Stunning Summer Decor You Need for Your Home

Do you know what one of our favorite things about summertime is? Entertaining! Pick up some new summer decor and refresh your home, all with a sunshine state of mind. Get the garden prepared to welcome guests. Set the tone and the table for a cookout. Complete the look of your outdoor living space for a gathering. Grab some just-right accessories that add a little extra flair on a warm summer day. Read on for these and some of our other favorite indoor and outdoor summer decor finds!

18 Best Summer Decor Finds

Lorena Canals

Stunning Summer Decor You Need For Your Home

Whether you’re having friends over for brunches or barbecues, play dates or book club, gorgeous rugs and textiles from Lorena Canals can help put the finishing touches on your summer decor. If you’re seeking sophisticated style, uncompromising quality, and detailed craftsmanship for your home, then it’s time to go shopping!

The large Washable Atlas Vintage Blue Area Rug is a true statement piece that will transform any room. This generously sized, 5’7″ by 8′ area rug could easily serve as the centerpiece of a dining room but also works well in a living room, family room, nursery, kitchen, foyer, or even outdoors. It’s plush, it’s comfortable, it’s beautiful. Plus, it’s made with all-natural ingredients and non-toxic dyes. What’s not to love?

Stunning Summer Decor You Need For Your Home

And just in case you missed it, we’ll say it again – yes, it’s machine-washable! Moms, no more worries about crumbs, drips, splashes, and spills! We don’t know about you, but this is a true game-changer in our home of lovable mess-makers. Kids, pets, dad… need we say more?

Stunning Summer Decor You Need For Your Home

If your brand-new Washable Atlas Vintage Blue Area Rug will be resting atop a hard-surface floor, then a Non-Slip Underlay pad is also in order. Though it adds just a tiny bit of extra plushness, it serves a much more important purpose. It completely prevents the rug from moving. This is necessary, especially when you’ve got little ones or cuddly critters scampering about!

Finally, for the perfect complement to the Washable Atlas Vintage Blue area rug and some extra seating nearby, pick up a matching Puff Chill Vintage Blue for your space. It’s functional, stackable, and it matches perfectly! With a braided handle on one side, it can easily be carried from room to room. And good news, there’s a zipper to remove the cover, making this easily washable as well. 

If you’re looking for stylish and sustainable home furnishings that also make easy, breezy summer decor, definitely check out everything that Lorena Canals has to offer!

Washable Atlas Vintage Blue Area Rug | Non-Slip Underlay | Puff Chill Vintage Blue
Lorena Canals | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


Stunning Summer Decor You Need For Your Home

Gardening is rewarding, especially when you aren’t weeding it two to four hours a week! We’re getting innovative with our outdoor summer decor with the Tertill. Growing your own food has its many rewards, no doubt. Your produce and flowers are fresher, grown exactly how you desire, and they’re available 24/7, to name a few. Like most gardeners, those pesky weeds can take hours out of your week and on some occasions, even deter you from gardening at all. What is absolutely time-saving with the Tertill is its ability to weed your garden all day, every day!

The solar-powered weeding robot literally lives in your garden, tending to it and getting rid of those daily weeds that threaten the health of your precious plants. So, for seven to fourteen hours a week, the time you get back, the Tertill is chopping down those cumbersome weeds with a string trimmer while your vegetables, flowers, and plants grow unhindered!

Stunning Summer Decor You Need For Your Home

See those wheels? That is what is churning up the top layer of soil, preventing most weeds from ever sprouting. Believe it or not (we believe!), the Tertill is just as effective as physical hand-pulling weeds! Even if you don’t pull weeds by hand, you don’t need to bother with any spray chemicals or awkward plastic sheetings. Simply stretch forth your fingers, press a button, and let this smart robot take care of your garden just as well as you wood (or even better, we know life happens).

Get ready to have all of your summer plantings needs to get started with the Tertill Bundle. Whether it’s a gift to yourself or a gardening enthusiast, it’s a gift that keeps on weeding day after growing day. Simply install your border and enjoy a weed-free garden! Within each bundle, you’ll receive:

  • 10 Plant Guards
    • 10 Row Guards
    • 10 replacement whacker strings
  • 20 Additional Plant Guards
  • 20 Additional Row Guards
  • Whacker String Replacement Kit
    • 20 replacement whacker strings
    • 2 replacement whacker hubs
Stunning Summer Decor You Need For Your Home

Your newfound best gardening friend, the Tertill, is built for the rugged, yet level, terrain. Its weatherproof shell and large solar panel mean it’s meant to live outdoors while caring for your garden. No charging time and no downtimes are needed to give you zero weeds in your beautiful garden! If you have a summer garden-sized up to 200 square feet, the Tertill is perfect for you or a green-thumb bestie of yours. There’s nothing else like it so prepare to be amazed and extremely pleased with the lack of weeds in your garden!

Tertill Bundle
Tertill | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

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Honey & Hank

Stunning Summer Decor You Need For Your Home

For your summer party host, they will love the themed table sets from Honey & Hank. If the Kentucky Derby is an annual summer party tradition, a gift like the Kentucky Derby Dinner Plates is such a treat. This set includes 4 melamine dinner plates that are also kid-friendly. From the Stateside Collection, these plates showcase horse silhouettes in several shades of blue. Complete your summer decor table setting with the Kentucky Derby Horse Napkins, a set of 4 cotton/linen blend fabric napkins featuring the same blue horse as the Kentucky Derby Dinner Plates. These napkins and plates are also available in the green Keenland design as well.

Kentucky Derby Dinner Plates | Kentucky Derby Horse Napkins
Honey & Hank | Facebook | Instagram

Graham Products

Stunning Summer Decor You Need For Your Home

Spending time outdoors is one of the best parts of summer. When the sun starts to set and it begins to get darker, you can remain outside with the cool glow of some Glow in the Dark Rocks. A pack of these rocks includeds 450 high quality glow rocks made from photo-luminescent pigment that give off a bright blue glow after only 2 hours of charging in the sun. Made from non-toxic plastic resin, these pebbles will glow for up to 6 hours. Scatter them in your garden, use them as decor, or even use them in a fish tank. The Glow in the Dark Rocks are available in white, blue, or multi-colored.

Glow in the Dark Rocks
Graham Products | Facebook

Butterfly Craze

Stunning Summer Decor You Need For Your Home

Summer time is the best time for children to get creative in their rooms, and while dredging up dozens of stuffed animals doesn’t sound like a traditionally great time, Butterfly Craze has introduced something that will make it fun and functional with their Butterfly Craze Stuffed Animal Storage Bag & Bean Bag Chair Cover. Fill this bag with all of your child’s favorites that may just need a place to hang out before their next adventure, and it becomes their new favorite lounging station. This extra-large capacity doesn’t back down from storing their collection of stuffies, in fact, it can hold nearly 100! Machine-washable and durable, this chair cover is ready to take on the task of tidying up and becoming the favorite seat in the house.

Summer time sleepovers are our favorite adventures, but they always remind us that sleeping space is limited. With the Butterfly Craze Pillow Bed Floor Lounger Cover, your littlest guests can have an adorable place to stay that is easy to stow when not in use. This stuffable floor lounger makes an oh-so-cozy seat, recliner, or floor bed. Made with plush fabric, this ultra-soft fabric is built to last with sturdy zippers. Simply fill with king-sized pillows, skip it up, and you’re ready for whatever your summer day holds for you. These lounge covers are also machine-washable, so no matter how exciting your summer adventures become, they’ll always have a soft place to gather and reminisce.

Butterfly Craze Pillow Bed Floor Lounger Cover | Butterfly Craze Stuffed Animal Storage Bag & Bean Bag Chair Cover
Butterfly Craze | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Bath Bean

Stunning Summer Decor You Need For Your Home

This summer practice a little self-care, something so important especially for those mamas who have spent the last year taking on more jobs than usual. Whether you plan for a nightly soak, only hop in the tub once a week, or don’t even get to luxuriate in the bathtub for long, make sure to pick up the Bath Bean to make your experience all the more enjoyable. Thanks to this innovative bath cushion and its ergonomic design, bathtime is no longer a struggle of slipping and sliding to stay upright in the tub. From reading a book to enjoying a glass of your favorite wine let the Bath Bean keep you upright, stable, and supported; crafted of 100% FDA Food Grade Certified Anti-Microbial Silicone this bath support will keep you healthy and relaxing in the tub all season. Designed to fit any size bathtub, the Bath Bean will allow you to take your self-care experience to the next level this summer!

Bath Bean
Bath Bean | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Simple Human

Stunning Summer Decor You Need For Your Home

While things may be getting back to normal this summer, one thing is for sure, consistent hand washing and sanitizing are here to stay. Thanks to Simple Human you can make that experience all the easier to accomplish in a hassle-free, germ-free way! From hands-free trash cans to touch-free soap and sanitizer dispensers, Simple Human is here to help you bring your home or business up to the next level as the world reopens this summer!

Perfect for your bathrooms at home, even when you’ve got little kids (who we know are always needing good handwashing) Simple Human’s Liquid Sensor Pump is an efficient and eco-friendly way to dispense soap or hand sanitizer. Sleek and modern, this liquid soap dispenser features a 9 oz. capacity, rechargeable battery, spotless exterior, and an easy-to-refill interior funnel. Additionally, this dispenser dispenses more or less soap or sanitizer depending on whether hands are closer or further away. Available in 5 gorgeous colors to match the bathroom fixtures you are sure to love this simple and safe dispenser. For a total bathroom makeover, add the Simple Human Round Step Can for an easy and attractive garbage solution. This trashcan’s silver ion coating helps prevent the growth of harmful germs and bacteria making it a safer and healthier solution for your space.

Liquid Sensor Pump | Round Step Can
Simple Human | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Shades of Green

Stunning Summer Decor You Need For Your Home

Decorate your home this summer with luxurious eco-friendly styles from Shades of Green. Perfect for accenting your couch or lounge chair, these artisanally hand-crafted, custom pillows are designed using materials that are locally sourced and artfully assembled. Using only the finest natural fabrics, the soft and sumptuous pillows offered from Shades of Green will fit seamlessly into any living room style. Classic and timeless, the decor and designs from Shades of Green can be integrated into your home decor all year round.

Eco Louis Velvet Moonstone
Shades of Green | Facebook | Instagram


Stunning Summer Decor You Need For Your Home

A hammock is not simply a structure to lie down and sleep in – it’s a unique cultural product in perpetual evolution. Sure, the basics remain the same, but people keep looking for ways to improve hammocks for their enjoyment. Hammocks are universally known for being the perfect place for tranquillity, relaxation, and complete personal comfort. Any time you lay in a hammock, you’ll get up feeling refreshed and renewed.

BearButt is a growing outdoor gear brand that focuses on delivering high-quality, affordable, and super-competitive products such as Double Hammock, Kodiak Straps, Rain Fly, and Bug Net. They help everyone enjoy being outside without compromise.

The durable Double Hammock is roomy enough to hold two adults and up to 500lbs (tested up to 900lbs). The ultra-lightweight hammock is made from enhanced nylon for ultimate breathability and has reinforced triple stitching. The portable hammock is ten feet long and six feet wide and comes in an attached stuff sack which is perfect for holding your cell phone, books, water bottles, shoes, etc., while you hang in your double hammock.

If you’re looking for extra reinforcement, then the lightweight Kodiak Straps (tree straps) feature multiple attachment points for fast adjustments and the perfect hang. It has 20 attachment points on each strap, and each is ten feet long. These straps can hold up to 1000lbs, so you could hang them anywhere and never worry about knots and safety. They use high-quality polyester webbing to ensure strength on every strap and come with two extra carabiners for hanging additional items such as water bottles and backpacks.

Whether you want to lounge in the garden, out by the pool, at a campsite, or by the lake, BearButt has got what you need and more. No household is complete without BearButt outdoor gear!

Double Hammock | Kodiak Straps
BearButt| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Delta Children

Stunning Summer Decor You Need For Your Home

If you’re planning to do some redecorating in the kids’ rooms this summer, you may want to check out one of the best-selling kid’s sofas on Amazon. The Serta Perfect Sleeper Extra Wide Convertible Sofa to Lounger, available from Delta Children, starts out as a super-snuggly pint-sized sofa and transforms into a sleeper in seconds. 

While the Serta Perfect Sleeper Extra Wide Convertible Sofa to Lounger is perfectly sized for toddlers and small children, it also works well in a low-ceiling space, such as a loft bed or playhouse. It arrives with the fabric covering and ultra-compressed Serta foam pieces ready to assemble – after the initial “oooohs,” “ahhhhs” of watching it bust out of its tiny shipping packaging take place! For summer reading, relaxing, or sleeping, turn to summer decor from Delta Children.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Extra Wide Convertible Sofa to Lounger
Delta Children | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


Stunning Summer Decor You Need For Your Home

The weather is steadily heating up, and it’s the season for outdoor parties and summery cocktails. The smartest move to make things easy on yourself (and fun for guests) is whipping up a batch of drinks for a crowd. The most essential element you’re probably missing is a good drink pitcher from GlobeIn.

GlobeIn is a subscription service that offers unique ethically-made summer decor products handmade by remote artisans around the world. Every dollar you spend results in jobs created and fair wages.

The beautiful and colorful Striped Iced Tea Pitcher & Two Stemless Wine Glasses are a unique work of art crafted with conscious care by artisans in Mexico. This elegant duo would be perfect for any summer decor-themed tabletop filled with iced tea. Whether you’re looking for an elegant glass statement piece or handmade baskets, GlobeIn is the perfect place to shop.

Striped Iced Tea Pitcher & Two Stemless Wine Glasses
GlobeIn| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

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There is no better way to recharge your internal batteries than spending time in the great outdoors. When it’s time to catch some zzz’s, the best blankets for kids make bedtime or camping more fun by being soft, colorful, and cozy. Whether you’re shopping for a kid, teenager, or adult, PediPocket is here to help! These cozy throws are 6ft of plush fleece with a spacious foot pocket to keep you warm from head to toe. Plus, they are machine washable and dryer friendly. These blankets are perfect for a breezy summer night or for snuggling up on the couch and watching Netflix. They make great summer decor used as a cozy throw as well.

The Kidz Lively Lilac blanket has a plush velvety fleece, 50 inches long, 40 inches wide with a 15-inch foot pocket. This brilliantly designed, unique product is made with little people in mind. The blanket is perfect during pretend play, but it’s also practical for snuggling up by the campfire when things get chilly. Grab some treats and cuddle up with these comfortable soft blankets from PediPocket!

Kidz Lively Lilac
PediPocket| Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Skeem Design

Stunning Summer Decor You Need For Your Home

Keep yourself and your family safe from mosquitos while enjoying the outdoors this season. Remember to cover any platters of food with a mesh covering, stock up on bug repellent, and spark a few citronella candles from Skeem Design to keep the atmosphere safer yet still celebratory. These candles help to mask scents that are attractive to mosquitos, so they can be useful to burn during an outdoor dinner. Skeem Design’s mission has always been to create beautiful, useful products, eliminate excess packaging, and produce as much in the US as possible.

The Citronella Sea Salt Candle contains all-natural citronella, grapefruit, sea salt with hints of jasmine, lemon & lime oil. The citronella oils are blended with fine fragrances to smell as good as they look. Each candle has three wicks for the maximum scent throw to keep bugs at bay.

Skeem Design products are hand-poured in the USA and made with an exclusive soy base. This unique citronella candle also features: 

  • 80 hour burn time
  • 4 3/4˝ wide x 3  1/2˝ high
  • maple wood lid
  • silk-screened graphic
  • matte white vessel
  • triple wick

If you’re planning a week-long camping trip in the woods or having a pretty candlelit dinner for two in your backyard, get citronella candles from Skeem Design.

Citronella Sea Salt Candle
Skeem Design | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

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Stunning Summer Decor You Need For Your Home

Everyone enjoys making their outdoor space as stylish and comfortable as their indoor space. So why not add some outdoor rugs? is the best place to find your next area rug. They have thousands of rugs in stock. From mid-century modern and contemporary rugs to one-of-a-kind traditional, hand-knotted rugs, they have something to fit any decor style and taste.

The Outdoor Botanical Rug provides a comfortable surface for bare feet and welcomes guests while keeping dirt and mud outside. These Outdoor rugs are made in Turkey from the synthetic material polypropylene, which is known for its durability. This beautiful rug comes in a variety of sizes and colors. It would be perfect summer decor for your patio or balcony. Make sure you check out to spruce up your space both indoors and outdoors with their wide selection of high-quality area rugs!

Outdoor Botanical Rug
EXPLORE AND CONNECT: | Facebook | Instagram

The Polished Jar

Stunning Summer Decor You Need For Your Home

Having a tray in the bathroom is a great way to keep all your cleansers, moisturizers, soaps, and other essentials organized and in a single spot. It prevents clutter on your counters and provides easy access to everyday bathroom items.

The Polished Jar is the best online store to buy custom soap dispensers, Acacia Wood Trays, funnels, dish scrubbers, and much more. All these fantastic products are great for bathrooms, kitchens, or workplaces.

The beautiful, versatile rectangular Acacia Wood Tray adds a lovely warmth to any space. Each one is made from acacia wood and is the perfect addition to keep your bottles in one place. You can use the trays in the bathroom, kitchen, or office to keep your items organized and displayed. This tray would also make an excellent valet or catch-all tray. The Polished Jar is the one-stop-shop if you’re looking for unique, functional gifts that will add warmth and depth to your summer decor.

Acacia Wood Tray
The Polished Jar | Instagram | Pinterest

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Laura Ashley

Stunning Summer Decor You Need For Your Home

The possibilities are endless when it comes to framing your photos. You can dedicate an entire wall in your home with a set of gallery frames or keep things simple with a classic silver-plated or Pink Ornate Decorative Floral Frame displayed on a living room accent table.

Laura Ashley frames draw attention to your favorite photos while adding glamour, finesse, and literal and figurative color to any room.

The baroque-style Pink Ornate Decorative Floral Frame can be placed just about anywhere, from your home to your office. Use the built-in hooks to mount it to the wall with ease. The backside of this frame has a graceful and soft black velvet fabric. Use the kickstand to prevent the frame from tipping over in either direction. With the versatility that the frame provides, you can rotate the frame for any summer decor or picture your heart desires to stand out in your bedroom, kitchen, den, etc. This stunning hand-painted resin frame is available in multiple sizes and colors. Whatever your style, Laura Ashley has the perfect summer decor to display your treasured memories for years to come!

Pink Ornate Decorative Floral Frame
Laura Ashley | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


Stunning Summer Decor You Need For Your Home

Reinvent mealtime with Merka Educational Placemats. The non-slip kids’ placemats are reusable and durable, constructed from high-quality polymer with UV color printing, 100% safe plastic, FDA approved, and BPA free. When looking for summer decor, you can find some that will keep the learning going all summer long! The placemats are a great learning tool for kids with information about the planets, the human body, an atlas, and facts about the USA and its Presidents. Merka Educational Placemats will help your child learn while they eat and help them become better students. So make mealtime into a fun time with these innovative and informational placemats for kids!

Educational Placemats
Merka | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Moscow Muled

Stunning Summer Decor You Need For Your Home

Summer is here and that means summer parties are back! But what do you get for a host or hostess who claims you don’t need to bring anything? Well, don’t worry – Moscow Muled is here to help!

The unique Moscow Mule Copper Mugs are made with 100% pure high-grade and food-safe copper. They are handcrafted with care using traditional methods and are painstakingly hammered by hand to create a gorgeous aesthetic. Their mugs are of exceptional quality, and their beauty will stand out in your kitchen or bar. This copper mug is great for Moscow Mules and perfect for beer, iced coffee, iced tea, juice, and any vodka, gin, rum, tequila, or whiskey mixed drinks! They’ll love using these mugs at barbecues and pool parties.

Moscow Mule Copper Mug
Moscow Muled | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

We hope you’ve found something to help transform every room of your home into a summer paradise. Placemats and frames, hammocks and dinnerware, candles and rugs – just these small touches can really add impact when it comes to summer decor. Best of all, these are all available online, so you can shop from your beach chair or pool float!

OK, enough shopping for summer decor. It’s your time to shine, mamas! Turn to 21 Of The Hottest Shoes, Accessories, & Summer Clothes For Women {2021} for the hottest looks of the season!

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Stunning Summer Decor You Need For Your Home

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