A Fun Adventure while Stationed in Stuttgart: LEGOLAND Germany

Nestled in the heart of Germany, just an hour outside of Stuttgart is a magical, brick-built town: LEGOLAND! It may seem hard to justify a trip to Legoland when there is so much to see in Germany, but it’s still worth it. Some may not even think one day is enough. There is so much to do and see, you will be surprised by the way the culture and history of the country have been incorporated into Legoland Germany.

Getting to LEGOLAND Germany

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Legoland Germany is located approximately an hour from Stuttgart, Germany. A short, easy drive from both Stuttgart and Munich, with a very enjoyable view. If you are not stationed in Germany and are just visiting, you may be more comfortable using local transportation to the amusement park.

The bus from Stuttgart goes to Legoland, but honestly, it is just as affordable to rent a car from any airport and drive there. Car rentals in Germany are very affordable, and you gain an immense amount of freedom to control your schedule. And control over your own schedule when traveling with kids is necessary.

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Accommodations at LEGOLAND Germany

If you find that you want to buy weekend passes and stay at Legoland that is also an option. If you are stationed in Stuttgart or will be close to base at some point, you might want to see if they have any special ticket prices at ITT. Like many of the other Legoland parks, Legoland Germany has a castle hotel but they have also added another unique accommodation: The Holiday Village. The Holiday Village at Legoland, Germany was the first of its kind. With 72 holiday houses, 114 family rooms, and a large campground it gives you the opportunity to stay awhile, slow travel (RV style). They also have accommodations for large families and special gatherings.

LEGOLAND Germany Castle Hotel and Pirate Island

The LEGOLAND Germany Castle Hotel and the LEGOLAND Pirate Island will transport your family into knighthood and royal rule as kings, queens, princes, and princesses or into the treacherous waters of pirate hood. The rooms decorated with LEGO creations, dragons, swords, and shields, making it a magical experience for you and your family. All of the rooms are large enough to 5 or 6 people and include breakfast.

LEGOLAND Germany Holiday Village

LEGOLAND Germany Themed Cottages

With enough space to accommodate large groups, these 4 to 6 bedroom cottages have themes like pirate, knight, adventurer, Egyptian, or race car driver.

LEGOLAND Germany Camping Barrels

Is clamping more your style? LEGOLAND Germany’s camping barrels are large enough to accommodate 4 guests and come with heating and separate parent sleeping spaces. Restrooms and showers are nearby.

LEGOLAND Germany Campsite

If you just loved the rugged outdoors (you know, with rollercoasters and playgrounds near by), LEGOLAND Germany also has campsites you can utilize for your stay. Traditional camping or RV camping is available. Additional discounts on your park tickets is included.

There are also plenty of activities to do on the resort grounds including:

  • 18 different themed playgrounds
  • Pirate Mini Golf
  • Pirate Bowling
  • LEGOLAND Virtual Reality Race

There are three restaurants to choose from inside the resort grounds as well:

  • The Steakhouse
  • The Jungle Buffett
  • Zur Tafelrunde (a la carte)
  • Piraten Taverne (a la carte)

The LEGOLAND Germany Holiday Village is a unique experience for accommodations at the resort. There are several different accommodation types available for you and your family depending on your preferences, sense of adventure, and family size.

What Can You Expect When Visiting Legoland Germany?

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In many ways, LEGOLAND Germany is just like all the other LEGOLAND amusement parks. Similar rides are scattered throughout the park, but there are some things that are very different. At U.S. locations you may see cotton candy, lemonade, and rigged carnival games throughout the park. At LEGOLAN Germany you see vendors, but of a different nature. Vendors are selling roasted/candied nuts, pretzels, and fresh-squeezed juices. The norms of each country are easily seen in their to food and quality. If you have been to an American Legoland and then try one in Europe, you would definitely notice a difference.

There is also a large emphasis on incorporating the amusement park into its natural landscape. Many of the ride entrances were built with trees that were cleared to put the park in place. It gives the park a much more rustic and nature-oriented appearance.

If you have only ever been to a LEGOLAND U.S.A location you will have noticed that Miniatureland consists of major U.S. and international architecture achievements. It is very standard to find the Statue of Liberty, the Sydney Opera House, or the Eiffel Tower. At LEGOLAND Germany Mini-land is dedicated to German Architectural Wonders. There are a few outliers, but primarily German ingenuity displayed in LEGOs. This includes some amazing structures like; Neuschwanstein Castle built from LEGOs! Other notable, German pieces are, a Schwabian Village as-well-as the German cities of Frankfurt and Berlin.

LEGOLAND Germany Cultural Surprise

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Nestled on the perimeter of the LEGOLAN amusement park is a Brothers Grimm Fairytale Land. You can easily spend an additional two hours wandering up and down paths through the thinned forest. The paths lead to little huts where a button is pressed and passages from the Brothers Grimm fairytales are read. The readings are paired with robotic book characters who “speak” and make sounds. Though not a very exciting of a park it is very fun to wander through the area looking for the next fairytale marker and seeing if your children can identify it.

Going to LEGOLAND Germany is not a reason to travel abroad, but if you find yourself in Germany with an unscheduled day be sure to give this great amusement park a try. Your children will love it, and balancing out the kid’s wish list activities with the museum and castle tours is always a good idea. Adding things in that you know they will enjoy will definitely help build the morale of the whole group. If the morale is high the whole trip is more enjoyable and more memorable.

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