20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas to Add to your Spring Flings

With temperatures warming up, you may be looking for easy food and libations to enjoy this spring. Maybe your schedule has picked up, you are traveling more, or enjoying more time outside with family and friends. Whatever the reason, we are all looking to spend less time inside, especially in the kitchen. Below you will find some awesome, easy food options that your whole family will enjoy this spring and summer.

Easy Foods, Snacks, Seasonings, & Drinks to Enjoy This Spring


20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings

Spring is here, and we all know what that means. There are just a few more months until summer bathing suit season is back! You’ve got your exercise routine dialed in, now it’s time to get your diet in order.

There are many options when it comes to getting your macros (carbs, fat, and protein). No matter which program you choose, Trifecta will make nutritious meal prep a breeze. Their Keto Meal Delivery provides easy food with high-fat and low-carb macros required to get – and keep – you in that fat-burning ketosis mode. With flavor choices like Walnut Parmasean Garlic Salmon, Blackened Shrimp with Roasted Cauliflower, BBQ Steak with Bell Peppers, and Curry Grilled Chicken Thighs, you’ll really enjoy earning that summer body.

20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings

Paleo Meal Delivery lets you feed your body without processed foods and provides lean proteins in these all-organic, lower-calorie meals. Between Herbed Lemon Salmon with Brussel Sprouts, Meditteranean Artichoke with Chicken Breasts, and Chimichurri Chicken Apple Sausage with Vegetables, you’ll love what caveman eating will do for you. Additional meal delivery options include clean, classic, vegetarian, vegan, even gluten-free. No matter how you eat healthy, Trifecta has you covered with easy food.

Trifecta meals are delivered right to your door in a wide variety of flavors, using only ingredients that are grass-fed, free-range, wild-caught, or organic. There’s no planning needed, besides determining which delicious meal you will try next. There is a reason world-class athletes across the country are eating these delicious, healthy meals. Go ahead, give Trifecta a try.

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Sweet Lolli

20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings

Need a little something to put that birthday gift over the top? Choose creative confections from Sweet Lolli. Unicorns, cupcakes, and gummy bears — oh my!

When your gift recipients unwrap a Sweet Celebration, expect their eyes to widen and smiles to light up their faces. After all, this is pure perfection in a convenient, curated candy charcuterie board. They won’t be able to wait to dive in! Want to up the “wow factor” even more? Add an impactful custom marshmallow monogram, or print their name on the acrylic box and turn your thoughtful gift into a keepsake. Delicious spring food gifts from Sweet Lolli are sure to make their special day a little sweeter!


20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings

Have you ever heard of the healing and antibacterial properties of honey? Well, let me tell you that not every honey jar is going to give you the healing power that Mother Nature intended. Mānuka Honey is very rare and from remote hills in New Zealand and now it’s available to you! With its unique taste and healing properties, this honey is well desired by every “body”.

With careful aging, Mānuka Honey MGO 600+ (UMF 16+) develops at least 600+mg of MGO before harvesting; which is the key antibacterial property of this unique honey. Organic, raw, and full of healthful benefits, you’ll find yourself eating this straight from the jar, but feel free to add it to your daily cup of tea. Whichever you choose, this bacteria-fighting honey is on your side, from the hidden hives in New Zealand straight to your door.

Are you looking for a delicious supplement to help boost your immunity during this crazy time, Momma? A tasty treat and easy food that will do the trick is Manukora’s Daily Dose of Immunity. This unique dose of immunity is made with a natural adaptogen blend and raw Manuka honey to give moms (and dads) everything their body needs for everyday balance (and we ALL need that!).

Each certified organic bottle contains 40 doses, just enough for each morning throughout one month to start your day off right. Not only does this Daily Dose of Immunity provide immune support, but it also provides protection from those daily stressors of life. With your body calm, protected and at ease, you can take on anything.

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Beauty & the Broth

20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings

Bone broth has the power of so much more than just warming someone on a cold day. Beauty & the Broth collagen-rich bone broth concentrates are the beauty and health product everyone’s self-care routine has been missing. Get healthier hair and nails, glowing skin, a happier gut biome, stronger immunity, and more energy from sipping on delicious, flavorful organic beef or chicken broth concentrates.

Using only the freshest ingredients, Beauty & the Broth is crafted to be 2x more potent than regular broth, and customizable to each person’s palette. This easy food allows you to add as much or as little water as you like. Can’t decide between beef or chicken? Get the Organic Mixed Bone Broth Concentrate box with both flavors. Each box includes a BPA-free rice husk cup too, that’s eco-friendly, microwavable, and dishwasher safe, perfect for everyday on-the-go sipping.

Tastefully Simple

20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings

Spring brings warmer days, sunshine, a renewed sense of adventure, and the perfect opportunity to try fun, delicious treats from Tastefully Simple. This spring, Tastefully Simple is heating things up with a focus on global flavors. New spring products celebrate tastes from every corner of the world with easy to prepare mixes, bold seasonings, and sweet & savory sauces.

No matter what the occassion, Tastefully Simple’s spring offerings have just the right flavor to set your meal apart. Savor a taste of the islands with the Caribbean-inspired Mango BBQ Sauce. Add a little kick to your Cinco de Mayo spread with a touch of Fiesta Party Seasoning and Giddyup Guacamole Mix.

And for dessert? Tastefully Simple’s Orange Dreamsicle Bar Mix has all the creamy, orangey-flavor of your favorite frozen treat. Alternatively, if you prefer to drink your treats, the Raspberry Frozen Drink Mix is the perfect way to raise a glass to surviving a year of quarantine, and celebrating the promise of summer with refreshing flavors of juicy raspberry and tangy lime.

Of course, while you’re checking out Tastefully Simple’s latest spring offerings, be sure to include a few of your favorites in your shopping cart. The Bountiful Beer Bread Mix perfectly pairs with any spring meal!

Your Super

Quick and convenient snacking doesn’t need to mean eating poorly. Eat healthier and smarter with individually packaged bars from Your Super. On the way out the door, nothing’s easier than grabbing a Your Super Bar, which is chock full of superfoods and nutrients, and none of the artificial. Forget nut oils, sweeteners, fillers, and even gluten. Each Your Super Bar is only made with 100% organic ingredients like dates, cashews, almonds, and a full serving of their best-selling superfood mixes.

With three flavors, there’s sure to be one that fits the bill. Try The Super Green which tastes like Lemon Pie, the anti-inflammatory Golden Mellow with notes of Pumpkin Spice, or the Chocolate Lover bar with a rich chocolate flavor, completely guilt-free and quite the easy food!

Bonafide Provisions

20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings

All aboard the bone broth bandwagon! This nutritious “liquid gold” has been all the rage lately, but it’s not always easy to find a spare 18 to 48 hours in the day to simmer it yourself. (Right, mamas?) Thankfully, Bonafide Provisions has found a way to give busy parents a much-needed shortcut while providing all of the quality, flavor, and health benefits.

20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings

Their Keto Broth Multi-Packs provide a hearty dose of pure nutrition in convenient, heat-and-go cups. We’re not talking about that shelf-stable stuff, either. This nutrient-rich, premium bone broth is mindfully crafted, frozen-fresh, and delivered to your door. Enjoy daily as a snack, protein drink replacement, or a meal. Choose from several great flavors, including Lemon, Turmeric & Coconut Oil, Classic Butter, or the Be Well blend with Lion’s Mane mushrooms. Say hello to a strong immune system, healthier joints, beautiful skin, hair, and nails, a happy tummy and easy food with Bonafide Provisions.

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Diestel Family Ranch

20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings

Looking for a quick and easy food for a weeknight meal? Why not try a frozen dinner that tastes like you’ve been slaving away in the kitchen for hours? (Shhh, we won’t tell!) It’s time to check out Diestel Family Ranch.

Like most parents, we don’t always have time to start prepping made-from-scratch meals at the end of a long day. That’s where Diestel’s Sous-Vide Traditional Turkey Meatloaf comes in. With simple, clean ingredients like premium turkey, breadcrumbs, rolled oats, and eggs, and topped with a sweet tomato glaze, it’s completely free of artificial ingredients, preservatives, antibiotics, and growth hormones. And did we mention, delicious?

20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings

For the more adventurous foodies out there, try Diestel’s Sous-Vide Florentine Turkey Meatloaf. This spinach, feta, garlic, and black pepper version has all the great taste of the original, with a bit of extra flair. Both arrive completely cooked and frozen. To prepare, just toss the bag directly in a sous vide water bath, and in 20 minutes or less, you’ll have a fantastic meal that tastes homemade. With Diestel Family Ranch, you’ll get superior quality, amazing flavors, and added convenience in every bite!

Verve Culture

20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings

Who makes the best Thai food in town? With Verve Culture, that answer is, “you!” With flavors that rival the best Thai restaurants we’ve tried, Verve Culture provides easy-to-make meals that you don’t need to leave your house to enjoy. The Thai for Two – Pad Thai kit makes two full plates of tender noodles and is filled with incredible flavors. Just add the protein and vegetables of your choice. Talk about easy food!

20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings

Turn to the delicious Thai for Two – Organic Panang Curry Kit when you’re looking for a little extra kick. While sweet and made with coconut milk, it brings the heat, too. Whether you and your dining partner both like your Thai food spicy or not, don’t worry. With the separate spice packs, you can each control how much heat you get.

20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings

Want to make the experience feel more authentic? Be sure to add the Organic Tom Kha Soup. This smooth, coconut-based soup will have you asking for seconds. Do yourself a favor and try some tasty Thai meals from Verve Culture. You’ll be glad you did.

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ATL Boards

20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings

Forget cheese and crackers – there’s a new board in town! The Rainbow Aesthetic Micro Candy Filled Board is a happy and fun board filled with bright candy in various colors and flavors. With all the colors of the rainbow, this candy board is a unique addition to any party or gathering, giving your guest a yummy dessert option to satisfy their sweet tooth. This board comes in small, medium, and large sizes.


20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings

Living a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t need to mean drab and ugly wears. Inspire a life of environmental wellbeing and going green at home with Z Wraps. Forget the clear plastic wrap and baggies. The beautiful and fun patterns of Z Wraps add a bit of whimsy to any kitchen.

Preserve leftovers, wrap bread, cheeses, and produce, and pack snacks and lunches in Z Wraps. These graphically fun, totally reusable, and easy-to-use alternatives for single-use plastic are naturally made with 100% cotton fabric, organic beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin. Be ready for any food saving, and purchase a variety of sizes like the Multi-Pack that comes with a Small, Medium, & Large, or for cheese and bread lovers, the 2-Pack with a Medium and an Extra Large perfect for a picnic and saving those skinny, long baguettes.

Butterfly Super Foods

20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings

Are you looking for some organic, sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan nut butters? Yeah, us too! So look no farther than Butterfly Variety Pack to satisfy your nutty cravings. With a blend of organic, raw walnuts, macadamia nuts, and cashews, these nuts butters are perfect for anyone in the family.

In this Variety Pack, you get four deliciously different flavors to satisfy your taste buds; Cinnamon Vanilla, Rosemary, Chocolate Reishi, and Classic nut butter. Choose one or save and splurge a little on all four. Whatever you do, thoroughly enjoy every single drop!


20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings

We all love tasty snacks, especially fruity snack chews (who doesn’t??). Jackfruit Chews Variety Pack is the perfect pack of goodies for at home or on the go. Vegan, paleo certified, and organically grown in Uganda, these wonderfully crafted snacks are free of preservatives, processed sugars, and additives.

These healthy chews are made from jackfruit and natural spices for amazing flavor. Packed with antioxidants and fiber, these chews are a perfect guilt-free easy food to enjoy throughout a busy workday. Enjoy the six-packs of three different flavors; Ginger Lime, Chili Lime, and Ginger Turmeric until your heart’s content.


20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings

In the market for a delicious, organic, and plant-based food that tastes as delicious as it sounds? Swap out regular pasta for this amazing and all-natural, 3-ingredient pasta from Chickapea. Their range of pasta is all packed with iron, protein, and nutrients that everyone in the family will enjoy in their regular comfort food dishes. A favorite mac-and-cheese easy food recipe becomes more nutritious using the Chickapea Elbows and the Chickapea Linguini would be perfect in any Thai or Italian dishes.

20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings

But Chickapea didn’t stop with just chickpea and lentil pasta. Now their delicious pasta comes with the addition of organic kale and spinach for 2+ servings of vegetables within the pasta. Perfect for those picky eaters who don’t typically care for their greens. Pick up a variety of different shapes in Chickapea’s +Greens line like +Greens Spirals, +Greens Penne, and +Greens Spaghetti.

20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings

And don’t forget to sneak more veggies into the kids’ favorite quick dishes with Chickapea’s Vegan Mac. This boxed Mac is an easy yet dairy-free choice with a smooth Potato and Pumpkin sauce – no cheese here!

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French Blue Wine

20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings

There’s something about a bottle of rosé, that when tasted, immediately brings feelings of summer. And when it’s a truly beautiful and easily drinkable blend such as those from French Blue Wine, it’s the perfect drink for those warmer months.

The French Blue rosé has well-balanced and crisp notes of watermelon, strawberry, and cherry fruits, with a refreshing finish, perfect for pairing with summer fish and white meats. The French Blue 2019 Sauvignon Blanc has a more complex palette with notes of herbs, then deep tropical flavors of kiwi, peach, and bright citrus. The only thing better than two great-tasting wines is sharing them with great friends, so stock up!


20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings

Know what you need to start your day off on the right foot? (Well, besides a great cup of coffee.) Spoiler alert: It’s protein. Curb your appetite and prevent unnecessary snacking with Krusteaz. Their light, fluffy Protein Pancake Mix (available in buttermilk and blueberry) packs a nutritious and tasty punch! This easy food is the perfect addition to your cup of coffee.

20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings

If you’re looking for protein in a more portable format, try the Protein Muffin Mix. Besides some morning baking fun with your littles, you’ll gain 12 or more grams of protein, too. With chocolate chip, banana nut, and blueberry to choose from, which one will you try first? Krusteaz has even figured out a way to make enjoying a muffin more convenient. If you have a minute to spare, pick up some Protein Muffin Mix Cups. Just remove the lid, add water, stir, microwave, and enjoy! Any way you slice it, it’s a win! Make the family’s morning a bit brighter with Krusteaz.

L’OR Espresso

20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings

For many, coffee is a way of life. It may be the first thing you think of and look forward to at wake-up and the way you end your day with desserts at bedtime. L’OR Espresso will make those moments a unique experience of pure coffee pleasure. L’OR Espresso Pods Variety Pack allows you to sample all flavors, containing five boxes that include ten capsules each for your Nespresso Original Machines. We highly recommend allowing your senses to be enchanted by L’OR Expresso, probably the best coffee in the world.

Easy Food Storage & Kitchen Essentials

Lasting Freshness

20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings

Vacuum sealing is an excellent way to prep ahead of time, enabling you to batch cook delicious and healthy food for the entire family. It allows you to seal, save, freeze and reheat whenever you are running short on time and need to grab something tasty and nutritious. 

Lasting Freshness Easy Food Vacuum Seal Storage System helps you marinate meats in minutes rather than hours and keeps your food fresh up to five times longer! The brand expertly lets you cut down the time it takes to prepare meals and is the ideal food storage system that makes everyday living better. Food stays fresher in the airtight containers, so you’ll save time and money on groceries. This is a lifesaver for at-home chefs.

The BPA-free 9 pc Vacuum Seal Food Storage Container Set contains four stackable and re-usable vacuum food containers, four locking snap lids with latches, and one Hand-Held Pump. The reusable set uses this patented handheld vacuum food storage system, so your food is preserved up to 5 times longer than food stored using conventional grocery storage methods. The compact set is airtight, spill-proof, has a watertight seal, and is dishwasher, microwave, freezer safe. Lasting Freshness Vacuum Seal Easy Food Storage System provides unique and affordable food storage solutions that will extend the life of any fresh, frozen, dry or cooked food. It’s a perfect addition to every kitchen!


20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings

Adding spices to a meal can enhance the taste of food, creating extraordinary flavors and aromas. The FinaMill is an award-winning innovative battery-operated spice grinder that comes with two interchangeable refillable spice pods. The spice pods are BPA free and can be easily changed with a click of a button.

The easy-to-use FinaMill Spice Grinder has an LED light and adjustable settings, which allow you to grind your spices coarse or fine. The brilliant gadget is perfect for pepper, cardamom, cloves, cumin, ginger, and much more. FinaMill is a perfect addition to any kitchen as it’s not only easy to use but will add a kick to all your dishes! 

Well Told

20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings

Drinking your favorite beverage in classy drinkware makes it even more enjoyable! Whether you like wine, cognac, champagne, or fresh orange juice, Well Told has a glass for you!

Well Told is a company that features custom map drinkware such as Lake Map Mugs, Engraved Pocket Flask, Stainless Steel Straws, and much more. The Gold Leaf Seattle Map Rocks Glass is a one-of-a-kind 11oz glass that is decorated with the city streets and neighborhoods of Seattle, Washington, using special ink and printed in real 22 karat gold.

The elegant Rocks Glass is great for your favorite cocktail and is designed and made with pride in the USA. Well Told’s mission is crafting distinctive, well-made goods and gifts that tell your story and inspire you to live memorably.

Whatever your spring and summer has in store, no one wants to stress about dinner. These easy foods will make dinnertime stress-free and allow you to focus your time and energy on how you want to spend your day, knowing dinner is minutes away! Take our word for it, these options are not just easy food but delicious, too.


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20 Easy Food & Drink Ideas To Add To Your Spring Flings



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