Are you tired of reading the same classic books to your children every night? Whether you simply cannot sit through another reading of Goodnight Moon to your toddler, or your grade-schooler is speeding through their classroom reading list and is looking for something new, we’ve compiled a list of 11 of the most unique children’s books (for all ages), that you’ll be sure to want to add to their personal library.

Tell Me A Tattoo Story

This charming story goes on a heartwarming journey with a father and his son. The father tells his son the story and sentiment behind each one of his tattoos, and recounts their family history along the way. This is the perfect book for children who are curious about their parent’s tattoos. (Recommended for: Preschool, Kindergarten)

Goodnight Songs: A Celebration of The Seasons

The sequel to Margaret Wise Brown’s “Goodnight Songs,” this beautiful collection of previously unpublished poems and songs takes its readers on a journey through the 4 seasons, in child-like wonder. Twelve award-winning artists bring Brown’s poems to life, visually in this timeless book. It’s accompanied by a CD of songs composed and sung by Emily Gary and Tom Proutt. (Recommended for: Preschool, Kindergarten)

Beyond the Pond

Ernest D. is a curious boy living an ordinary life. One day, he decides to explore the depths of his pond with his dog by his side. Through the power of curiosity and a limitless imagination, he enters a different world below the waters, and comes out with a whole new perspective on how the ordinary can be extraordinary. This story is all about using your imagination, and the art is almost tangible, as it starts out in shades of gray, and becomes vividly colorful. (Recommended for: Preschool- 3rd Grade)

Good Morning Yoga

Calm and awake, “I can do this!”

is all I need to say.

A deep breath in, a long breath out—

I am ready for the day!

Good Morning Yoga is so much more than a beginner’s guide to yoga. Through a series of invigorating poses, it teaches kids how to rise and embrace the day. (Recommended for: Preschool – 3rd Grade)

Good Night Yoga

The perfect complimentary book to “Good Morning Yoga,” this book tells the story of the world as it prepares for the night. Though its vibrant illustrations and flowing phrases, it teaches children soothing and relaxing yoga poses, based off of characters from nature. (Recommended: Preschool – 3rd Grade)

Wynken, Blynken & Nod

This classic and timeless poem by Eugene W. Field, tells the tale of three children and their cat, drifting off to sleep and setting sail across the sky in a wooden shoe. Reading this whimsical story, set to a beautiful rhythm, and visualized in muted hues of blue, will become one of your children’s most cherished bedtime routines. (Recommended for: Preschool – 3rd Grade)

What Do You Do With a Problem?

This is the story of a child filled with worry and anxiety over a problem that just won’t go away. No matter what this child does, the problem only seems to get bigger and scarier. Only when the child faces the problem head on, does it take an unexpected and positive turn. This story is the perfect marriage between thoughtful text and detailed imagery, that makes it personable and captivating. (Recommended for: Preschool – 3rd Grade)

Inside My Imagination

There is a magical place where you can always be yourself. In this magical place, you can turn on your light, and light up your life. This place is your imagination. Your imagination is something living, with its own voice. Your imagination is the expression of your freedom.

This story lets adults and children alike open the doors to their own imagination and discover what lies within and how it works. (Recommended for: Kindergarten – 2nd Grade)

The Story of Life: A First Book About Evolution

If you’re looking for a great way to introduce children to the idea of evolution, this is the perfect place to start. This book is written with small children in mind. It talks about how the first living cells were created on Earth, and continues, delving into the creation of dinosaurs, fish, sea creatures and eventually, humans. This book uses humor and facts to describe evolution simply for little minds. (Recommended for: Kindergarten-3rd Grade)

The Art Book For Children

In the essence of Phaidon’s best-selling “The Art Book,” The Art Book For Children servers as a guide to 30 famous and more modern artists and their most popular works. It is designed for parents and children to enjoy together, and encourages children to consider why the artists chose to create what they did and how they did so. This book is an excellent introduction to art history and some of the world’s most renowned artists and work. (Recommended for: 3rd Grade +)

The Usborne Complete Shakespeare

This is a collection of all of the Shakespeare plays and stories, written for children. Each story is beautifully illustrate and includes quotations and details about the main characters. It’s the perfect introduction and reference to Shakespeare. (Recommended for: 3rd Grade+)

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

The most crowdfunded original book in history, Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls is filled with 100 individual stories about the lives of 100 extraordinary women, both past and present, from Elizabeth 1 to Serena Williams. This book is illustrated by 60 female artists from around the world. Each story is written like a fairytale, meant to inspire girls that they can accomplish anything. The book itself is beautifully printed with soy and vegetable-based inks. (Recommended for: all ages)

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