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When you set up your living spaces, are you setting them up for real life with your family? Do you let your kids live on your furniture, or do you find yourself constantly fretting over stains and rough play? Is your home a place where everyone is comfortable, or does it feel more like a museum? It doesn’t make sense to fill our homes with stuff that we feel the need to tip toe around. Why do we let our furniture control us? Your sofa shouldn’t be the boss of you. However, until now we have had two choices when buying a sofa: buy something cheap and replace it every few years once your family wears it out or buy something expensive and fret over every movement around that sofa knowing you can’t afford to replace it anytime soon. You can have a sofa you love and you can live your family life unfiltered, thanks to a super cool new company called Burrow.


Say Hi To Burrow

Burrow is a new furniture company that designs and produces the most clever sofa ever. The smart folks at Burrow set out to change the way we buy sofas and the way those sofas fit into our lives. Burrow makes couches you can assemble, and they are designed to work with your life, not the other way around. What you get when you choose Burrow is the right size sofa (or chair) for your space, and you get it hassle free. This mid-century modern sofa was designed by an award winning furniture designer. Burrow is created to last. The cushions are made with a high-density foam core so they will hold their shape. Your modern sofa won’t sag and look sad no matter how much your kids jump on it. Around the foam is a pillow top and bottom, and that is the secret to the Burrow’s comfort.

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Here is what to expect when you shop for your own Burrow:

Furniture Shopping

Shopping with kids can really suck. Furniture shopping with kids is an exercise in frustration. You walk into the giant showroom and are immediately stalked by a salesperson who wants to chat you up. Meanwhile, your children are jumping off of every piece of furniture in the place and you are sending up prayers to the heavens that they do not break anything that you will have to pay for. Once you do manage to choose your new sofa, you can’t just take it home. You have to schedule delivery, and that delivery adds a nice little fee to your already high bill. Not cool!

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Burrow simplifies the shopping process. Turn on Paw Patrol for the kids, jump on your laptop, and head on over to Burrow’s site. You pick your options, order, and it is done!

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Here are the options you can choose from:

  • Number of seats: 1,2,3, or 4
  • Armrest type: High (featured here) and Low
  • Color: 5 stylish choices – charcoal, brick red, navy blue, crushed gravel (featured here), and beige
  • Burrow couch cushions come with both a smooth and tufted side (tufted shown above). You don’t have to choose which style cushion you want because you get both. Just flip the seat and back cushions to get your desired look.

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A stylish, ridiculously comfortable sofa will be on the way to you with no drama and no pushy sales tactics. You don’t even have to wear pants to furniture shop with Burrow. You do you! No one is judging!

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Furniture Delivery and Set Up

If you buy furniture from a store, delivery is a pain too. You get a delivery window that is five hours long, and the truck arrives at the last minute, or late, so you spend your whole day waiting around, longingly. With Burrow, your sofa is coming in the mail, in one week, for free. Your favorite UPS delivery person will happily drop your Burrow boxes off for you, and you don’t even have to be home! Because of its modular design, a Burrow sofa comes in multiple large boxes. For example, the 3-seater arrives in four Burrow boxes that are easy to bring inside and set up.

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You might think that you don’t want to set up a sofa, but having a modular piece of furniture like this is actually to your advantage. First of all, set up is easy and fun. If you have a kid who likes to build, let him help! Even if your kids don’t like building, they will love playing in the big boxes once they are empty. Every parent knows that a good box will give you hours, if not days, of free entertainment. Assembly is easy. You just organize the pieces, line everything up, snap it together, and you are done. No tools needed! This design feature will come in handy if you move. Instead of throwing your back out to move your Burrow sofa, you can just disassemble and take it out piece by piece. No back injuries or busted up door frames needed.

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We think Burrow would be ideal for a college student because of this. If you have a kid moving into an apartment off campus this year, surprise her with a Burrow. No matter how many time she moves between college and settling down after school with a real job, the Burrow can go along with her anywhere with ease.

A Day in the Life with Burrow

To show you how Burrow works in real life, we want to share photos with you that show how Burrow works for a real family in their regular life. Here are all the ways Burrow rocks for families:

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Mornings are tough. Stumble down the hall, pour a cup of coffee, and collapse on the Burrow as you ponder the universal parenting question, “How does this child have so much energy so early in the morning?” If you figure that out, let us know!

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After drop off at school, you get back home and get to work. Work at home parents need a Burrow sofa! The ergonomic design ensures you can sit there and work for hours. Here’s the coolest part for working though. The Burrow has a built in power outlet with USB ports. You can plug your Macbook, tablet, or phone into your sofa! So prop up your feet and get that work done while you have a few hours to yourself. If you sneak in an episode of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on your laptop for a break, that’s even better!

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School’s out and your kid is hangry. You can let him eat his snack right there on the Burrow knowing that it is stain resistant.

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Seriously, Burrow is meant to be lived on. It should be the centerpiece of your living space. Snuggle up and nap, wrestle, and read books. You can feel safe with your kiddos, and even babies, on the Burrow sofa knowing that it is chemical free.

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When you and your partner are finally alone at the end of the night, pop open a beer, turn on Netflix, and chill. And let’s be honest here, when you’re a parent, the chill actually means falling asleep with the TV on. However, if your version of “chill” means something else, by all means, the Burrow works for that too!

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Burrow brings high style, luxury furniture into your life with kids. You don’t have to have an ugly sofa to let your family live freely on and around it. Burrow also works with a family’s budget. Because they take out the retail middleman and work directly with their factories, you save over $600 on a sofa. Burrow cares about life outside your living room as well, using sustainable and environmentally safe components like sustainably sourced wood, chemical free fabrics, and recyclable packaging for shipment.


Burrow Sofa


Burrow | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Everipedia

All we are saying is give Burrow a chance, a chance to allow you to live more comfortably in your own home no matter how much your kids try to destroy everything that is good in the world!

Burrow wants to hook up Daily Mom readers with a sweet deal on their first Burrow purchase. Build your sofa, and when you check out, use the code “COZY105” and you will save $50!

Now that you are getting your living room squared away with a Burrow sofa, take control of your kitchen. We have some great tips on Mastering Kitchen Clutter!

Photo Credit: Kristen D.

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