9 Low Maintenance Plants You Won’t Kill

House plants add greenery while helping to clean the air and remove toxins from your home, but at first glance, adding a plant means extra work unless you are able to acquire some low maintenance plants. Some days it’s hard enough to take care of the things in the house that make noise (kids and pets), but plants will silently suffer until one day you notice a pile of brown leaves in the corner. If that sounds like you, have no fear! We’ve put together a list of our favorite low maintenance plants that will make even the newest gardener look like the top green thumb on the block.

Low Maintenance Plants

1. Peace Lily

9 Low Maintenance Plants You Won’T Kill

The ultimate in easy low maintenance plants, peace lilies are perfect for someone starting to add greenery to their home. While not actually a part of the lily family, these plants do display delicate white blooms when properly fertilized. Ideal for low light environments, the leaves will noticeably droop when it is time to water. If you water the rest of your houseplants when the peace lily reminds you, you’ll be a green thumb in no time.

2. Philodendron

9 Low Maintenance Plants You Won’T Kill

With long droopy leaves, philodendrons are perfect for hanging baskets or alongside a climbing trellis. These vining house plants do best in medium light and are tough enough to withstand dry soil for several days at a time. In fact, overwatering can cause your philodendron to rot, so it’s better to edge on the side of caution with too little water.

3. Succulents

9 Low Maintenance Plants You Won’T Kill

Hearty plants, succulents, grow well in a variety of containers and require little water. Recently popular for their ability to be used in creative terrariums, and thrive in rock or low quality soil, succulents come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of colors, allowing you to design your succulent garden to suit your personality.

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4. Airplant

9 Low Maintenance Plants You Won’T Kill

These spidery little plants are literally the lowest maintenance house plant you could own. By pulling moisture from the air, they can be perched in high spaces or glued directly to the display you want to showcase them on. If you live in a particularly arid environment you may wish to regularly spray your air plant with a light mist of water or display them in a bathroom.

5. Bamboo

9 Low Maintenance Plants You Won’T Kill

Folklore says that having bamboo inside a home will promote happiness and prosperity. Stalks are slow growing, resulting in larger plants being an expensive upfront commitment, but there’s nothing more beautiful than a bamboo plant resting on your desk. Stalks can be grown in a container with stones or marbles and water must be added regularly to prevent the plant from drying out. Keep out of direct sun to avoid bacteria growth in the water.

6. Golden Pothos

9 Low Maintenance Plants You Won’T Kill

Similar in shape to the philodendron, golden pothos are known for their leaves having golden veins throughout. These easy to care for plants do well under fluorescent lighting, making them the perfect addition for an office space. As the plant grows and becomes legging, cuttings made directly below the leaves can be started as new plants, allowing you to multiply the number of golden pathos in your home.

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7. Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

9 Low Maintenance Plants You Won’T Kill

Also known as snake plants, these spiky leafed plants can grow up to four feet tall. With the ability to thrive in any kind of lighting, Mother-in-Law’s Tongue is nearly indestructible. The key to successfully growing these plants is remembering to water them regularly. Otherwise, minimal attention works well, and the bright green leaves will be a welcome addition to any room of your home.

8. Spider Plant

9 Low Maintenance Plants You Won’T Kill

Named for the spider like pieces that can dangle from the outer edges of the plant, spider plants are easy to grow and another option that does well hanging in a basket. These plants do best with well-drained soil and indirect bright light. Allow the plant to dry out in between waterings to prevent root rot.

9. Cast Iron Plant

9 Low Maintenance Plants You Won’T Kill

Doing well in both indoor pots or outside in the garden, cast iron plants are known for their wide leafed green stems. A part of the lily family, you may see small purple flowers at the base of the soil and hidden by the foliage. Indoors, cast iron plants do best in indirect sunlight, as direct light may burn the leaves.

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9 Low Maintenance Plants You Won’T Kill

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