Creating a New You in the New Year with a Proform Elliptical

After the 2020 that we all experienced, it is safe to say that we are ready to hit the reset button on our lives and start this new year off with a new attitude, a new perspective, and a new body with a Proform Elliptical! One of the most common New Year’s Resolutions is to lose weight, establish a fitness routine, or develop a healthy lifestyle. And while some are able to achieve this goal, others become frustrated with a lack of results and give up quickly. To ensure a successful outcome for this type of resolution, it all boils down to having the right equipment, finding a support system, and actually enjoying your workout plan.

The answer is simple: a Proform Elliptical with a 3-year iFit Family Membership that gives you fun, entertaining workouts with access to trainers and connected fitness tracking to provide accountability and show progress.

With the all-new ProForm+ customers can purchase a 3-year iFit membership and receive a ProForm Elliptical, Treadmill, Bike or Rowing Machine for free!

Prior to the pandemic, many people relied on a gym membership to utilize high-quality workout equipment like an elliptical or attend a fitness class with a certified trainer. In many areas of the country that are still experiencing shut-downs, gym access is no longer an option; and while the times are changing, people’s desires to exercise aren’t. Proform understands the importance of making home workouts more attainable and affordable and with their diverse line of home fitness equipment and online training subscriptions, this is made possible.

Why an Elliptical is the Best Fitness Machine

Creating A New You In The New Year With A Proform Elliptical

From treadmills and exercise bikes to rowers and HIIT trainers, Proform has it all. However, there is something to say about a Proform elliptical. Providing a full-body workout, a Proform elliptical combines the features of a treadmill with the traits of an exercise bike to create a hybrid training experience. When compared to other fitness machines, many would argue that an elliptical offers advantages that other devices don’t. A top benefit that many users base their choice on is the low-impact activity. The movements that your body endures while using an elliptical are less stressful on the knees, hips, and back and do not require the same amount of force that a treadmill does.

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Individuals with joint pain or arthritis will prefer this low-impact alternative to help prevent potential injuries or further discomfort. Additionally, the movable upper body handles allow for a more total-body workout when considering the differences between an elliptical and a treadmill or exercise bike. With the option to utilize these handles during exercise, you now have the ability to work out your arms, abs, and legs.

Choosing Your Proform Elliptical

Creating A New You In The New Year With A Proform Elliptical

There are several Proform ellipticals to choose from but if you want the top of the line with the most features and options, look no further than the Carbon E7 Elliptical. This elliptical offers a full training experience anywhere in your home. Made from high-quality solid steel construction with a front-drive design, this elliptical features a 19-inch power adjustable stride, a 25 pound effective, inertia-enhanced flywheel, and an EKG grip pulse sensor that tracks your heart rate and pulse throughout your workout. In addition, with the 7-inch smart HD touchscreen display screen, you can make your resistance and incline adjustments to increase or decrease difficulty in your fitness routine.

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Thanks to Proform’s simple storage philosophy, you can enjoy the use of an at-home fitness machine without having to compromise your space in your living areas. To help maximize convenience and space, the Proform elliptical is equipped with front-mounted transport wheels. Not only does this allow you to easily roll your machine into any area of your house when not in use, but it allows you to choose where you wish to experience your workout and what view you want to have.

Creating A New You In The New Year With A Proform Elliptical

With this Proform elliptical, you are able to power up your training and experience one-of-a-kind workouts that you cannot get from traditional elliptical use. Only available on the Carbon E7 Elliptical, you can discover the terrain-matching technology that gives you the feeling of climbing a mountain or hiking a trail all from home. Your personal trainer included in your iFit Membership will control your machine’s resistance and incline ramp to allow you to experience a trekking simulation, taking your workout to the next level. And once you’ve had enough, all it takes is the push of a button to override the settings and return to your custom workout.

Additionally, by slightly adjusting your foot position you are able to tone specific muscle groups during your workout. By targeting specific areas of your body you are able to achieve desired results where you feel you need it most. The adjustable pedals give you a better step with a cushioned surface and more optimal grip to provide a more comfortable training session.

Other features of the Carbon E7 Elliptical that make your workout experience more enjoyable include:

  • CoolAire workout fan
  • Audio auxiliary port with dual 2-inch speakers
  • Water bottle holder
  • Soft-touch upper-body grips
  • Adjustable, oversized, cushioned pedals
  • Oversized leveling feet
  • 10-year warranty

Connected Fitness with the iFit Membership

When you purchase this Proform elliptical, you are not only getting an amazing fitness machine but you will also receive a 3-year iFit Family Membership that provides interactive training sessions, streaming global and studio class workouts, and connected fitness tracking. Led by professional trainers, you will receive the engagement of a trainer-led class without ever having to leave your home. These expert trainers can also automatically adjust your elliptical’s resistance between 24 different levels and up to 20 degrees of incline to give you a unique, hands-free workout.

Creating A New You In The New Year With A Proform Elliptical

The beauty of the wide array of virtual fitness classes is that you will never get bored or burned out with doing the same workout over and over. This membership includes thousands of interactive studio workout classes to choose from. One of the many reasons people lose interest in their fitness routine is that they begin to dread getting on an exercise machine and just robotically moving for a specified amount of time. However, when you exercise following a class, you are focused, responsive to training, and most likely enjoying the instruction and excited for a new challenge each time you use it.

Creating A New You In The New Year With A Proform Elliptical
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With 24/7 access to thousands of destination workouts, you literally go anywhere in the world. Running through beautiful scenery in places like Morocco or England gives you excitement in your training that you didn’t have before. Take the guesswork out of your training with the help of world-class personal trainers that guide you in proper technique, correct form, and specific movements that help achieve results. Choose your screen experience by utilizing the built-in touchscreen on the Carbon E7 Elliptical or using your own tablet or phone by downloading the iFit app. You can further take advantage of this membership by utilizing the other workout training options when not at home.

Carbon E7 Elliptical
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We have the ability to make 2021 an amazing year. And with a little help from a Proform elliptical, we can transform not only our physical appearance but also our mental wellbeing and overall health. Maintaining an exercise routine is not only easier but also more convenient when you have a fitness machine in the comfort and safety of your own home. You will enjoy this workout machine for years to come thanks to Proform’s quality and reliability standards and will be wishing you got one sooner.


Whether you are wanting to lose weight or just achieve a healthier lifestyle, nutrition must be incorporated into your fitness routine. For help with meal ideas and organization, check out Pain-Free Weeknight Dinner Planning in 1 Hour a Week.

Creating A New You In The New Year With A Proform Elliptical

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Delivery and setup were a breeze making it simple and easy to hop on the Proform Elliptical and start a workout right away. With tons of classes to choose from you can walk, run, and even cross-train with the Proform Elliptical and the iFit connected fitness capabilities.Creating a New You in the New Year with a Proform Elliptical