The Amazing Benefits of Dry Brushing

Dry brushing has been around for over five millennia…no that is not a typo!  It originated in India as a part of Ayurveda, which is the world’s oldest holistic healing system.   It can be dated back to most ancient civilizations.  So there is something to be said about the benefits of dry brushing that even the most ancient cultures realized.  Dry brushing is a simple self-care act that only takes a couple of minutes a day, but can provide a healthier body inside and out.

What Is Dry Brushing?

The Amazing Benefits Of Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is the act of using a dry bristle brush made from natural and coarse fibers over the body in a particular pattern.  With the combination of using the natural brush on dry skin and brushing a certain way, you can reap the benefits of dry brushing.  By exfoliating the skin you are able to stimulate and awaken the lymphatic system.  The benefits of dry brushing start the second you brush your skin, immediately you can feel the tingle over your skin as you awaken your body.

You can easily add dry brushing into your daily self-care routine, best done in the morning right when you wake up or before you shower for the day.  It will only take a few minutes out of your day either before your shower, before bed, or before you get dressed for the day.  By increasing your circulation, and invigorating your skin and body you will get the benefits of dry brushing.  The coarse fibers help exfoliate and remove the dead skin on your body, which helps support the skin’s ability to remove toxins through your pores.  

The benefits of dry brushing are immediate, it is a  good way to wake up the body and feel refreshed and ready for the day.  It not only stimulates your skin and lymphatic system but dry brushing also invigorates and helps wake up your body by stimulating your nervous system.  Immediately your skin will feel tingly, and refreshed and can even help relax you as well. Relaxation is one of the benefits of dry brushing as dry brushing can have a similar effect as a light Swedish massage.  After dry brushing, your skin will look and feel smoother a benefit that will last for days to come.  

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Benefits of Dry Brushing

The Amazing Benefits Of Dry Brushing

One of the best benefits of dry brushing is that you can see the results almost immediately!  Dry brushing will immediately exfoliate your skin, increase circulation, and energy and stimulate the lymphatic system.  Your lymphatic system helps balance the body and defend the body against diseases.  Your lymphatic system is a very complex system within our body that you can help support my daily dry brushing.  

The benefits of dry brushing also include the appearance and breakdown of cellulite.  This does not mean that dry brushing can help remove cellulite as cellulite is how your fat cells lay under your skin.  However dry brushing can help the appearance of cellulite as an effect of the blood flow increase in the areas that you are dry brushing.  

One of the biggest benefits of dry brushing is the effects it has on your lymphatic system.  By stimulating your skin through dry brushing you can help support your body’s natural lymph flow and detoxification. Skin is your largest organ by stimulating your lymphatic system you can support your body to naturally detox. Everyone needs to detox, regardless of diet, age, or lifestyle everyone is exposed to toxins every day that need to find a way out of their body.

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How to Dry Brush

The Amazing Benefits Of Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is best done over your entire body, while completely naked and starting at your feet.  If you can to help get the most benefits of dry brushing be in a calm space and enjoy the process.  Dry brushing starts at your feet brushing upwards in circular motions towards your heart center.  Use large circular clockwise movements and go over the areas you missed as you move upwards.  On the most sensitive parts of your skin use a lighter touch and firmer pressure on the tougher areas such as the soles of your feet, yup you dry brush the bottom of your feet as well!

Brush your arms and midsection as well using the same technique as above towards your heart center.  Once you have done your entire body, take a shower to rinse off the skin, and when you get out gently dry yourself and apply lotion or oil as needed.  Start with light pressure and increase as needed, better to err on the side of caution to start.  Avoid any bruises, open wounds, scratches, and sensitive areas such as nipples and your face.  

If you are a visual person, there a various videos that you can find online on how to dry brush, Dry Brushing For Skin has a great step-by-step guide and video.  Luckily there is no wrong way to dry brush, there are the most effective and efficient ways to get the full benefits of dry brushing.  You can use a brush with a handle or a handheld brush, whichever you prefer and is easiest for you.

As you reap the benefits of dry brushing, ensure you are not overdoing it and being safe.  As with anything you can overdo it and take off too much skin and don’t want to make your skin too sensitive or remove too many layers of skin.  Listen to your body, don’t brush too hard, and make sure that if your skin turns red, causes welts, or gets irritated take a break from dry brushing.  Also, don’t forget to clean your dry brush, simply wash with mild soap and let it dry in a sunny area to make sure mildew doesn’t grow in the natural fibers.  

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A simple way to add dry brushing into your daily routine is to dry brush while your shower is warming up.  It can be a simple yet staple part of your self-care routine.  The benefits of dry brushing are immediate and can be long-lasting if you keep up with it.  You will not only feel invigorated but it can also help support your cardiovascular system. 

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The Amazing Benefits Of Dry Brushing
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