5 Reasons Everyone in the Family Needs a Purple® Bed

From the professional to the preschooler to the pets, everyone in your household needs to start the year on the right side of the bed, with a Purple bed that is. As we look forward to the new year, new beginnings, and of course all of those new years resolutions, one thing we can all get more of is sleep. And not just any sleep, high quality, invigorating, whole body recharging, truly REM sleep. Whether you are searching for the perfect mattress to transition your little one from their crib or toddler bed to their own big kid bed or looking for the best mattress on the market to replace the one you bought when you got married oh so long ago, there is a Purple bed for everyone in your household! Guaranteed to please and with a variety of individualized health and wellness benefits for each member of your family, even the furry ones, purple is your one-stop shop this year for all of your household bedding needs. Here are 5 reasons why everyone in your house needs a Purple bed.

Why You, Your Preschooler, & Your Pet NEED a Purple Bed

New Year’s resolutions so often involve everything from weight loss and exercise to healthy living and diet changes, yet rarely does anyone take a closer look at how their sleep actually contributes to these lifestyle alterations. For example, one is more likely to consume unhealthy foods such as sugar and caffeine just to get through the day when they are tired or lethargic. Exercise is less than optimal, if done at all, when one’s back, shoulders, or neck ache, and the body is simply more prone to infection, disease, and illness when run down and insufficiently rested. Sleep, and not just any sleep, truly is key to our overall health, wellness, weight loss, exercise, and performance in all things, for children and adults alike. Optimal, healthy, life-sustaining sleep is why this year everyone in your household needs a purple bed.

5 Reasons Everyone In The Family Needs A Purple® Bed

Hip, Shoulder and Back Pressure Free Support

The signature component of every Purple bed is the Purple Grid™. This revolutionary grid crafted of temperature neutral, hyper-elastic gel is designed to flex directly under one’s pressure points while still maintaining its shape and support for the rest of the body. By flexing under pressure, the Purple® grid comfortably cradles heavier areas such as the spine, shoulders, hips, and knees providing a light, almost weightless feel, relieving the pressure on one’s joints.

5 Reasons Everyone In The Family Needs A Purple® Bed
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According to the American Chiropractic Association, approximately 31 million Americans suffer from frequent or chronic back pain. This pain can be the result of youth sports, poor posture, car accidents, or injury, along with other hereditary or chronic conditions. While sleep can occasionally contribute to back, neck, or joint pain, it is more likely that an improper mattress or sleep positioning simply exacerbates an already existing condition. Back pain can affect all ages from adolescents to adults and can impede not only extracurricular activities but even simple daily living tasks.

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5 Reasons Everyone In The Family Needs A Purple® Bed

Similarly, joint pain in the hips, shoulders, knees, and neck, while less frequent can be just as debilitating to those suffering from chronic conditions such as arthritis to those suffering from accident or injury. Depending on one’s age and health history joint pain usually becomes more pronounced with age, but is something that begins affecting many of us in our 20’s and 30’s especially with the popularity of competitive high school athletics and the shift in the workforce to desk jobs. Poor posture, especially at work or school, along with obesity and psychological stressors significantly contribute to joint and neck pain as well.

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5 Reasons Everyone In The Family Needs A Purple® Bed

While there are a variety of treatments available out there for specific conditions, one of the simplest things to do in your home is to ensure you have a good quality mattress firm enough to support your shoulders, hips, and spine, yet soft and malleable enough to adjust to your body. The ideal mattress should conform to your body, correct one’s spinal alignment, and keep one’s entire body on an even plane without too much sagging. Additionally, such as a mattress should keep the pressure off of your shoulders, hips, knees, and spine without any pain or discomfort.

Temperature Technology

No one wants to sweat in their sleep or freeze because their partner sleeps hot and turns the a/c to what feels like below zero at night. With a Purple Bed, you can solve all (ok, most) of your nighttime indoor climate differences and find the optimal temperature that is key to a good night’s sleep easily. With the signature Purple Grid™ crafted of temperature neutral, hyper-elastic gel, this means every Purple Bed allows each person to go to sleep starting from a comfortable, temperature neutral baseline. The breathability and adaptability of the Purple Grid™ combined with the interior coils of the new Purple Hybrid Premier forgo heat retention and allow airflow for a natural cooling process to occur throughout the night. As such, no matter how many people are in your bed (we are looking at you, parents) a Purple bed will not retain their body heat transferring it to those nearby or making them toss and turn uncomfortably.

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5 Reasons Everyone In The Family Needs A Purple® Bed


Adaptability, responsiveness, and motion transfer technology are all key components of every Purple mattress that make it the best for individuals, couples, families, and even pets! Forget the nights of sleeplessness where your partner tosses and turns as you roll your eyes and pray they would just stay still. Whether you and your partner go to bed at the same time, or one of you is a night owl who sneaks into bed late, with a Purple bed, you will never know the difference. The new Purple Mattress features an advanced Responsive Support Coil System that along with the signature Purple Grid™ absorbs and isolates motion to each person’s portion of the mattress. You will literally never even know your partner is in the bed (except for their snoring, but that’s a different matter).

5 Reasons Everyone In The Family Needs A Purple® Bed
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Further, when you or your partner moves throughout the night the Purple Grid™ flexes under pressure areas such as the shoulders, hips, and knees, and instantly reforms in an optimal position cradling your body and keeping you comfortable. Whether you are a side, back, or stomach sleeper, a Purple bed will support you as you readjust your position throughout the night, or even if you never move, without losing its firm and supportive comfort.


The hyper-elastic polymer construction of the signature Purple Grid™ combined with the individually wrapped stainless steel coils of the new Purple Bed Hybrid Premier Mattress ensure the support and durability of this mattress for the lifespan of ordinary mattresses. In fact, Purple is so sure you will love their mattress and its lasting durability, their mattresses are guaranteed for 10 years under a full warranty. Unlike memory foam or even innerspring mattresses that fail over time resulting in dips in your mattress, the Purple Grid of the Purple Bed instantly adjusts and reforms as you move to prevent certain areas from breaking down under too much pressure or repeated use.

5 Reasons Everyone In The Family Needs A Purple® Bed
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While your Purple bed is one-sided and should not be flipped, it should still be rotated every six months to ensure it is being worn out evenly without getting lumps or depressions.

Safety First

New parents are always concerned about the safety and security of their crib and toddler mattresses, but the same safety features should apply to child and adult mattresses as well. Whether you are purchasing a Purple bed for your resident professional, your preschooler, your preteen, or your pet, all of their mattresses are 100% non-toxic and their high-density polyurethane foam is CertiPUR-US certified. Purple has even been awarded the VOC CleanAir Gold Certification by Intertek. With minimal off-gassing, your Purple bed will have not only passed all testing with flying colors but will give off little to no smell at all when opened.

5 Reasons Everyone In The Family Needs A Purple® Bed
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With a quick and easy delivery right to your door, there is no need to struggle to get your new Purple bed in place or unwrapped. Simply place the new mattress, as delivered, on your platform or frame and unwrap and unroll there for the ultimate in ease and setup. Since there will not be any toxins released, the air in your room and your home remains clean and clear with your safe and supportive Purple bed ready for your next rest!

5 Reasons Everyone In The Family Needs A Purple® Bed

Additionally, Purple offers a 100 night sleep guarantee; if you aren’t happy with your mattress after 100 nights of sleep Purple will help you return it for a full refund.

The purple Bed Line Up

For Adults: The Purple Hybrid Premier

5 Reasons Everyone In The Family Needs A Purple® Bed

Ideal for the adults in your household, from singles to couples, parents to the elderly, the all-new Purple Hybrid Premier is the best combination of Purple mattress features yet. Featuring the thickest Purple Gel Grid available in 2 options, along with an advanced premium coil system, this hybrid mattress combines 3 layers of comfort for your best sleep yet.

5 Reasons Everyone In The Family Needs A Purple® Bed

The exterior StretchMax cover provides a soft and silky top material that allows you to reap the full benefits of the Purple Grid™ without tons of other material in your way. Additionally, the woven side panels are ultra-breathable allowing for continuous and cooling airflow throughout the night. Next, the signature Purple Grid™ in either a 3″ or 4″ thickness, depending on your preference gives you the responsive sleep technology you need for a night of pressure-free yet supportive sleep. Finally, the responsive support coils are stainless steel coils wrapped in premium noise-reducing fabric for added pressure relief and support when paired with the Purple Grid™.

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5 Reasons Everyone In The Family Needs A Purple® Bed

Feel as though you are floating off to dreamland on a cloud night after night with the all-new Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress. As you sink into this plush and accomodating mattress you will sleep pressure-free and stress-free, without feeling even your spouse’s movements to jostle you awake.

For Kids: The Purple Kids Mattress

5 Reasons Everyone In The Family Needs A Purple® Bed

From toddlers to teens, the all-new Purple Kids Mattress is designed just for their growing bodies while still providing the same great features we know and love from Purple. With the signature Purple Grid, pressure-free supportive comfort, natural cooling technology, and instant adaptability and responsiveness, as the original Purple bed, this mattress is perfect for transitioning your toddler from their crib to a big kid bed. Additionally, with a removable, machine washable cover, there is no reason NOT to give your child the best, supportive sleep environment to benefit their developing mind, body, and soul.

Perfect for floor beds, bunks, lofts, day beds, or traditional twin platforms, the Purple Kids Mattress is both softer and lighter, providing for all of the cuddly, cozy needs of your little one’s growing body. Ideal for children up to 14 years of age, this mattress is also both Clean Air GOLD and CertiPUR-US certified, ensuring your child is sleeping safely as well. The kids’ mattress features a 2″ Purple Grid™, dual-layered comfort foam as a soft supportive layer for bodies under 115 pounds, and a machine washable cover that still allows optimal breathability.

5 Reasons Everyone In The Family Needs A Purple® Bed

Perfect for pairing with the Purple Kids Mattress, Purple has also developed a new Purple Kid Pillow featuring the Purple Grid! Smaller and lighter than a standard size pillow, this extra soft and cozy pillow is perfect for pint-sized preschoolers allowing your little one to get the best sleep they can and that their little body needs. Cool, breathable, and extra durable, this soft, squishy, stretchy pillow is covered in Breeze Mesh to promote airflow and keeps its shape nap after nap, night after night. Providing soft, no-pressure support, this pillow will give developing necks and heads the same cradling comfort as the mattress provides their bodies. With a moisture-wicking cover, and designed of safe, non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials, the Purple Kid Pillow is ideal for our most precious people with even the most sensitive skin.

5 Reasons Everyone In The Family Needs A Purple® Bed
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Finally, the all-new Purple Kids Collection wouldn’t be complete without the super soft and stretchy luxury kids bedsheets, designed just for them! With a silky soft feel and ultimate stretch for all of those childhood adventures, these sheets are specifically designed to enhance the comfort of the signature Purple Grid™ in the new kid’s mattress. Moisture-wicking and breathable, these sheets will help your little one stay cool and dry night after night, wash after wash, while they drift off to dreamland throughout their childhood.

For Pets: The Purple Pet Bed

Finally, leaving no family member behind, Purple has the perfect Purple bed for even your furry friends, large or small. The Purple Pet Bed combines 1″ of Purple Grid™ with both plush comfort foam and support foam in an odor-neutralizing, moisture resistant, antimicrobial, washable cover for the ultimate in pet bedding! Whether your older dog needs all of the pressure relief and support he can get for those hips and joints, or your young pup simply needs a soft and supple place to lay her head, the Purple Pet Bed provides comfort and support along with long-lasting durability, a non-toxic design, and easy cleaning because accidents happen. Available in 3 sizes for small to extra large breed dogs and cats, the Purple Pet Bed is the one and only pet bed you’ll ever need to purchase for your furry friend.

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Start this New Year off on the right side of the bed with a new Purple bed for every member of your household! Enjoy the health and wellness benefits to your mental and physical well-being in the new year and reap the benefits in your workouts, play with the kids, or other daily living activities. From a deeper sleep to better posture, less back and joint pain, and an overall all dreamy bedtime experience, your Purple bed will take your nights from ordinary to extraordinary this year with any mattress for the professional to the preschooler to the pet from Purple.

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5 Reasons Everyone In The Family Needs A Purple® Bed
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These mattresses are amazing! I suffer from lower back, neck, and knee pain regularly and the Purple Hybrid Premier provides a dreamy, zero-gravity feel. Plus, my husband tosses and turns which used to wake me constantly, but with the Purple Mattress, I don't feel a thing! This mattress is great for couples, and of course, my kids love their kids' mattresses too!5 Reasons Everyone in the Family Needs a Purple® Bed