7 Thrift Store Challenges for an Epic Date Night

It is no surprise that prices on everything are going up… gas, food, rent, insurance, etc. When times are tight the first thing we compromise is necessarily our “wants” and, most of the time that includes our sacred “date nights”. Time with your spouse (or significant other) is so important. The more you invest in your relationship, the more valuable it will become. There are plenty of ways to experience date nights at home, however, with a little creativity, and a nearby thrift store, you can enjoy fun date nights that don’t break the bank!

Thrift stores are known for their deep discounts and treasure hunt excitement. They are more than “second-hand junk stores” and have become quite the trend over the last few years! You’ll find everything from furniture to name-brand clothing & accessories to gently used items that you can score at rock bottom prices. And if that is not enough reason to check them out, most thrift stores are nonprofits that receive their gently used items as donations and re-sell them to enrich the lives of others! It’s a win-win for everyone! Support a thrift store near you and try one of these 7 challenges for your next date night.

Thrift Store Scavenger Hunt

7 Thrift Store Challenges For An Epic Date Night

Scavenger hunts are fun for any age and the best part about this challenge is that it does not cost anything! Create a list of random, quirky, or rare things then hit the thrift store to see who can find the most items within an allotted time. Be sure to snag some photos with the items as you show each other your treasures for memories down the road. The possibilities for your list are endless and completely up to you. No purchase is necessary. Here are a few suggestions to get you started on your thrift store scavenger hunt: 

  1. Personalized item (Bonus Points if it has your name or your spouse’s name on it!)
  2. An angel figurine
  3. Something with a peace sign on it
  4. A book you read as a kid
  5. Disney item
  6. Vintage toy
  7. Wedding dress
  8. 25 cent item
  9. Something cast iron
  10. Adam Sandler movie
  11. Animal print
  12. Handmade item

Pick an Outfit for Each Other and Go OUT in Public

7 Thrift Store Challenges For An Epic Date Night

Besides the unique treasure trove of miscellaneous trinkets and household goods, most thrift stores are known for their collection of gently used clothes. First, set a spending limit. Most outfits can be pulled together for around $10. To save some money, you can stick to the clothing portion of the outfit only or if you want to splurge, set a little higher spending limit to include accessories (hats, glasses, purses, jewelry, and/or shoes).

Next, set a time limit. A little pressure makes the thrill of the find that much more fun. Anyone can find the perfect outfit with enough time, but can you pull it off in ten minutes? Last, agree on some minor guidelines – do you want to play nice & pick a trendy outfit or have a quirky date and find the most hilarious outfit for each other to wear in public? Once you’ve set the challenge up, head to the thrift store then change into your outfits & enjoy a stroll around town together.

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Find Items to Set a Romantic Tone for a Picnic

7 Thrift Store Challenges For An Epic Date Night

Pick out some treasures that help set a romantic tone for a picnic with your love. Some items that you could find at a thrift store might include a blanket, cute throw pillows, picnic basket, candles… maybe even a little tent that you could dress up later with battery-operated lights? Then fix a scrumptious dinner (or lunch) together, find the perfect spot for your romantic picnic, set up, and enjoy! Not only will you have a unique, romantic date… you’ll have a personal kit for future cozy dates!

Photo Props for Impromptu Photoshoot

7 Thrift Store Challenges For An Epic Date Night

Look for treasures at the thrift store that represent you as a couple (or love in general) and use them in a photoshoot for memories that will last a lifetime. Is there something unique about your relationship – are you in the military or service field? Disney fanatics? Love the same sports team? Find something that represents that and incorporate it into your photo shoot. Anything that represents LOVE, your last name, or your initials is another photo opportunity. For example, maybe look for a giant key and a giant heart and set up a photo that says your love is the key to your heart? Other prop ideas you can use from everyday items could be: 

  1. Chalkboard(s) – Write a love quote or special message as a couple to capture in your photo or grab two & write a secret message to each other.
  2. Cozy blanket – Create an intimate photo by standing up and wrapping yourselves in a cozy blanket, then take a photo with a timer or remote of your spouse kissing your forehead or both of you kissing.
  3. Photo frame – Find a frame and take out the middle. Prop up the frame and position yourselves back far enough so that you are in the frame together. Once you have the picture printed, use the frame in the photo to finish your masterpiece.
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Couples Project: Pick a Thrifted Item to Upcycle Together

7 Thrift Store Challenges For An Epic Date Night

Upcycling is essentially recycling or reusing something in a way that increases the original object’s value. Thrift stores are the treasure trove for the adage “one man’s trash is another’s treasure”. Find a unique-to-you piece that you can upcycle together and incorporate into your home. The piece you choose can be as simple or complex as you like. For example, you could find a serving tray, repaint it and mod podge photos onto it then use it to serve each other breakfast in bed. This would be a simple but quick & fun project to do together.

If you prefer a more complex upcycle project, and your budget allows for it, consider selecting a new piece of furniture to adhere your style to. This challenge is sure to give you some quality with your love and you’ll create a masterpiece to remind you of your special date for years to come.

Tik Tok Trend: Favorite Things

7 Thrift Store Challenges For An Epic Date Night

This challenge is a fun idea that was first seen on Tik Tok as couples went to their favorite store and picked out fun little gifts for their best friend or spouse based on some minor parameters. They then filmed themselves as they gifted each item and shared it on Tik Tok.

While you don’t have to film it for the world to see, it might be fun to film for memories later. Select a budget for your “Date”. This might be a little more expensive than the other challenges as you are each buying a few items, but you can adjust it to your budget. Select a few generic “gift parameters” and enjoy! Here are a few ideas for your thrift store favorites challenge:

  1. Something that reminds you of them
  2. Something you want them to try
  3. Something they need
  4. Something they want
  5. Something that represents a future date idea

Nostalgic Date Night In

7 Thrift Store Challenges For An Epic Date Night

While this date night will essentially be at home, it still requires a trip to the thrift store together. There are so many nostalgic things you could pick up for your date night at home. A feeling of nostalgia is experiencing a sentimental yearning for the happiness felt in a former place, time or situation. Use this date to share nostalgic memories from each of your childhoods, a memory from when you first started dating, or create a new memory altogether and let this be your initial nostalgic memory.

  1. Select a cookbook and try a new recipe together. You’ll be able to use the cookbook on future date nights until you’ve tried all the recipes.
  2. Choose a board game you grew up playing, a new game to try, or, if you’re lucky enough to find one, an original Nintendo – Mario Brothers anyone? For suggestions on which games to keep an eye out for while shopping for your thrift store date night, check out 20 of the Best Board Games for Adult Game Night.
  3. Maybe you just want to grab a new flick and snuggle up on the couch? Find a classic to watch together or see if you can find the first movie you watched together and re-watch. You’ll now own it at home for future nostalgic nights.
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No matter which challenge you chose, you are sure to create a night of fun, laughter, and memories. You may even find yourself continuing the tradition in future years or coming back to this list and trying a new challenge. Just because prices are going up, does not mean you have to forgo date nights. With a little creativity and a nearby thrift store, you can create special moments that you are sure to talk about for years to come. After all, it’s not about the cost of the date night, it’s about spending time with the one you love most.

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7 Thrift Store Challenges For An Epic Date Night



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