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Your nursery is complete, and your new little bundle is finally here! The joy of becoming a parent for the first, second or fifth time never gets old. Every ounce of your being is filled with love and pride; and you want to commemorate every milestone of your baby’s life. The days of handwritten scrapbooks and printed photos might be a thing of the past but today, the options for unique mementos and photo art are endless.  The following is a list of 5 of the coolest new ways to commemorate your new baby.

Heartbeat Sound Wave Print

Looking for that perfect finishing touch for your nursery wall? Send in a recording of your baby’s heartbeat, and Etsy shop NewtonAndTheApple will create a beautiful sound wave print for you. This shop also creates sound wave prints from recordings of spoken messages, capturing the distinct characteristics of the voice speaking. Perhaps you can get a print of your baby’s heartbeat, and one of you and your spouse saying his name or a special message just to him. This will be a cherished memento for years to come.

My Baby Forever Keepsake Doll

This is truly a unique idea. Send your baby’s birth information, along with measurements, to; and they will create a custom soft doll using the exact dimensions of your baby on its the day of birth. Name and birth information are embroidered onto the doll’s clothing. You can give this doll to your baby in a few years and explain that this was the exact size of the little baby you first held in your arms!

Footprint Plaque

Footprint plaques are all the rage these days, but who has time to take their newborn to a professional to get them done? Better yet, who has the money? We found a great non-toxic DIY recipe here at Daily Mom. So, now you can take your time and create as many as you want for little cost. Check out our step-by-step how-to post here.

Birth Announcement Custom Newspaper

If you’re looking for a unique way to announce your baby’s arrival, a custom newspaper by is the perfect solution. You can order these newspaper announcements in bulk, completely customizing their appearance and content. Send them out to family and friends to spread the news of your baby’s arrival (don’t forget one for your baby’s keepsake box!)

Mpix Keepsake Box

Keep your baby’s first possessions safe in a beautiful custom keepsake box by Mpix. Each box is made of high quality material, and includes your baby’s image and name in your choice of design and font. These boxes are perfect for ultrasound photos, hospital ID bracelets, first booties and more! Check out our feature on the keepsake box here.

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