Easy Summer Styles by Garnet Hill


It is no secret that we are huge fans of Garnet Hill here at Daily Mom. From womenswear to gifts to home decor to kidwear and toys, they really offer the best quality products in each category. There is something about bright colors and beautiful designs that draws us to them every season.

But what Garnet Hill does best is spring and summer. No other brand can capture the feel of spring in their designs quite as well as Garnet Hill, with clean whites and happy colors that make you want to run to the beach or open a lemonade stand.

Easy Summer Styles By Garnet Hill2

This spring we would like to feature Garnet Hill’s clothing lines. First is their women’s line that is as classic and unique as the brand itself. Following this post you will also learn about their line of clothing for girls.

As young moms we have all struggled to transition from the early twenties wardrobe with short skirts and belly tops to more classic, sophisticated, yet fun and young styles. It’s hard to draw that line and find just the right brands that don’t scream mom, but are elegant and fun to wear.

We believe Garnet Hill fashions for women walk that line perfectly.

You can still find plenty of short shorts and skirts, but the fit is more classic. And if you’re digging the maxi trend, then read on! We have the perfect items for you.

Special thanks to LaPlaya Resort and Beach Club management for providing us such perfect backdrops for this colorful Garnet Hill clothing

Our favorite styles from the Garnet Hill Collection this summer.


It’s the season of maxi dresses! As a former maxi dress hater, I would have to say I have fallen in love: with the trend, with the dresses, with the patterns. Stripes are all the rage, and clean nautical designs are never going out of style, so these long and beautiful, yet casual Maxi dresses would make a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.


Habana Maxi Sundress | Scoop-Neck Maxi Tank Dress

Our favorite thing about summer is that happy hues are in season: yellows, corals, flowery patterns – they simply lift your spirits. Garnet Hill, being the epitome of bright and happy, has plenty of such dresses to offer.


Essential Sundress | Easy Summer Day Dress


Dots! We are in love with dots. Pair this loose top with black shorts, or better yet go on a dot overload and get the dotted shorts (just make sure that the dots are different sizes and colors from each other so you’re not a polka dotted mess). This top is so versatile. It can be worn to the beach with a pair of shorts or out with skinny black jeans. It can be both dressed down and dressed up depending on the accessories.

Garnet Hill_20080101_Img_2072

Favorite Cap Sleeve Swing Tee in White Dot

Grab your beach bag, get your braid on and go boho chic with the Maya Embroidered Knit Top from Garnet Hill. We can’t think of a better combination of colors and patterns for a day at the beach: coral and tribal is where it’s at, people.

Garnet Hill_20080101_Img_2171

Maya Embroidered Knit Top in White

What we love:


Easy Linen Crew | Paillette Tank Top | Floral Printed Cap-Sleeve Tee | Ixtapa Knit Top


Ah, dots are back! These shorts (come in different colors) are the ultimate shorts. They aren’t your jean or twill beach shorts.  Oh no, they are so much more. Made of a blend of cotton and spandex, they are classy and loose and fun. If there was ever a dressy pair of shorts for a dressed down kind of occasion, these are it.

Garnet Hill_20080101_Img_2081

Black Dot Shorts

Maxi is in, so don’t forget that it applies to skirts too. Meet your new best friend, the Maxi skirt. With the stretchy, flattering, tummy tucking band on the top and pockets for a super laid back look, as well as double layers of awesome jersey, this is the skirt you will never want to get out of. If you’re a maxi-hater, this will convert you!

Garnet Hill_20080101_Img_2139

Favorite Maxi Knit Skirt (Seen here with Boob Design top)

What we love:


Essential Skater Skirt | Primrose Skirt | Favorite Eyelet Shorts | Five-Pocket Slim Jeans


Swimwear! Can we give a collective UGH!? Every single mother I’ve talked to has been saying that she is dreading the swim season and the obligatory swimsuit shopping. It’s either that or “I have not bought a swimsuit since I gave birth”. Ugh alright!

Enter the world of postpartum tummy love! This BUBBLE (yes, you read that right) one piece will make you love strutting your stuff again. Not only does it cover the belly, but the bubble design of the top part makes it impossible for anyone not to love it. It has the same magic as bubble dresses do- slimming magic, only this time the slimming occurs in your stomach area. The wonders of this swimsuit cannot be seen in a static picture- you have to see how it moves to appreciate the stealthy ways of this suit.

Plus it can be worn with straps or strapless which helps give it a more youthful look. If stripes aren’t your thing, check out those favorite dots of ours.

And don’t be afraid to go for horizontal stripes. The thin stripes are pretty forgiving and the bubble style of the swimsuit makes any optical effects disappear.


South Seas Resort_20000101_Img_3704


Rouched Blouson One-Piece

What we love:


Signature One-Piece | Retro Halter One-Piece | Ruched and Cinched Bikini | Retro Ruched One-Piece

Love Garnet Hill as much as we do?

Garnet Hill_20080101_Img_2175

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