14 Items to Add to Your List for Spring Cleaning

This year spring cleaning has taken on a whole new meaning. With COVID-19 keeping most of us in our homes, there is no better time than now to start deep cleaning, purifying, and detoxing your home. Whether you chose to do a deep clean all in one fell swoop, pick a room a week, or assign a space to everyone in the family, we have great products that need to be on your list for spring cleaning to help sterilize and freshen up your living space.

Easy to Order Items to Add to Your List for Spring Cleaning

Honeywell Air Purifier

14 Items To Add To Your List For Spring Cleaning

Although Spring is a wonderful time of year, it also means cold and flu season. As germs linger in your home a great way to eliminate them is with an air purifier. While everyone else is constantly dusting and wiping down surfaces, you can sit back and relax while the Honeywell Air Purifier does the work for you. The Honeywell Bluetooth Smart AirGenius 6 Air Purifier is your solution to clean air for Spring and all year long. Controlled manually or through the app, this air purifier will not only reduce germs and trap allergens but it will also combat odors to allow everyone in the home to breathe more pure air.

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14 Items To Add To Your List For Spring Cleaning

This tower is ideal for large rooms and will effectively capture 99.9% of airborne particles including dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, smoke, and even some bacterias and viruses. The Honeywell Bluetooth Smart AirGenius 6 Air Purifier has 6 air cleaning levels and will run whisper-quiet allowing you to go about your day without even knowing it’s on. There is no need to purchase and replace the filters in this purifier as there are 3 washable filters included.


14 Items To Add To Your List For Spring Cleaning

This spring cleaning isn’t just about germs, but also about all of those DIY projects you’ve been hoping to get to. With plenty of time spent in the house this season you finally have the ability to order exactly what you’re looking for online, anxiously await its arrival, and then get to work. Shelter in place means we are for the most part all safe in our homes and there is no better way to ensure the safety and security of our very own houses this spring than with a new and advanced lock system from Lockly.

Lockly is the world’s most secure smart lock. Its secure digital keypad using PIN genie technology ensures that your home is secure at all times without the possibility of someone spying or seeing your pin. With the added capability of using fingerprint recognition, Lockly can grant access to up to 99 fingerprints. Lockly has both WiFi and offline capabilities, allowing you to grant access to guests without internet by sending them a remote access code. Lockly is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. With real-time alerts and monitoring, Lockly will let you know the status and security of your home and door from anywhere.


Want unlimited global wifi at your fingertips? Skyroam is the perfect innovation to anyone who loves to travel but hates having to worry about buying wifi SIM cards or running out of data. For plans, they offer wifi by the day, month, or GB–Perfect for any travel situation! You can also connect to this mobile hotspot on up to 10 different devices, so anyone in your family or travel group can stay connected. Not only is it an amazing wifi hot spot in over 130 countries, but it’s also a remote camera, 4700 mAh power bank, and an integrated smart assistant! Get yours today and stay connected on your next travel adventure around the world.


14 Items To Add To Your List For Spring Cleaning

This Spring is a little different. Kids are home from school, most likely until summer, so you might as well take advantage of it and tackle all of those tasks that have been neglected at home. We especially want clean homes since many of us are under stay at home orders. Now, is the time to get a clean house. Cleaning just got safer with Squeak!

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If you are like many of us, you don’t want to breathe in harsh chemicals that are found in many cleaning supplies. This is especially true when your kids are the ones helping out with the cleaning chores. Lucky for you, Squeak has cleaning supplies that are safe for your entire family to use!

We highly recommend The ONE OF EVERYTHING Bundle to get you started with everything you need from Squeak. You can choose from two scents, tea tree or citrus eucalyptus.

14 Items To Add To Your List For Spring Cleaning

Many people want to use safe cleaning products in their house, but as soon as they mix together the vinegar, water, and essential oils, they know they have done something wrong, pee-ew! That is what is so great about Squeak, all of their products smell fantastic and you can read every ingredient on the bottle.

Squeak also has a solution to combat all of the plastic we use. They sell concentrated refills for the spray bottles. All you have to do is add water.

14 Items To Add To Your List For Spring Cleaning

This spring, get squeaky with Squeak. They have everything you need to keep your house spotless, and you can breathe a little easier knowing that there are no cleaning chemicals lurking in your house!

Force of Nature

14 Items To Add To Your List For Spring Cleaning

Imagine having an appliance that turns your regular tap water, plus a capsule of salt, water, and vinegar into a cleaner and disinfectant that’s on the EPA’s list of Disinfectants for Use Against COVID-19. Now you can with Force of Nature. They have everything you need to make the perfectly safe, multi-purpose cleaner that will replace all of your kitchen, bath, glass cleaners, disinfectants & deodorizers! Choose the best Force of Nature Cleaning Kit and you’ll never look back! The kit will allow you to clean every nook and cranny and surfaces like granite, marble, quartz, wood, laminate, stainless steel, glass, grout, tile, porcelain, plastic, rubber, and even on high chair trays and cutting boards. When we say multi-purpose we mean exactly that…and it also deodorizes trash, diaper pails, kitty litter, pet toys, and bedding as a bonus!

Branch Basics

14 Items To Add To Your List For Spring Cleaning

Toss out the toxins as you dive headfirst into your spring cleaning mode. You can replace nearly all of the cleaning products you use most with just one product. The Starter Kit + Oxygen Boost has everything you need to get at all the nooks and crannies, tackling the piles of laundry (with a quick toss of a Dryer Ball), and even washing up your hands and body once all is said and done! You’ll feel clean and your clothes will be smooth and static free when you use the 100% American wool that is free of pesticides, dyes and fragrance.

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Each Starter Kit includes one 33 oz. Concentrate, three empty spray bottles, one Foaming Wash bottle, one Laundry bottle and one Oxygen Boost. Your entire family will love how versatile, economic, effective, and sustainable these products are. From spaghetti-splattered ovens to the countertops and showers, each powerhouse drop of cleaner (that can even dissolve engine grease) is chemical-free and biodegradable. Cleaning never felt so safe and looked so…clean!


14 Items To Add To Your List For Spring Cleaning

This spring, whether it’s workout clothes or gardening long hours perfecting the hedges and flowers, Defunkify is all you need to literally, get the funk out of your clothes! Get the ultimate odor eliminating power with their Liquid Detergent. It’s not enough to simply wash the surface of your clothes. The odor-crushing formula cleans deep between and throughout the fibers to remove all the funky stink and stains. However, if you find yourself with challenging stains, then use the Stain Remover Spray. Life is messy, so go ahead and play in the dirt, oil, spill coffee on your colored shirt, and eat ice cream with your toddler in their Easter best. Even old, set-in stains can’t withstand the power of the natural, toxic-free enzymes that will refresh and renew your clothes again.

14 Items To Add To Your List For Spring Cleaning

There are times when you don’t have time to wash a load of clothes but you need some odor control and fast! With the Odor Remover Spray you can instantly remove odors from the things you don’t wash. This amazing odor-eliminating spray uses essential oils and ionic silver to vaporize the stink and bring pleasant scents into your life. From the funky gym shoes to the offensive pet odors, only nature’s most effective odor-eliminating ingredients make this odor spray work so incredibly well.

Method Cleaning Products

As we are currently in the throes of flu and COVID-19 season, method is here to help combat germs with an entire team of products. Squirt + Mop Hard Floor Cleaner, Heavy Duty Degreaser, Dish Soap and All-Purpose Wipes to the rescue! When it’s time to arm your home with the right products, method will leave you feeling safe from outside germs. No more tracking grime and germs in the house, no more grease – just a clean, fresh-smelling home!

Lemi Shine

14 Items To Add To Your List For Spring Cleaning

While we donít always think of washing our machines, now is as good a time as any to give them a good clean to make sure theyíre functioning properly. Lemi Shineís lineup of machine cleaners make it even more convenient for moms to get the deep clean they want without taking too much time out of the day. Just toss the cleaners into your dishwasher, washing machine or garbage disposal and POOF your machines will look good as new again! Talk about spring cleaning done right!

Jack And Mary Designs

14 Items To Add To Your List For Spring Cleaning

When you think spring cleaning, you might not think of a unique handmade company such as Jack And Mary Designs. However, you should have them on your radar. Looking to be more eco-friendly? Try their 100% Sheep Wool Dryer Balls that come in a set of four. You will get a great bang for your buck from Jack And Mary Designs when you purchase the 100% Sheep Wool Dryer Balls. Reuse them for up to 1,000 loads! All of their items are handmade in Maine. Be sure to check out Jack And Mary Designs for your Spring cleaning needs.

Arm & Hammer Clean & Simple

14 Items To Add To Your List For Spring Cleaning

Did you know†the leading laundry detergent contains 25 ingredients? ARM & HAMMER’s new Clean & Simple detergent has only 6 essential ingredients, giving parents everywhere all the cleaning power they want and need, without unnecessary chemicals.†This one-of-a-kind mainstream laundry detergent is perfect for parents who are looking for products with fewer ingredients and more transparency without having to sacrifice on efficacy, price and convenience, so they can feel good about what they are bringing and using in their home.†ARM & HAMMER Clean & Simple can be found in-store and online and Walmart, Target, Dollar and Grocery Stores nationwide and Amazon in a variety of sizes that wash anywhere from 25 to 75 loads of laundry ñ ranging from $4.99-$8.99.


14 Items To Add To Your List For Spring Cleaning

Keep those pesky rodents out of your house this spring with the rodent repellent packs from earthkind. With all-natural ingredients that aren’t harmful to your health, keep pests away without killing them. No one wants mice in their attic, but having to deal with them after trapping or poisoning them isn’t much more enjoyable. This spring between the warmer weather and the rain, keep your home, attic, garages, and more pest and rodent free, naturally with earthkind’s easy to distribute packs of repellent.

Moso Naturals

14 Items To Add To Your List For Spring Cleaning

This spring keep the air in your homes fresh and clean, especially with the current pandemic, using Moso Bags all-natural charcoal air purifying bags. These soft touch bags can be placed anywhere in your home where they will absorb excess humidity and odors purifying the air naturally. With no added chemicals or fragrances, these bags are safe for every room, including the baby’s nursery and bedrooms. Containing one ingredient only, Moso bamboo charcoal, these long-lasting bags can be used again and again to keep your air quality fresh and odor-free.


14 Items To Add To Your List For Spring Cleaning

It is no secret that we are worried about germs more than ever, which is why Veo’s products are more important than ever. VEO Active-Probiotics Surface Cleaner delivers a deep, long-lasting clean like you have never seen before. The cleaner banishes grime at the deepest level so that your counters are incredibly hygienic while leaving your home’s microbiome in balance as nature intended.

Perhaps the best part is that for up to 72 hours, Veo keeps biodegrading hidden grime in the cracks of your counter. This means you don’t have to worry about wiping down daily!  Veo accomplishes this unprecedented level of clean without harsh fumes or harmful ingredients – it’s free from chlorine bleach, formaldehyde, and phosphates. Consumers will also appreciate  Veo’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility – its formula is 99% biodegradable, and the packaging uses 100% PCR and is entirely recyclable.

Choose between two clean scents Apple and Jasmine or Citrus Blossom. This Spring, keep your kitchen clean and smelling fresh with VEO Active-Probiotics Surface Cleaner.

Spring cleaning has never been so simple, nor have we ever had so much time to get it done! This season rather than lamenting about being “stuck at home” consider yourself “safe at home” and make your living space fresh and clean. If you have kids, including them not only teaches healthy habits, but also gets the job done and works on their fine and gross motor skills and more. Take care of your home this season by adding a few of these products to your list for spring cleaning, and when you’re done, sit back, relax, and enjoy your spotless abode.

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14 Items To Add To Your List For Spring Cleaning



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