The Benefits of Building Toys


Kids are curious little creatures, they love to explore the world around them. They are constantly touching, evaluating, guessing what is this, why does this happen, how do I do that? And the all-time favorite- “but why?” questions. This curiosity and zeal for life can be curated to build natural learners – kids that love learning and want to know more about everything. Building toys, such as Magformers , helps kids to cultivate this curiosity by hands-on learning.

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Why Build?

The Benefits Of Building Toys 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Learning Skills

Building toys foster a variety of skills. Kids explore different ways to connect build, this by thinking through and trying different scenarios. They problem solve ways to build structures that are sturdy and strong. Playing with building toys cultivates a deeper level of thinking because of the focus required to manipulate a small object into a space. Kids explore different ways to connect while building and this helps to establish the basics of fine motor skills.

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Logical Thinking Skills

Logical skills are deeper level thinking skills. Building toys help create a more independent learner because kids have to plan, assemble, and bring to life the structure that was once only in their mind. They think about how things connect together. Do they like the way it looks or do they want to try something else? These logical skills help to build the basis of science and math skills later in life.

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Lifelong Skills

Building tall towers and fitting pieces perfectly into tiny nooks takes concentration. It is not just something kids can throw together; this helps to foster their patience. Patience is a virtue, right? We can cultivate this skill and build upon it at an early age to teach children that solving problems takes time. Deeper level learning often happens when mistakes are made and children learn how to react to these mistakes. Kids learn from what went wrong and eventually build a masterpiece of their own creation. Confidence is also boosted because children realize they can build something without the help of others.

Magformers and Why We Love Them

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Magformers stimulate creativity through their patented “always attracting” magnetic technology. They are different than normal building toys because each piece contains a rotating Rare Earth Neodymium magnet and always connects to another piece. Their products allow kids to take their imagination to the fullest and create something magical all of their own.

  • Magformers is the industry leader in magnetic building toys
  • They are committed to providing a high-quality reliable product
  • Each shape contains rotating Rare Earth Neodymium magnets, the strongest of their kind for guaranteed connectivity
  • Every magnet is kept safe and secure in Sonic welded, BPA free, HQABS plastic.
  • Award-winning product

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