Secrets from a Wardrobe Stylist

Secrets From A Wardrobe Stylist 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families


have had the pleasure of working on the wardrobe team for several large stage productions over the past years and several tips and tricks from these productions have stuck with me. Of course as a wardrobe stylist, you try to ensure that Taylor Swift doesn’t have her dress on inside-out or that Usher’s dancers have on the right pair of shoes, but your main job is keeping clothes clean and in repair.

It is during this preparation before the show, or after, preparing for the next day’s performance that a person could really glean tips that she could use for her own wardrobe. We hope that you find these tips useful in your own closet!

Secrets From A Wardrobe Stylist 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Remove Wrinkles

You may think that your old trusty iron and ironing board are the best or only way to get wrinkles from your clothing. Let us introduce you to what may change your entire outlook: a garment steamer! My favorite is this SINGER garment steamer because it has the hanger and clips included for hanging the piece that you are steaming. A steamer is very easy to use, won’t scorch your clothes and can be used on all fabrics, even the chiffon that you won’t let your iron touch! It is easy to make quick work of those wrinkles with a steamer that would take several minutes for each article of clothing with an iron.

Secrets From A Wardrobe Stylist 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Eliminate Odors

Doing a show a night for 3 days or an entire week means that many of the wardrobe pieces cannot be washed every day. How did we make sure that these sweaty, odorous clothes seemed fresh and clean for each show? We sprayed them down with odor remover spray and hung them up to dry overnight. What did we do the next morning? Steamed them!

We used a mix of equal parts vodka and water in a spray bottle to kill the bacteria that caused odor but for a less expensive option, use white vinegar instead of vodka. The initial smell of the vinegar will fade as it dries and will take the smell of sweat and body odor with it.

Spraying your clothes with an odor remover spray after wearing  instead of washing after every wear (if it is not dirty) not only saves money on your water bill but also preserves your clothing from the beating it takes in the washer that can ruin your clothes over time.

Secrets From A Wardrobe Stylist 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families


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Repair Your Clothes

Sewing kits are a must in the wardrobe business; you must be ready to repair a garment at any second. They are also a must for any person looking to preserve her own personal wardrobe. If you know how to make a simple hand-stitch you have the opportunity to give your clothes a new life. No longer will a small tear or missing button be cause for throwing out a piece of clothing. Sewing kits are incredibly inexpensive for being such a necessity! We love this kit from Singer – it contains all of the needed items.

Secrets From A Wardrobe Stylist 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

How to Clean Delicates

Are those lace panties that once fit so well and looked so sexy beginning to look as though they were dragged down the road by your car? Perhaps they are losing elasticity, unraveling, or have gotten holes in them. If they have reached this point you probably have no choice but to throw them out. But you must be wondering if there is a way to keep your underthings in tip top shape. There is!

Hand wash your delicates! This may seem like a time consuming task, but just take that time you saved by trading your iron for a steamer and you suddenly have 15 minutes to hand wash your under pinnings! The way that most wardrobe stylists do this is by filling two large bowls with warm water. Put a cap full of Woolite into one of the bowls and wash each piece by hand in the soapy bowl. Rinse them in the bowl without the detergent. Hang to dry.

Secrets From A Wardrobe Stylist 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families


Secrets From A Wardrobe Stylist 8 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Photo Credit: Hinge Photography

Hang Your Outfits in Style

Invest in a good wardrobe rack! Wardrobe racks help you go beyond the racks that are installed in your closet. This rack from Whitmore has an upper bar for hanging shirts and dresses and a bottom bar for skirts and pants. We also love the sides that extend so that you can plan out your outfits for the next day or hang the clothes that have just been steamed!

Whether you add a rolling rack into an existing closet, use it as a decorative and functional element in the corner of your bedroom, or put it in baby’s room for his/her extra clothes storage, you will not regret making this purchase.

Secrets From A Wardrobe Stylist 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Remove Stains

It doesn’t take a stylist to tell you that you should be using a stain remover stick! They are perfect for when you are on-the-go and get a stain on your clothes. Every mom should have one of these in her purse to erase that stain before it sets in! We like this one from Sun & Earth for their natural ingredients.

Let us know in the comment section if you begin using any of these tips in your own home!

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