4 Inspiring Vegan Options To Consider While Raising Kids

Child-rearing is full of difficult decisions. Some are split-second decisions and some are consciously made after much deliberation and discussion. Deciding to practice veganism and incorporating vegan options into your family’s everyday life may have been a little bit of a “let’s do this!” moment and a little bit of a “is this even possible in our hectic lives?” moment. Either way, committing to a life of health and compassion by choosing vegan options will be one of the most rewarding decisions you ever make for your family.

4 Inspiring Vegan Options To Consider While Raising Kids

What Is Veganism?

4 Inspiring Vegan Options To Consider While Raising Kids

You may have heard the term “Vegan” or “Veganism”, but do you really know what it means? Veganism is more than a dietary choice an individual makes, rather, it’s a way a person lives. According to The Vegan Society, “veganism is a way of life that aims to exclude any form of animal exploitation or cruelty in a person’s habits”. With that said, veganism would exclude not only animal meat but animal by-products, such as honey, eggs, and milk. The mentality of a vegan is also more than food and extends to clothing and entertainment. Think of veganism as a way of life.

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Vegan Options To Consider For Your Family

Vegan Diet

4 Inspiring Vegan Options To Consider While Raising Kids

Stop me if you have heard this before: the vegan diet is bland and boring. This is a fallacy. Vegan diets are rich in flavors and can be big on taste. Vegan diets include fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, pastas, breads, rice, and plenty of alternative milk options. Another great thing is the expanding menus restaurants have developed to appeal to vegans. By offering vegan options on menus, other patrons may be more inclined to try vegan-inspired dishes, thus leading to a change.

4 Inspiring Vegan Options To Consider While Raising Kids

Vegan dishes are more in-depth than simply washing fruits and vegetables and sticking them on a plate. Recipes for vegan options have become easily accessible thanks to the internet. Vegan option recipes can range from burrito-inspired dishes, alfredo dishes, a variety of delicious soups, and decadent desserts. With a plethora of vegan options at your fingertips, it has become simple to incorporate vegan option dishes into your daily life.

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Recreation And Entertainment Considerations

4 Inspiring Vegan Options To Consider While Raising Kids

Embracing the vegan lifestyle means you value the freedom of animals and therefore do not support establishments such as zoos and circuses. With a belief that animals should not be kept for human entertainment, it’s a no-brainer that animals paraded around for enjoyment goes directly against the vegan lifestyle. Although zoos offer conservation efforts, their goal is usually to entertain the masses.

Circuses have been notorious for the poor treatment of horses, lions, and elephants as they are moved frequently around the country. Aquariums are another negative animal entertainment option. Sealife will be crammed into small tanks, overcrowded pools, and even touch tanks where all the hands pick up, grab, pet, and disturb sea life. By living vegan a person will refrain from visiting and supporting such places that exploit animals.

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Personal Care

4 Inspiring Vegan Options To Consider While Raising Kids

Taking care of yourself now means taking care of animals as well. Vegan cosmetics are produced without using any materials of animal origins and instead use plants and minerals. There are many vegan options when it comes to cosmetic brands, which means everyone can find a brand that works for them. The personal care industry continues to develop a large array of products like shower gel, shampoo, and deodorant that appeal to vegans. One thing is for certain, you can look good, feel good, and do so without harming animals or taking advantage of their by-products.


4 Inspiring Vegan Options To Consider While Raising Kids

Some of the higher-end, trend-setting fashion can cross the vegan line. Animal-rights activists have been drawing attention to this concerning matter for some time. And for good reason! It is true that intelligence is beautiful, and nothing makes you look more gorgeous than a healthy, compassionate, educated lifestyle.

If you have been shopping lately, in person or online you have noticed companies incorporating vegan options into their manufacturing of clothing, accessories, and shoes. In order to remain animal friendly, steer clear of fur, leather, wool, feathers, and any other fabric or textile that is animal-derived. Instead, embrace the vegan life by opting for vegan options such as synthetic blends, faux furs, and dare we say, pleather. You can confidently enjoy your fashion statements knowing that not a single life was lost or harmed and you look fashion-forward and fabulous.

Home Furnishings

4 Inspiring Vegan Options To Consider While Raising Kids

Veganism and home furnishings may seem like a long shot, but it’s actually never been easier. There are so many vegan options when it comes to home furnishings. With vegan options like (featherless) pillows and throws for your bedroom or a beautiful vegan rug to bring a room together, living vegan will be showcased all throughout your home. Vegan furniture options like chairs, tables, mattresses, and couches that are free from animal products will also allow you to embrace the vegan way of life. Trust in the bamboo sheets and you will never go back.

Living vegan will transform so many aspects of your life. With vegan options appearing more regularly in the world, living vegan has never been easier. Whether it’s the food, clothing, home décor, or personal care products that you use, vegan options are abundant and ready to be implemented into your life.


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4 Inspiring Vegan Options To Consider While Raising Kids

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