The Key To Deep Cleaning A House – Tips, Tricks, and Areas That Need Attention

Deep cleaning a house may not be on the top of your list of things to do, however, it is necessary to really rid your house of the buildup that you may not see but is still there.  Even the most well-cleaned and tidiest homes can benefit from a deep cleaning at least once or ideally twice a year.  It will give you a chance to not only declutter but get your home free from the hidden dust, dirt, and overall build-up in areas such as the oven, grout, behind furniture, and appliances.

How To Deep Clean A House

The Key To Deep Cleaning A House – Tips, Tricks, And Areas That Need Attention

First, take a deep breath, deep cleaning a house can be overwhelming for sure, but guaranteed the end result would make you so happy and pleased with yourself.  To begin you need to figure out what areas you really want to deep clean and start with one area or one part of the home to deep clean.  For example, you can start with the bathrooms, the kitchen, or the floors.  Pick one area to focus on and go from there.

If you can, remove everything possible from the area(s) you are cleaning.  In order to really do a thorough job of deep cleaning a house, you need to start with minimal items in your way.  You need to be able to see all of the surfaces you need to clean as well as hidden dirt and grime behind other objects.  Deep cleaning a house means cleaning everything you don’t realize is dirty or hiding dirt.

Start high first and then go low, clean your light fixtures, tops of door frames, and cabinets.  When dusting, do not just with a feather duster, but with a cloth and furniture polish as necessary.  Don’t overlook the windows, deep cleaning a house includes removing cobwebs from the corners, vacuuming out the window sills, and then wiping them down with a cloth, you will be surprised at what is just hiding in the window sills.  

Finishing with deep cleaning the floors, moving all furniture and items on the floor, vacuuming, and mopping as needed.  Vacuum and wipe down the baseboards, if you have the time and desire you can either rent or buy a professional-grade carpet cleaner.  If you have kids a carpet cleaner is a good investment in the future of your home and sanity! Deep cleaning a house is an investment of time but well worth your time and energy.

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Deep Cleaning A House-Areas That Need Attention

The Key To Deep Cleaning A House – Tips, Tricks, And Areas That Need Attention

When you are deep cleaning a house, no room, or even closet should go untouched. Every room has areas that can use a good deep cleaning, some might be obvious like your oven, the grout in the bathroom or underneath, and behind your furniture.  Either the kitchen or the bathrooms are the best place to start as they will probably take the most time.  Between cooking, cleaning dishes, and the constant in and out of the kitchen for snacks or a drink the kitchen is a prime spot for extra built-up grime and dirt.

Despite daily cleaning of dishes, counters, and the stove, the kitchen needs to be deep cleaned.  Clean not only the oven but on top of the range hood as well as underneath it.  When cleaning the top of the stove make sure you remove everything you can and really clean around the burners, knobs, and the burners themselves.  While you are deep cleaning a house, take the time and the extra steps to really get in and behind where the dirt, grime, and gunk are lurking.

Deep cleaning a house includes cleaning out your refrigerator and taking out all of the shelves and drawers to give it a deep clean, moving your fridge if you can, and cleaning behind it as well.  Give the microwave a good cleaning inside and out, and clean the grout on your counter or backsplash as well using a small brush, even a toothbrush can work in a pinch!  Lastly, don’t forget about the dishwasher.  Surprisingly, yes you do have to clean the appliance that cleans your dishes.  Wipe down the inside, remove the filters and clean those out as well, then run an empty dishwasher with either baking soda or vinegar to really clean out any lingering gunk.  

In your bathroom clean the faucets, and soak the spout, including the shower head in vinegar to break up the minerals from hard water.  Clean all around the faucets, the tops of the mirrors, the medicine cabinet, and the toilet inside and out, don’t forget behind the toilet as well. When deep cleaning a house you need to make sure you really focus on the areas you don’t see.

Focus on the windows, cleaning the sills, the blinds, and the glass itself, both inside the home and out as well, vinegar is a great natural way to really get the windows sparkling clean.  Take off all of your bedding, mattress cover, pillowcases, and even the bed ruffle clean it all and sprinkle baking soda on your mattress, let it sit for a few hours, and vacuum it to help soak up sweat, dust mites, and extra fluids that accumulate on the mattress naturally.  Finally, do the baseboards, use an old rag (might need a few on hand), dip in a water/vinegar mixture, and really make sure you get off the dust build-up.  

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Tips For Deep Cleaning a House

The Key To Deep Cleaning A House – Tips, Tricks, And Areas That Need Attention

When you are deep cleaning a house, take it one day, one room at a time.  Have a plan as you go into deep cleaning a house, unless you are a superhero or live in a studio alone, it can take you a few days (or weeks if spread out) to really deep clean a house.   It’s better to take your time and do the job right, than rush and forget areas or overlook something because you are getting tired of the cleaning.  Have a plan and take it one room, area, or a day at a time.

Don’t be afraid to get help and outsource parts when deep cleaning a house. If you don’t have or need a steam cleaner or a carpet cleaner, this might be a good time to invest in one.  Especially if you have small children or a dog, this is an essential household cleaning appliance.  Before you start your deep cleaning, evaluate the cleaning supplies you have and make sure you have everything you need.  Freshen up any cleaning solutions that might be running low, make sure you have big and small cleaning brushes to cover the larger and more importantly the smaller areas.

When you are moving items to clean, make sure you take the time to clean them as well, and vacuum the couch, on top, and under the cushions.  Clean the in and outside of appliances and move them to make sure you clean behind them as well.  If you are an avid gym goer you might think about taking it easy on these days as you will be surprised about how much of a workout you can get while deep cleaning a house.

To really go the extra mile while deep cleaning a house, feel free to tackle a closet, pantry, or cupboards while you are at it. Throw away anything expired, ripped or any items that you forgot were even there, it happens to the best of us. Take the opportunity while you are deep cleaning your house to declutter, organize a little and freshen up for the next season. Deep cleaning a house is a short-term investment that will not only help with your weekly cleaning but will also help the next time you deep clean or do a little spring cleaning.

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When deep cleaning a house don’t be afraid to get a little dirty yourself. In order to really see the dirt and make sure you get close to the areas that could be dirty. Get on your hands and knees, look behind stuff, and also cleaning your floors on your hands and knees is a great way to really get them sparkling clean. By not using a mop you are able to get into all the small sections that the mop just can not quite reach.

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The Key To Deep Cleaning A House – Tips, Tricks, And Areas That Need Attention

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