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If you’re like most people, putting food in the refrigerator is like a big game of tetris. Unless you have shelled out the big sum of money for a gourmet refrigerator that promises to keep all the spaces at an even temperature, chances are your food may be getting exposed to climates that may not be ideal. Keep reading to find out where you should keep your food, and how to properly store it.

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Dairy Products:

    • Many people will argue about the best place to store your dairy products. Most refrigerators will have a special section for your egg storage on the door, but keep in mind that the door area is the most susceptible towards temperature change.We suggest keeping your milk and eggs either on the top shelf, or the top of the door. All your other dairy (especially once it’s been opened) should be stored on the middle shelf. Keep a close eye on expiration dates!


    • These items are pretty resilient. Keeping them on the lower section of your door is perfect, and makes it very handy to find them as well. People may not always use these items on a regular basis, so make sure to check expiration dates before you use them.

Bottles and Defrosting Items:

    • These also work really well on the door section. If you have items to defrost, you will ideally be using them shortly, so the temperature will work fine, and bottles such as juice or soda don’t need even temperatures to keep them chilled.

“Refrigerate After Opening” Items:

    • You’ll want to store these items on the middle shelf, along with any deli meats and cheeses. If your refrigerator has a special drawer for deli meats and cheese then it’s best to utilize that compartment!


    • These will go great on the bottom shelf, along with any hard vegetables that may not fit in a crisper.


  • These will go in your crisper drawers. Ideally, if you have two drawers, you will want to separate your fruits and veggies, as fruits require less humidity compared to veggies.


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Now that spring is on the way, it may be time to properly clean your refrigerator, and re-organize it in this handy way!  As always, these are just suggestions based on multiple food storage websites, and you must take your own individual refrigerator into consideration.

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