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Here at Daily Mom we won’t argue that toys can make great gifts.  We’ve got countless gift guides devoted to the coolest toys out there this holiday season. But as any Mom tripping over toys in the living room or cleaning up a playroom for the hundredth time will tell you, there is definitely such a thing as too many toys.  Many kids have more toys than they even know what to do with and after the newness wears off, many are left unused.  How about this year you go for a collection of gifts that encourage their creativity, challenge them to think (or color) outside the lines, foster their intellectual development and most importantly get a ton of use throughout the whole year. 

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A Gift You Can’t Go Wrong With

For children of all ages, creativity can be one of the freest form of self-expression. They find satisfaction and fulfillment in being able to express themselves openly through their art.  Art supplies can occupy kids for hours!  They give children the ability to be creative and to create something from personal feelings and experiences.  For younger kids this may be as simple as coloring with big chunky crayons for a few minutes here and there and for others it means spending hours investing themselves in elaborate art projects.  Either way, you can never go wrong with gifting one or even a bundle of art supplies.  

Meet OOLY!

Once you decide that art supplies will make the perfect gift for under the tree, the best place for you to get inspired is OOLY.  You will be instantly addicted to OOLY’s collection of art supplies from the minute you see their gorgeous packaging and beautiful colors.  They love creating products that help people of all ages not only smile but also explore their imaginations and find new ways to express themselves.

You can find the perfect gift for a three year old or a ten year old, a boy or a girl.  Everything about their collection screams fun and exciting.  OOLY is in the business of sparking creativity.  Since 2005 they have been on a clear mission to offer products that are not only inspiring but also packed full of both color and delight. 

Their ideas of imagination and creativity know no age cap.  They have amazing art supplies that are geared toward the younger crowd and offer creative supplies for schools, dorms and organizing your office space.

They are here to help people live a fun, happy and colorful life!  You will find their art supplies sparking the imagination and creativity of everyone who gets a hold of them.

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The Perfect Gift

Curious about a few of our favorites this year? We’re glad you asked.  There are just so many to choose from and we could get lost scouring their site for hours.  In case you don’t have hours to spend (what busy parent does)  we have rounded up our top picks for this holiday season.

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Top Picks:

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If you are looking to fill someones life with fun, color and happiness this holiday season, you can’t go wrong with OOLY.  If you are looking to get a lot of your shopping done in just one spot, look no further.  OOLY makes great secret santa gifts, white elephant gifts, stocking stuffers, for the child who has everything or gifts for that person on your list you just have no idea what to get.  

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Well… what are you waiting for? Christmas will be here before you know it. GET SHOPPING!

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