pregnancy Safe Fitness and keep yourself moving for all 9 months.

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