Springtime activities with your toddler

Now that we are well into spring and summer is approaching, it is time to get outside and take advantage of the beautiful weather (if you haven’t already!) Keeping in mind that toddlers are not known for their patience, plan to do activities that are engaging, fun, and simple. Here’s a list for fun activities to do with your toddler this spring.

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Your toddler may be starting to imitate animal noises and behaviors. Or perhaps your toddler may have bonded with the family pet. It’s time for that first trip to the zoo. Make sure to bring a stroller and plenty of snacks. The zoo can tire out the most energetic toddler and you do not want to be stuck carrying your toddler. Manage your expectations as your toddler may not be able to grasp all the zoo has to offer, but he or she will still be able to take in all of the visual and auditory stimulation the zoo has to offer.

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Spending as much time outside as possible is good for you and your toddler. A picnic can be as complicated or as simple you want. Simply lay a blanket out in your backyard and eat lunch outdoors with your toddler. Your toddler will love the new surroundings. Plus there is so much to explore outside in the natural world that will keep your toddler entertained. If your toddler eats some dirt for dessert, don’t fret. Research shows that early exposure to dirt helps build immunity to common childhood disorders.



With spring, comes showers. On one of those rainy days, instead of staying home, take your toddler to the local aquarium for an educational adventure. Like the zoo, your toddler may not be able to understand all the aquarium has to offer quite yet, but your toddler will surely enjoy all the visual and auditory stimulation of the aquarium. For bonus points, and to hype the trip, play baby beluga on the way.

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A stroll is great for you and your toddler. Make it a workout for you and speed up the pace, perhaps even  jog, to get a cardiovascular workout for you. Meanwhile your toddler will be able to relax and take in the sights (perhaps even nap). When your toddler begins to walk, they will have a newfound independence. This does not mean your strolls have to end. When your toddler no longer wants to stay seated, plan your walk near a park or trail where your toddler can walk around as well.

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The park is a place of limitless adventures. It is also a great place to meet up with other toddlers and moms. Find a park that is age appropriate for your toddler and schedule a meetup with others. Test your toddler’s limits for adventure on the slide or swing. 


What toddler does not love bubbles? Add bubbles to any outdoor activity. Toddlers love to try to hit the bubbles with their hands. Make sure the environment is safe for toddler to walk around chasing the bubbles as toddlers tend to not watch where they are going when they are chasing bubbles. If you are crafty, try making your own natural bubble mixture.

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Splash In Puddles

If it rains, just give in and let your toddler splash in the puddles. It is natural for toddlers to want to explore and discover the world around them. That includes splashing in puddles. As adults we sometimes forget the simple joys that we once relished as kids. Instead of watching from the sidelines, join your toddler in the fun.


Before the weather is too hot, take your toddler to the beach. It is the perfect place to safely  practice walking (and falling). Your toddler will love all the different things to do at the beach, whether he or she loves to splash in the water or play in the sand. The beach is also a great place for your toddler to get some Vitamin D. Of course if you stay at the beach for an extended period, make sure to bring proper coverage to protect baby’s skin. Before you load up the car, don’t forget to check the tide!

Toddlers have short attention spans. Toddlers may also just not be in the mood for an adventure. If your toddler isn’t feeling it, come back to the activity on a later day. So no matter what activity you do – be realistic with what your toddler can handle. Most important of all, remember to have fun with your toddler!

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