Why All Moms Should Invest In Dedicated Cooking Apparel

Moms are kitchen stars, and yet some of them cook while not wearing any dedicated cooking apparel. Walk into any restaurant or watch a cooking show on television and you will likely see the chef and cooking staff wearing garments designed for kitchen work. There is a good reason for this as this apparel provides benefits that regular clothing does not – benefits that moms definitely need.


In this article, we will give reasons why moms should invest in this dedicated chefware by looking at four different chef apparel.

1. Chef Coat

Chef coats are standard in the industry for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest reasons being that they provide protection to the wearer. Since cooking usually involves dealing with flames and hot liquids that should not come in contact with skin, wearing a dedicated chef coat, which is made from flame and heat resistant material, is a great way for moms to prevent injury. Furthermore, since a chef coat covers the clothing underneath, it is a great way to prevent regular clothes from getting stained, effectively reducing the amount of laundry moms need to do. If moms want the ultimate protection in the kitchen, they should check out Chefworks’ custom chef coats.


2. Hair Restraints

Wearing a hair restraint, like a hat, serves several purposes in the kitchen. The first one being that it prevents hair from falling into the food. Even though this doesn’t pose any serious health risks, no mum would want to feed the family strands of their hair. The second purpose for wearing a hair restraint is that loose hair can be a hazard in the kitchen. If the hair accidentally gets caught in kitchen equipment or catches fire, the resulting injury can be disastrous, making hair restraints essential cooking apparel to invest in.

3. Shoes

Moms who love to cook and bake spend a lot of time standing in the kitchen, meaning they need comfortable footwear. Besides comfort, these shoes also protect their feet from various kitchen hazards. If a dangerous tool, like a sharp knife, gets dropped or boiling oil is spilled by accident, it is better for these things to land on dedicated kitchen footwear than on bare feet, crocs or flip-flops.


4. Kitchen Towel

A kitchen towel is another piece of apparel that moms should invest in. Kitchen towels are very hygienic when it comes to drying dishes and utensils. And since they are super absorbent, they can be used to mop up spills, keeping the kitchen area neat and tidy. They also provide some protection since they can be used to remove hot pots and pans from the stove without risking burns. Plus, they can easily fit in one of the pockets of a chefs coat, making them extremely easy to carry.


5. Apron

There will be times when a chef’s coat doesn’t work for you, perhaps because you only need to spend a short time in the kitchen preparing a snack or making the kids’ packed lunches for the morning. In this instance, it is sensible to have a clean apron ready to slip over your garments. An apron will keep your clothes nice and clean. Good quality aprons also have pockets, which are handy for tools and other essentials. Choose a heavy-duty cotton apron that will withstand a hot wash to remove food residue. You can even have your apron monogrammed or printed with a cute logo if you want to personalize it.

6.Apparel for the Kids

If you want to encourage your children to take an interest in cooking and the kitchen in general, it is wise to buy them some appropriate apparel. They won’t need a chef’s coat or a hat, but an apron could come in useful. Kids love to bake and make simple dishes, but parents are often loath to let them loose with flour, eggs, and other messy ingredients. If you buy your kids their very own aprons, preferably with their name or initials on them, they will have fun whilst keeping their clothing nice and clean.

As stars of the kitchen, all moms need to invest in the dedicated cooking apparel mentioned above. All the apparel we have talked provide an element of safety (even the kitchen towel), something which is vital in both home and restaurant kitchens – cooking without them is a risk. Of course one can always be extra careful in the kitchen, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

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