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Your baby, with their sensitive, soft skin and energetic antics, deserves to be clothed in the safest, most comfortable fabrics imaginable. And, they should be able to look fashionable at the same time! Kate Quinn Organics offers a line of fashion-forward, irresistibly soft, certified organic cotton clothing that you can feel good dressing your little one in.

Pure, Natural Luxury

The tagline for Kate Quinn Organics says it all: Pure, Natural Luxury. Made from sustainably farmed certified organic cotton, this is clothing that truly makes a difference. Not only is it some of the softest, most luxurious clothing imaginable, but each piece is something you can feel proud of putting on your child. The clean, modern styles are like the icing on the cake!

Why choose organic cotton?

  • Comes from natural seeds & soil that are not treated with fertilizers, pesticides, or other toxic chemicals
  • Environmentally-friendly inks and dyes used to add color and pattern
  • Softer against skin compared to traditionally produced cotton
  • Made in to higher quality products that will pass the test of time

Nature Inspired

Kate Quinn Organics bases their style inspiration around nature itself. They host collections such as Earth and Blossom. Your child will not be clothed head to toe in characters, and will instead wear beautifully made statement pieces that you will not see on every other kid at storytime. Kate Quinn Organics has options available for children size newborn until size 8 youth. Pure and natural luxury doesn’t have to stop once your child enters the toddler or preschool years.

For newborns, items like knotted hats and receiving blankets coordinate perfectly with Kate Quinn Organics’ different collections that would leave any infant snuggled in super soft material that is not laden with extra and unnecessary chemicals. As a parent, that gives you peace of mind as well as appreciation for the stylish pieces that your child is wearing.

Ready to dress your little one in pure, natural luxury?
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Photo Credit: The Memoirs of Megan, Dreams To Do, The Art of Making a Baby

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