19 Home Gifts to Make Moms Feel Special All Year Long

Home gifts are a great option for Mother’s Day presents because they are useful year-round. When mom comes home from a busy day of work or running errands, she will appreciate seeing the gifts that she received that not only provide comfort but also functionality. Home gifts such as bedding, rugs, art, and outdoor accessories will serve a purpose each and every day which makes moms feel the thought that went into choosing those gifts. Every time they wrap themselves up in that cozy blanket or enjoy the dancing flames in their fire pit, they will be reminded about how much they are valued as a mother.

Home Gifts That Moms Will Use Daily

Cozy Earth

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Mother’s Day is a popular day to make Mom breakfast in bed, but what if we forgot the “breakfast” part and gifted Mom with the bed of her dreams? With Cozy Earth, she can have a heavenly bed that she won’t want to leave and she can’t wait to fall into each night. Not only is does this bedding live up to its name, it lives up to its reputation, as well. A favorite of celebrities such as Oprah, Kelly and Ryan, and a featured favorite of Forbes Magazine, Good Morning America, and even Popular Science, people everywhere are discovering that Cozy Earth gives the cool night’s sleep it promises and is an investment worth making.

Protect your mattress without sacrificing the features it promises with the Bamboo Mattress Pad. This mattress pad is thin and will not feel bulky or intrusive of your sleeping preferences. It keeps you cool from the bottom up and stops humidity in its tracks while protecting your mattress. For hot sleepers, this mattress pad is a dream come true, especially if you live in a humid climate. Unlike other mattress pads, the filling will not shift or become bulky. With no harsh chemicals or dyes, this mattress pad supports the cooling effects you long for in your sleeping materials while protecting the investment of your mattress.

The next step in your bedding setup is the sheets, and if you have a cooling mattress pad, the obvious next step are Bed Sheets that will feel buttery-soft against your skin while keeping you cool and comfortable. Touted as the world’s softest bamboo sheets, these bed sheets once again live up to the title. Not only do they feel fantastic against the body, but they are also good for you. Hypoallergenic and free from harsh chemicals and dyes, these sheets will keep you comfortable and healthy all night long for years to come.

Bedding makes for great gifts for moms that don’t want anything because we know it will be used every single night. If Mom already has a favorite comforter, then elevate her sleep with the Duvet Cover to complete this divine sleep setup. (If not, then we highly recommend one of these heavenly comforters to lull her to sleep.)

This Duvet Cover delivers on all of the promises that is guaranteed of all the items that Cozy Earth creates, such as the temperature-regulating features, hypoallergenic, and crafted free from harmful chemicals, but what makes this duvet cover so special is the elegant simplicity that it brings to any bedroom. Light, cool, and refreshing, this Duvet Cover will make Mom feel like she is resting on a cloud and help her to achieve the restful sleep she so desperately deserves.

Moms work hard all year, and while flowers, cards, and chocolates are always welcomed and appreciated, giving her the gift of a comfortable, cool, and hypoallergenic night’s sleep just might top her list of favorites this year. This Mother’s Day, give her the gift of Cozy Earth.

Bamboo Mattress Pad | Bed Sheets | Duvet Cover
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Revival Rugs

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Want to mirror all those feelings of warmth, love, and an inviting presence that moms provide for this Mother’s Day? Why not help her update with some home gifts that make it more welcoming and reflective of her lively, colorful personality like an heirloom quality rug like the Rune Flatweave Wool Rug? Revival Rug believes that “rugs are art, and why shouldn’t art be enjoyed every day? We share a human instinct to love and improve our surroundings.”

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A great rug sets the tone for the room and should be one of the first things you should pick when choosing home gifts for room design. When choosing a rug there are a few things you will want to keep in mind: the formality of the room, the colors, the durability and construction, and of course the price.

Putting all this pressure upon yourself can make shopping for rugs difficult but Revival Rugs has worked tirelessly with partners, artisans, and collectors to help learn the ins and outs of rug design, hand construction, and history. Now, they are ever so kindly passing on this knowledge (and rugs!) to us in a fashion that does not cost us a month’s rent.

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Take the time to peruse Revival Rugs’s website and Mom will be blown away by the many gorgeous options available; Revival Rugs has everything from vintage Turkish and Morrocan Rugs and Revival-made oriental, jute rugs, and shag rugs. These rugs are not mass-produced, poor quality machine-made replicas, but instead rugs of quality, which are made responsibly in small batches with tried-and-true techniques and long-lasting materials.

daily mom parent portal home gifts

The Revival Rugs website speaks to the overall design of space and Mom’s home: “We like to think that we’re helping you make a space that reflects who you are, where you’ve been, and what makes you happy.” So, husband’s pay attention…

daily mom parent portal home gifts

The Rune Flatweave Wool Rug gift for Mom will not disappoint.  The Rune flatweave wool rug in Fog Blue is a beautiful statement piece in any living room, kitchen or bedroom. It is soft underfoot and has added that element of cozy softness the room was previously missing. This incredibly family-friendly, low shed, stain-resistant rug is part of Revival’s Panel Collection, which is inspired by the rugs of nomadic tribes, who were limited by the size of their loom and would join long narrow panels together. Available in many colors and sizes, you are sure to find the perfect one for your space. 

Rune Flatweave Wool Rug
Revival Rugs | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Lush Decor

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Make mom’s sleep space her sanctuary this Mother’s Day with a new soft and stylish quilt set from Lush Decor. So often mothers put themselves last when it comes to everything from clothing to self-care to bedroom updates and more. This Mother’s Day help her love the space she lives in with the Tropical Paradise Quilt 5 Piece Set from Lush Decor. As the spring breezes blow and the summer days roll around, let her drift off to dreamland in the tropical paradise of her dreams with this lush green bedding set featuring bright whites and tropical foliage galore.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Lush 5

This bright, tropical design will turn mom’s bedroom into her own personal paradise. The 5 piece set includes a reversible quilt, 2 decorative pillow shams, and 2 accent pillows to finish off the look. Soft and cozy, this quilt set is the perfect weight for the upcoming spring and summer season, keeping her warm, but still lightweight enough for comfort. Additionally, this quilt set is machine washable making care and maintenance a breeze. This Mother’s Day while you may not be able to send mom on a trip to paradise, give her the next best thing with a bedroom update just for her.

Tropical Paradise Quilt 5 Piece Set
Lush Decor | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Grandin Road

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Whether she says it or not, Mom wants nothing more this Mother’s Day than to relax. Give her relaxation in the form of a beautiful space of her own with decor and furniture from Grandin Road. Surprise mom with home gifts like a comfortable reading nook in the corner of her home for catching up on a good book, resting her eyes, snuggling up in a throw blanket with her babies – whatever she wants. It’s her day.

The Simeon Swivel Glider is the perfect accent chair for a customized reading nook. Not oversized, it fits most existing bedrooms or living room layouts and glides gloriously for a smooth rock that doesn’t mar the floors.

This chair is made for active living. Designed with a flange around the heavy-duty fabric edges, the Simeon Swivel Glider looks sophisticated but is also quite casual. This isn’t your average stuffy and pretentious chair. This glider is warm and welcoming with loose and reversible seat and back cushions.

Extra comfortable and well-made, what makes this glider unique is that it comes with removable slipcovers that feature spill-and-stain repelling technology. If coffee is spilled, the kids touch it with sticky fingers, or fido jumps up with muddy paws, the slipcovers on the Simeon Swivel Glider can easily be removed and stain treated. So go ahead, be bold and get it in white! Or, if light-colored fabric is still a little too daring, the glider also comes in a fabulous Indigo Stripe or Slate-colored fabric.

For the best surprise, easily put this Simeon Swivel Glider from Grandin Road together, bring in a small accent table and side lamp, drape a throw blanket across it, and put out her favorite book on Mother’s Day. Mom will not only be incredibly appreciative but will be surprised as well!

Simeon Swivel Glider
Grandin Road | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Sleep Number

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Give mom the gift of a great night’s sleep this Mother’s Day with an all-new temperature regulating sheet set and blanket or comforter from Sleep Number. Does your mom suffer from night sweats? Does she wake uncomfortable in her own bed? This Mother’s Day give her the most important gift of all – a night of blissful, stress-free, comfortable sleep. Waking up rested and refreshed day after day will make any mom happy, healthy, and ready to take on the busy day we all know is before her. This Mother’s Day a few favorites include the True Temp Pillows, Blanket, and Sheet Set.

Featuring Sleep Number’s True Temp technology, these bedding essentials from Sleep Number will keep her cool, no matter her age and stage of life. Utilizing their signature 37.5® technology, Sleep Number’s bedding continuously adapts to keep your bedding cool and dry by using active particles to minimize humidity for ultimate comfort. Available in classic, contour, or even ultimate, Sleep Number’s True Temp pillows in standard or king, are designed using a supportive foam insert and soft fiberfill with a cover that attracts and removes moisture vapor to resist heat and humidity buildup all night long. All of Sleep Number’s True Temp pillows are hypoallergenic, and you can select the perfect pillow based on sleeping position and preference.

Next, add the True Temp Blanket and Sheet Set for the all-around perfect sleeping environment. The True Temp Blanket is designed using the same 37.5® technology that continuously adapts to help keep your temperature just right throughout the night. This filled blanket is perfect for all seasons because no matter the weather, the technology allows you to remain cool and dry, yet plenty warm, all night long. Hypoallergenic as well, this blanket will accommodate even those sleepers with sensitive skin. When paired with the True Temp Sheet Set for the ultimate in temperature regulation, these pairings will give mom the best night’s sleep. Further, designed using ExactFit™ sheet design and SmartFit™ means her bedding will fit great and stay in place, with no bunching or coming loose from the mattress.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Sleep Number 5

This Mother’s Day keep mom calm, cool, and collected, and getting her much-needed beauty rest, with a set of all-new temperature regulating bedding from Sleep Number.

True Temp Pillows | True Temp Blanket | True Temp Sheet Set
Sleep Number | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Sunday Citizen

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What would make for a great start to Mother’s Day is letting mom sleep in a little. What would make it even more special is if it’s in a luxurious bed set from Sunday Citizen. Starting off with home gifts from Sunday Citizen like the Woodland Comforter, she will be completely snug and cozy in this chic bed cover that turns the bed into a fluffy paradise. This double-knit blanket features a hypoallergenic and antibacterial bamboo sheet that feels amazing against your skin. Made from a lavish, breathable fabric, this buttery soft comforter showcases a woodsy pattern in several colors to compliment any style but the purple haze is ideal for the spring and summer months.

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daily mom parent portal home gifts

Complete the set with some soft and snuggly pillows and shams to rest your head and body on. The Snug Sham Set includes a pair of washable pillowcases that stay soft for years with Sunday Citizen’s soft-touch technology. This set is available in standard or king sizes. Adding the Snug Lumbar Pillow also will not only decorate your bed but also can be used as a body pillow. This pillow will help maintain good posture by providing back support when laying or sitting. The Snug Lumbar Pillow comes in a variety of colors to match your comforter and shams.

Woodland Comforter | Snug Sham Set | Snug Lumbar Pillow
Sunday Citizen | Facebook | Instagram


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Moms everywhere work tirelessly to keep all their kiddos safe every single day and night. This Mother’s Day give mom some help with the Lorex 2K QHD Wire-Free Security System. Just like Mom, the Lorex 2K QHD Wire-Free Security System is dependable and versatile, as it works indoors and outdoors, depending on the need of your family. The gift of safety is priceless.

The 2K QHD Wire-Free Security System by Lorex is a 2-camera system. This system comes with 2 high-quality cameras that are made for interior or exterior use, feature 2K QHD resolution, has a 140-degree wide field of view, and even color night vision. Mom will be able to see the quality of this gift through its super clean and clear video feed. She can even watch over packages that are delivered or keep a watchful eye on the kids playing in the yard.

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Another perk of these cameras is the built-in person detection that triggers the camera to record, as well as, the LED warning light and siren that includes two-way talk. The Lorex 2K Wire-Free Security System cameras will provide Mom and the entire family with a sense of security. Installation of the cameras is quick and easy with the templates and hardware that are included. Additionally, the 2K Wire-Free Security System comes with rechargeable batteries for the cameras. Mom can easily switch them out with the quick-release battery compartment on the camera. No tools, no problem.

Along with the cameras, the 2K Wire-Free Security System comes with the Lorex Home Hub. This is the brain of the system. The Lorex Home Hub is easy to set up, install, and can be plugged into your home modem or can use a wireless connection. The 2K Wire-Free Security System can record 2K motion events captured by the cameras and stores them in the hub.

It comes with a 32GB SD card, but mom can replace it with a larger one if desired for added storage. Unlike other security systems that require a monthly subscription fee, the Lorex 2K Wire-Free Security System does not. That’s right! NO MONTHLY FEES! Let mom get the best of the best like home gifts that make safety a priority this Mother’s Day with Lorex.

daily mom parent portal home gifts

2K QHD Wire-Free Security System
Lorex | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


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There’s no better way to celebrate mom than gathering together for a relaxing evening. With the Asher 22″ Wood Burning Fire Pit you can enjoy the welcoming ambiance that you feel when in front of a warm fire. For over 25 years, Novogratz has been helping to design home gifts for indoor and outdoor spaces with their unique furniture and decor items that bring energy, comfort, and cool to your home. The Asher is no exception. This fire pit will have the whole family excited about spending time outside, having a good conversation, and eating delicious grilled food and treats.

daily mom parent portal home gifts

The Asher Fire Pit is a traditional fire pit with a modern look. This pit includes a large cooking surface and grilling tool perfect for roasting hot dogs and corn on the cob for a fun outdoor meal. The Asher is made from a durable, weather-resistant ceramic material that allows for use year-round without showing wear. In addition, a mesh dome to keep embers contained, a steel lid, and a rain cover are also included which help keep this product protected and long-lasting. This fire pit is available in white, aqua haze, dark grey, hunter green, and persimmon red.

Asher 22″ Wood Burning Fire Pit
Novogratz | Facebook | Instagram

Nebula Astro Mini Projector

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Looking to step up Mom’s entertainment with some amazing home gifts this Mother’s Day? The Nebula Astro Mini Projector is a pocket-sized portable projector that will allow Mom to transform any location, from the bedroom to your backyard and beyond, into her own personal movie theater. Whether she enjoys binge-watching her favorite movies and shows on Netflix, or she wants to keep the kids occupied via YouTube Kids, the possibilities are endless on an impressive hundred-inch screen!

Preloaded with Netflix and YouTube, this sweet device is about the size of a baseball but has the capability of projecting a screen large enough for you and the family to enjoy all of your favorite streaming services. Alternatively, you can mirror content wirelessly from your phone via mirror cast or AirPlay to enjoy even more family moments on the big screen. 

daily mom parent portal home gifts

In addition to outputting an impressive 1080p picture quality via the embedded HDMI port, the battery life is also rather impressive. It includes a 3250Ah cell that can easily project a full-length movie without issue. This Android-powered device also has dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity for more reliable streaming plus a built-in 3-watt speaker which provides a decent amount of sound for a small room.

Navigating the system is rather simple with the included remote control. However, you can also connect a keyboard or mouse to the device OR use the Nebula Connect app to play and pause movies, browse menus, and more with a swipe of your finger. This makes traveling with the Nebula Astro Mini Projector even easier since you aren’t required to use the remote.

One thing we’ve found since using the Nebula Astro Mini Projector is “relaxing window views” and aquariums. These relaxing scenes are a great way for Mom to relax this Mother’s Day while Dad takes over parental duties, or if you want to take the kids on a virtual field trip.

If you really want to add to your viewing experience, we also suggest purchasing the Nebula Capsule Series Adjustable Tripod Stand. This tripod is super compact and portable, weighing only 9.5 oz and reducing to 10.2inches so you can take it with you anywhere. Just unfold the tripod legs, mount your projector, and find the perfect angle. Easy peasy.

daily mom parent portal home gifts

Nebula Astro Mini ProjectorNebula Capsule Series Adjustable Tripod
Anker | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube 


daily mom parent portal home gifts

Give mom home gifts that create sparkling clean floors this Mother’s Day. With a RoboVac G10 Hybrid from Eufy, she can run a cleaning program from the comfort of her favorite lounge chair or pool float!

Plug in the charging dock in an out-of-the-way location and download the Eufy app to your device. From there, mom will only need to lift a finger to initiate a deep cleaning vacuuming or mopping cleaning program, check its status, or locate the device if it sneaks out of view. In addition to the app, you can also give instructions by voice using your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. 

This device is meant exclusively for hard floors, and for good reason. It not only slides under furniture to vacuum up debris but with mopping capabilities too, the RoboVac G10 Hybrid will give you fewer chores to worry about. Wash off the filter and easily empty the dirt cup and the mess is gone for good.

With multiple suction modes, the RoboVac G10 Hybrid will pick up ALL the dirt, dust, and pet fur. There’s a spot cleaning option as well, for concentrated messiness that mom shouldn’t need to deal with on her day off. Mom will breathe easier this Mother’s Day with a deep cleaning companion from Eufy!

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daily mom parent portal home gifts

RoboVac G10 Hybrid
Eufy | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


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Show Mom your gratitude and a little extra love this Mother’s Day with a tech gift from Bissell. From keeping the floor to the air clean they have a great selection of gifts for the modern mom that not only are cool to use but really benefit Mom’s everyday life all year round.

To help keep Mom healthy, the new air320 Air Purifier is the perfect gift. It’s a great addition to anyone’s home, but certainly one with kids and pets. By filtering out all the allergens, dust, cooking odors, pet dander, smoke, hair, and other pollutants, all moms can relax knowing the indoor air quality is safe for their families.

The 3-stage filtration system of the air320 Air Purifier captures 99.97% of 0.3-micron particles. Air flows through the pre-filter, HEPA filter, and activated carbon filter using the whisper-quiet fan. But unlike regular air purifiers, the Automated CirQulate System monitors and provides indoor air quality readings in real-time and adjusts to the appropriate fan speed, including the automated night dimming mode for peaceful sleeping. Once it’s turned on, Mom can sit back and relax knowing the air quality is being taken care of with her having to lift a finger.

It’s beautifully encased in a sleek and modern form that works nicely as home gifts for home décor purposes. The complementary white exterior surface, gray textured filter cover, and wooden legs are so beautiful she’ll want to show it off. And of course, it’s a great gift for the pet-lover too because each purchase from Bissell helps save homeless pets. So it’s a gift Mom can feel good about receiving and fully enjoy the air320 Air Purifier from Bissell.

air320 Air Purifier
Bissell | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


daily mom parent portal home gifts

Has it been a while since you’ve invested in some new linens? If so, maybe it’s time to go shopping! We spend such a huge portion of our lives in bed – it makes sense to love your bedding. That’s where The Original PeachSkinSheets comes in.

Wake up to comfort beyond your wildest dreams with the Beach Blue Sheet Set. The set comes with a flat sheet, fitted sheet (with deep pockets!), and a pair of pillowcases. Featuring a 1,500-thread count crafted from a high-performance fabric, these luxuriously soft sheets may have you hitting the snooze button a few times. Available in an impressive 24 color choices, there’s something for every style. 

When it’s time to freshen up your well-loved duvet cover, complement the Beach Blue Sheet Set with a Beach Blue Duvet Cover Set, for added warmth and snuggle factor! This duvet set has all the softness you love about the sheet set on the outside, just add your own fluff on the inside. You’ll appreciate the hidden button enclosure and ties inside that help to prevent shifting.

This Mother’s Day, let her sleep in a little longer with home gifts from The Original PeachSkinSheets. Breakfast in bed, anyone?

Beach Blue Sheet Set | Beach Blue Duvet Cover Set
PeachSkinFacebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Purple Seat Cushions

daily mom parent portal home gifts

If you’ve been following us for any length of time, you know how much we love Purple mattresses. In fact, we recently published 5 Reasons Everyone in the Family Needs a Purple Bed. In addition to their incredible mattresses, Purple offers a diverse line of seat cushions and pads, so you can enjoy some Purple comfort while you work or study. Considering how many of us are now working from home as a result of the coronavirus, having that additional support and padding for your behind has become absolutely necessary. As such, give Mom home gifts like the Royal Seat Cushion and Back Cushion this Mother’s Day.

If Mom has turned the kitchen or dining room table into her “office,” she may have started to develop some back and spine issues over the past year. One of the easiest ways to relieve any pain she’s been feeling is to upgrade her chair with gel seat cushions. Unlike seat cushions made from memory foam, gel seat cushions ensure immediate contouring and support when you sit down or change position. Specifically, Purple’s cushions offer a unique grid format such that your weight is evenly distributed and doesn’t push back any pressure at all, creating better support for your spine and less pressure on your joints.

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The Purple Royal Seat Cushion boasts a thicker grid, making even the hardest surfaces feel like a throne. We find this cushion is perfect for converting your dining chairs into suitable office chairs (or any chair you plan to spend 5-8 hours of your day in) and noticed an immediate difference in our work experience. Need extra lumbar support? Purple’s got your back. The Back Cushion is made from 100% Grid that’s been molded to perfectly fit the contour of the lower back. Both cushions include a cushion cover.

daily mom parent portal home gifts

Royal Seat CushionBack Cushion
Purple | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


daily mom parent portal home gifts

If you are looking to jazz up your outdoor entertainment area to celebrate mom this year, then Bulbrite has just what you need. Firepits and bistro decor are certainly in style this year and offer a great opportunity to use outdoor home gifts like string lights. Bulbrite offers many bulb styles and cord lengths to assure your space gets the perfect twinkle for any celebration or gathering.

If all you are missing is a high-quality lighting option for your patio, gazebo, porch, or yard, look no further than Bulbrite. The 48′ String Light Set W/S14 Lamps come on a 48 ft. cord with 15 outdoor lights spaced 3 ft. apart. The 48′ String Light Set W/S14 Lamps can be paired with two additional sets, giving your space the desired length. Each bulb produces a warm white light, creating the ideal lighting for your outdoor space. Bulbrite is the best decision for your outdoor lighting needs this Mother’s Day and Mom would be all aglow over this Mother’s Day gift.

daily mom parent portal home gifts

48′ String Light Set W/S14 Lamps
Bulbrite | Facebook | LinkedIn | Youtube | Pinterest


Yogibo Mat Daily Mom Parent Portal 3

Home gifts like rug mats are underrated and not often thought of as something that moms might want. However, traditional rugs can hold stains, retain odors, and trap dirt. The Rug Mat from Yogibo is stain proof, easy to clean, and incredibly durable. Perfect for any room, this Yogibo mat has a strong grip layer that prevents it from moving easily or risking slips. Whether you are using it in a kitchen or underneath a dining table, this mat will maintain a clean and sanitized area by being able to easily wipe up spills and messes.

The Rug Mat comes in two sizes and whether you want a smaller or larger version, you still have ample room to utilize the mat how you desire. This unique mat can be used both as an indoor or outdoor rug and can be rolled up neatly when not in use and stored away. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns to fit the style of your space.

Rug Mat
Yogibo | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


daily mom parent portal home gifts

Help Mom with her happy dose of sunshine no matter what the weather is outside. With the Happylight® Alba she’ll have a nice and compact light therapy session by safely bringing in the therapeutic effects of the sun as a bright white light. You’ll literally be brightening up her day and her mood! Whenever Mom needs a little pick me up, these wonderful features will do the trick when she turns on the Happylight® Alba:

  • Full-spectrum, UV-free light with clinically proven 10,000 lux intensity
  • 4 brightness levels and 3 HappyHue color temperature options to customize your light therapy
  • Convenient programmable countdown timer for up to 1 hour, in 10-minute increments
daily mom parent portal home gifts

While Mom lounges by her nightstand, the Smartlight LED Desk Lamp, with its full, natural spectrum light, is ideal for reading, crafting, and any tasks she’s working on while at rest. The sleek, modern design is lightweight with an accompanying USB port for charging any of her accessories. The long-lasting LED light mimics natural daylight while using home gifts Optix to reduce any distracting glares to avoid eye strain and fatigue. Simple touch settings and easy customization make these lamps easy home gifts for Mom!

Happylight® Alba | Smartlight LED Desk Lamp
Verilux | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


Daily Mom Parents Portal Apotheke

Give mom the sensual and sumptuous scents of the season with the 3-wick candles and soaps from Apotheke, making these fabulous self-care gifts she will cherish. High-quality fragrant candles that burn brightly and last are always a favorite of moms everywhere. Whether she is simply trying to brighten up her home or banish the boy smell, candles are a mom’s best friend. Perfect for all of those moms who are so hard to buy for, grandmothers, aunts, and even girlfriends included, the candles from Apotheke are hand-poured using perfume grade fragrances and a soy wax blend for a clean burn and optimal smell. A few of our favorite scents include Sea Salt Grapefruit, Magnolia Bouquet, and Hinoki Lavender.

Alternatively, the soaps, lotions, and hand sanitizers from Apotheke make beautiful additions to any gift or gift basket for the mom in your life. Their liquid soaps, such as the Sea Salt Grapefruit or Amber Woods liquid soap made with moisturizing aloe vera and plant-based oils are a lovely addition to any mom’s collection this Mother’s Day.

Sea Salt Grapefruit 3 Wick Candle | Magnolia Bouquet Candle | Hinoki Lavender Candle | Sea Salt Grapefruit Liquid Soap
Apotheke | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Bed Bath & Beyond

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Home gifts are some of the best options when searching for what to get your Mom for Mother’s Day! You can’t go wrong with finding home gifts for mom at Bed Bath & Beyond! What do moms really want? New and fresh towels that will last for years to come! The Nestwell™ Hygro Cotton Bath Towel is an absolute must when you’re looking for the perfect home gifts. These towels are extremely soft to touch, no matter how many times you wash them.

daily mom parent portal home gifts

Let your mom show off her home gifts to everyone with the Nestwell™ Hygro Cotton Fingertip Towel and the Nestwell™ Hygro Cotton Hand Towel! All these towels come in twenty different colors, ensuring that they will match all her bath decor. Each time she reaches for a towel to dry her face or guests compliment how soft the towels are, her eyes will light up knowing that you got these for her.

The Nestwell™ Hygro Cotton Bath Towel is extremely absorbent, making it the perfect hair towel! These towels are quick to dry and long-lasting, so no worrying about the absorbency breaking down over time. Have a mom who is expecting? Or simply hates how short towels can be? Then the Nestwell™ Hygro Cotton Bath Sheet is perfect for her! This extra-large towel measures at 34″ L x 68″ W, allowing it to wrap around any and every body shape! You simply cannot go wrong with Bed Bath & Beyond this Mother’s Day!

Nestwell™ Hygro Cotton Bath Towel | Nestwell™ Hygro Cotton Fingertip Towel | Nestwell™ Hygro Cotton Hand Towel | Nestwell™ Hygro Cotton Bath Sheet
Bed Bath & Beyond | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Comma Home

daily mom parent portal home gifts

There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch with home gifts like an incredibly soft blanket to just read a book or take a nap. The Faux Fur & Sherpa Throw from Comma Home is a luxurious blanket that wraps you up and gives you the ultimate feeling of peace and relaxation. Made from animal-friendly faux fur, this throw gives you two comfort choices, making it double-sided with a soft, furry material on one side and a fluffy sherpa fleece on the other. This throw is available in two sizes and two colors to choose from including wolf grey and honey brown.

daily mom parent portal home gifts

Faux Fur & Sherpa Throw
Comma Home | Facebook | Instagram

These home gifts are a guaranteed way to make mom feel loved and valued. Often times mothers won’t purchase decor or other home gifts because they have other priorities or don’t feel like they truly “need it”. But when they receive home gifts like bedding, fire pits, or even furniture they will be excited and looking forward to using them all year long. Show your mom some love this Mother’s Day with a gift for her home she will truly love and actually use no matter the season!


Home gifts are great, but they are nothing without a safe home to keep them in. Check out these 10 Things Every Child Should Know About Home Safety.

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