Getting Off The Pills: Pain Relief Without Taking Any Form of Drugs

There was once a time when people lived in fear of falling ill. Even simply getting a cough and cold would make people fear for their lives. But thanks to advancements in modern medicine as well as the discovery of newer, more effective natural healing treatments, these once-feared illnesses are now nothing more than a nuisance for the average person.

In fact, it would seem that there is now a pill for every ill. And while it’s brilliant in the way that it’s so convenient to use and that these pills take effect rather quickly, these benefits do not come without their drawbacks. In fact, there can be many side effects associated with taking anti-inflammatory drugs on a regular basis. The worst of these (as well as the most commonly known) are liver and kidney problems.

Before you start taking pills every time you start to feel pain, consider prolonging the longevity of your liver and kidneys, and instead, opt for these natural healing pain relief alternatives.

Natural Healing Treatments

Massage Therapy 

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If there’s one pain relief method that’s been tested and proven through the ages, it’s massage therapy. By gently massaging the affected area, you are able to improve blood circulation in that area. This relieves pain-causing pressure and also allows the body to be able to transport vital nutrients that are needed for recovery. In fact, headaches can be treated with a simple massage to the temples. This is also true for sore muscles, however, one should take note that it’s important to know how and where to massage your muscles, otherwise, you may run the risk of causing further injury. 


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If there’s one complaint that’s common among mothers, it’s that they often experience back pain. The practice of acupuncture has been proven to be a natural healing treatment effective at relieving back pain. Hair-thin needles are used to stimulate meridians which, according to Chinese medicine, there are 2,000 points of in the body. It’s said to stimulate the release of chemicals in the body that promote relief as well as a sense of well-being.


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Adding two to three teaspoons of turmeric to your smoothie has been found to relieve knee pain because turmeric is actually a very potent anti-inflammatory substance. It was even found to be comparable to Ibuprofen in terms of effectiveness. 


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Another pain management method that has been used by ancient civilizations is that of aromatherapy. It has a lot of history with the Greeks, Indians, Chinese, and even the Romans. Essential plant oils are either inhaled or directly applied to the skin. This causes the chemicals to be absorbed by the skin or by the tissues in your nose and these chemicals then reach your bloodstream.  

These chemicals influence your perception of pain when they reach your limbic system. Aside from pain relief, these chemicals also help lower heart rate as well as lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. 

Deep Breathing 

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You’d be surprised at how much a few deep breaths can actually help at making pain significantly more manageable. If you’re keen on reading guides on how to deal with emergencies, especially for self-help, you’re going to notice that one of the first recommendations is to always take several deep breaths. Not only are you ensuring that your body has an ample supply of oxygen to stay conscious, this also helps your body begin the recovery process.  

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Deep abdominal breathing helps make pain more manageable by actually altering your psychological state. Breathing is often a physiological indication of pain, and you’re essentially turning the tables around by simply changing how you’re breathing. Many modern solutions are quick in relieving pain because they are able to dampen the senses from actually detecting the pain signals that are being sent from the nerves.  

Yoga and Meditation 

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Yoga doesn’t just put an emphasis on clearing the mind and improving focus through breathing, it also helps improve flexibility as well as blood circulation. Many muscular pains are a result of blood not being able to travel properly throughout the body. Worst case scenarios may even result in the inflammation of the affected limb. 

As a bonus, with yoga you’re also going to be much more attuned to your spiritual side, and while this may not have a direct impact on you physiologically, it will undoubtedly improve your quality of life and your perception of difficult situations. After all, pain is a signal that is relayed from the nerves to the brain. It’s really just a matter of perception.

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For more natural healing alternatives, check out A Natural Mama’s Medicine Cabinet.

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