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Daily Mom put together a list of some new and unique products we thought you’d love to add to your back to school shopping list.

Halo Sani-Cuffs

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Nothing is more stressful about sending your kids back to school than thinking about all the germs they will be coming into contact with while they are there. Armorteria has a great solution. Halo sani-cuffs are fun and colorful hypoallergenic bracelets with hand sanitizer built in. Letting children wear sanitizer right on their wrist is a wonderful way for them to have a constant reminder to keep away from germs, sanitize and of course to wash their hands more often.

We love that Armorteria’s hand sanitizer is child safe. Alcohol free and free of harsh chemicals it won’t dry out your little one’s hands like traditional hand sanitizers might.

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BiOmega Jr.

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Omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA, can be a wonderful, healthy aid to getting good fats into our bodies to help our brains develop properly. Eating a diet high in DHA and EPA can mean eating lots of healthy fish. But for those of us who don’t have the time to cook, or maybe don’t enjoy eating fish this can be tricky. That’s where BiOmega Jr. vitamins come in. Omegas can be a vital part of your child’s learning experience. BiOmega Jr. vitamins from Usana contain both DHA and EPA to support memory and learning. 

BiOmega Jr. stands out from other DHA supplements with the creamy gel consistency and the delicious orange pineapple flavor to eliminate the fishy aftertaste experienced with many other fish oil supplements. Due to the high tech purification process, you don’t need to worry about toxins that can be found in fish ending up in your body. BiOmega Jr. vitamins are considered some of the purest, high quality fish oil supplements available today.

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Pura Water Bottle

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The Pura stainless steel, 20 oz. water bottle is perfect for your scholar’s hydration needs! Not only does the Pura boast eco-friendly stainless steel (replacing questionable plastic bottles) but it comes in bright colors such as hot pink, bright orange, cobalt blue, grass green and traditional steel.

This stainless steel bottle keeps drinks colder for longer and prevents the flavored drink of yesterday from flavoring today’s water! The Pura bottles also boast a wide mouth, perfect for filling in any faucet or pitcher and for adding ice cubes!

So whether you are quenching the thirst of a first grader or a high school football player, you will feel better knowing that you are saving money on plastic bottles, avoiding toxins and helping your student look stylish while hydrating!

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Wean Green Lunch Cube

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Eco-friendly, non-toxic products are a must for modern moms, especially when it comes to their children. There are so many lunch boxes, bags and food storage containers on the market today that contain BPA, Phthalates PVC and even lead! These materials can leach into your children’s lunches and cause serious health issues. Wean Green is a company designed by an Eco-conscious modern Mama who wanted the best for her family. Wean Green food cubes are not like typical glass storage containers. The following are just some of their unique features:

  • made with tempered glass, 5 times stronger than regular glass
  • do not contain BPA, Phthalates or PVC
  • are freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe
  • their lids have passed the “use” testing machine over 3 million times per tab

Wean Green glass containers are not only perfect for lunches, but they come in a large variety of shapes, sizes and colors to suit the needs of your entire family. You’ll be sure to find a Wean Green container for all of your storage needs. Check out some of their most popular items:

Check out the Wean Green blog for healthy recipes and green tips!
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I See Me Lunch Box

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If you love personalized products as much as we do you are sure to love anything from I See Me. We especially love the idea of personalizing items that will be heading to school with your kids. Save yourself the trouble of hunting through the lost and found by purchasing unique and personalized items to send to school.

Back To School Guide 8 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Not only are I See Me personalized lunch boxes well, personalized! But they are sturdy and come in colorful designs that will make both you and your kids happy. These classic style tin lunch boxes have a hidden surprise inside as well. A hidden chalk board will make leaving special notes to your children easy and fun. Stash a piece of chalk right inside so they can write a little note back to you, or draw a cute picture of their day if they finish eating lunch early.

We also think these lunch boxes would be great to store small toys or special trinkets.
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Emi Jay

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Emi Jay carries adorable hair ties, bows and headbands. Getting ready for school in the morning is always more fun with hair accessories. Especially if your kids attend a school where a uniform is required. Add a little spunk to their wardrobe with these adorable silk bows. We especially love the ombre effect ones.

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Celebrate the end of summer with a little trinket to remember your vacations by. We think this tiny projector is a unique, fun gift that your kids will enjoy. They can have a little slide show before bed right on their wall. Projecteo takes images from your instagram feed (with your permission of course) and turns them into a miniature slide show. You get to choose the images you want included and the tiny projector comes with everything you need to get started.

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Erin Condren School Planner

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When you’re shopping for all those back to school basics, don’t forget to grab a little something for your child’s new teacher. We think every teacher would really enjoy a personalized lesson planner like the beautiful ones sold by Erin Condren. We also really like the clipboards and desk pads if you are looking for something a little different.

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