School Supplies You Didn’t Know You Needed

Welcome to the new school year! You’re going strong thus far in the first month, but wait…there may be some school supplies yet that you didn’t realize would help you tremendously to get past the first semester! There’s no need to stress out realizing you’re missing something but not quite sure what it is that would make the rest of the season go a wee bit smoother. We’ve compiled a list of some last-minute must-haves to keep you on top of the ‘I got this’ school game. 

Avery School Supplies Minions and Trolls

Back to school is just around the corner. We are all shuffling off, trying to grab last-minute school supplies for the kids while we are really wishing our days at the pool and at the beach didn’t have to end. But the kids can get excited about heading back to the classroom with these fun school supplies from Avery with their favorite characters like Minions and Trolls!

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These back to school supplies will have your kids excited to start school again. Their favorite characters are designed on all of your most needed school supplies like binders, dividers, notebooks, folders, and even glue sticks! All of these products are durable, just like you expect from Avery, so they will last all year long which makes it fun for parents and kids.

Minions Avery Trolls Avery

Before you head back to school this year, head over to Amazon and get 15% off your order of Minions or Trolls Avery school supplies and products through the month of August. Get ready to rock your back to school this year with your favorite characters!


Little-Snowie-2-5Celebrate back to school with the Little Snowie 2! This little ice shaving machine is small but mighty, filling an 8oz cup in just 5 seconds with ice so fluffy, you’ll be amazed. It’s easy and safe enough for a child to use, unlike other ice shaving machines on the market. It is lighter & easier to carry than a gallon of milk, making it also a great option for on-the-go think barbecues, tailgating, pool parties and more!


Little Snowie 2 holds up to 4 pounds of ice, so you can get more shaved ice in less time. Making shaved ice is easy with the Little Snowie 2, allowing you to use the ice from your own freezer. No need to buy special bags of ice or freeze ice from molds or trays.


Snowie also creates their own line of flavored syrups, made in-house in Snowie’s own kitchen! Flavors include sugar-free and all-natural varieties, so there’s something for everyone. Kids will love coming home to a delicious treat after a long day of school, so make the most of it with the Little Snowie 2.


Little Snowie 2


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Graco TurboBooster® TakeAlong™ Booster Seat

Graco Turbobooster Takealong3

The school year is about to begin and chances are that you will be spending quite a bit of time playing chauffeur for your kids. Back and forth to school plus after school activities can you make you feel like you are in the car all.the.time. Since you are there so much, you want to be sure that your kids are as safe as possible. The Graco TurboBooster® TakeAlong™ Booster Seat gives you the peace of mind that your growing child will be safe on every car trip- short or long- this school year.

Graco Turbobooster Takealong1

The Graco TurboBooster® TakeAlong™ Booster Seat is perfect for families who are constantly shuffling. No matter if you are carpooling, shifting kids around to make more room in the car for gear, or just bringing some friends to practice, this car seat makes it easy. The high-back booster, which is equipped with seatbelt placement hooks to make it comfortable for your child’s height as well as a 6-point adjustable headrest, easily detaches for a simple booster seat. The booster itself is perfect for when two different people are doing the drop-offs and pick-ups- it folds into itself and comes with a convenient carrying case.

Graco Turbobooster Takealong2

Graco Turbobooster Takealong4

Have a lot of kids in the car and need some space for more seats? The dual cup holders easily fit into the seat itself so you can ensure that there is enough room for everyone. The comfortable seat is machine washable for all those inevitable spills and messes, too. Safety is always key with Graco and the TurboBooster® TakeAlong™ Booster Seat has exceeded all U.S. safety standards. It is made for children 40 to 100 pounds so you can be sure that it will last you several years.

Graco Turbobooster Takealong5

Keep your kids safe this school year with the Graco TurboBooster® TakeAlong™ Booster Seat.



Back to school means a lot of things for moms of older children – like a little more quiet around the house – but for moms of preschoolers and those just starting school, it can also mean a bit of apprehension – have we provided them with the solid foundation that they need to be successful in school? This is where educational toys like those from LeapFrog come in perfectly. LeapFrog provides fun, entertaining ways for toddlers, preschoolers, and young children to learn the very ideas that will set them up well for school, but in the comfort of their own home or even on the go.


The LeapStart 3D Learning System brings your child’s favorite animations to life, all while teaching them valuable skills in literacy, math, and everything in between. Much like a gaming system, the LeapStart 3D has a library of 25+ books, each sold separately, that cover reading, writing, math, problem solving, phonics, and spelling, just to name a few. Each book enhances the learning process with fun activities and 3D characters come to life. The LeapStart 3D is perfect for growing minds, ages 2-7.


If your child age 4-7 is into everything Pixar, then they will love learning right alongside Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, and Dory and Dash (just a few of the characters featured) in the LeapStart Pixar Math in Action with Listening Skills, compatible with the LeapStart 3D Learning System. Count, problem solve, explore, and play with your favorite characters while building important skills to educational success. Your child will enjoy flipping the pages, interacting with the various 3D characters, and manipulating the stylist pen. For the younger crowd, ages 2-5, the LeapStart 3D Mickey and the Roadster Racers Pit Crews to the Rescue is right up their alley. By tapping the stylist on words, symbols, and characters, stories with Mickey and his pals are brought to life and endless fun awaits.


Lastly, LeapFrog’s Go-with-Me ABC Backpack is the perfect addition to your back to school goodies for your budding preschooler. An adorable backpack unzips and opens to all sorts of fun and learning. On one side, your child will find an interactive alphabet letter board with letter pieces for matching and introducing letter sounds and names. On the other side, a writing and drawing board is brought to life with an interactive LCD screen and stylist pen.

Bring the learning home this year with all that LeapFrog has to offer in interactive fun!

Monogrammed Tote by Grateful Bags

Daily Mom Parents Portal Holiday 2018 Grateful Handbags 1 Rs

All moms eventually reach the point when they’re ready to trade in their diaper bag for something a little less maternal. While you may still need all the functionality of a diaper bag for everyday use, carrying one into your next parent-teacher conference is overkill.

Back-to-school is the perfect time to treat yourself to a new handbag, especially now that you’ve got your school-aged kids off to school. And, if you love to personalize your stuff, you’ll love Grateful Bags.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Holiday 2018 Grateful Handbags 2 RsDaily Mom Parents Portal Holiday 2018 Grateful Handbags 3 Rs

Grateful is a line of handbags with a patented concept of interchangeable monograms. These classically designed bags come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors; but what makes these bags so special is that the acrylic monograms can snap on and off to fit whatever look you’re going for. You can get one monogram for several handbags or several monograms to change up the look of a single purse.

The Abbey is a great option for mom featuring a sleek faux leather tote with a spacious interior. The top zips closed with plenty of pockets to keep you organized. One outside zip pocket, one inside zip pocket, and two inside open pockets.

Meanwhile, if you love college sports or have a kid going to college this year, be sure to check out the Zoey cross body bags. These bags were designed to comply with NFL stadium bag size restrictions (guidelines also being adopted by a number of NCAA teams ) and allow the wearer to add their team colors for game day.

Get one for yourself or gift to your favorite monogramming loving lady!

Image (3)

Ageless, timeless, and charming, Grateful Bags will certainly give you something to be grateful for. Mixing a love of personalization with classic, yet versatile accessories make Grateful Bags both a beautiful and truly unique gift for back-to-school.


The Abbey | The Zoey


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Botley the Coding Robot


Learning doesn’t have to stop at school. As parents, it’s our job to ensure that our children are engaged outside the classroom too. As schools embrace the STEAM movement more and more, there are more opportunities for kids to expand on their learning they have done at school while they are home. Botley the Coding Robot is a great tool to allow even the youngest of minds begin to learn code and work on problem-solving and computational solving skills. If you are a teacher, Botley the Coding Robot is also a great tool to have in the classroom as you work on coding with your students!


Botley is great for all levels of coders, from beginners to advanced learners. He has 77 different pieces so you can set up obstacle courses, follow lines, avoid objects, and more. Coding is simple, even right out of the box. Botley can be introduced to children as young as age 5, but coding advances as your child does so you can continue on with the learning as they grow! Unlike other coding robots, Botley is totally screen free – you don’t need a phone or a tablet to start coding.


Get your kids excited about learning with Botley the Coding Robot. He will give your child hours of fun, and they will be learning important and valuable skills that can be used in the future.

Bubi Bottle


The Bubi Bottle (pronounced boo-bee), is a foldable, BPA-free beverage bottle that you can easily sip and stow in your backpack. This water bottle is microwavable and dishwasher safe, even on the bottom rack. Moms will like that the bottles are mold resistant, can be flipped inside out for easy cleaning, and retains it shape without releasing any harmful chemicals.

Unlike other beverage containers, the Bubi Bottle also doubles as a water-proof apparatus to protect your glasses or electronics if your kids get caught walking in the rain, or decide to make a quick detour through the neighbors’ sprinklers on their way home from school. For those rugged outdoor adventures, the Bubi Bottle can even be used to boil water or freeze and use as a cold compress.

Each Bubi Bottle can be completely rolled up and clipped to clothing or a backpack for hands-free carrying. At only 5.5 oz., the Bubi Bottle is lightweight and won’t add any extra weight to your child’s backpack.

Bubi-Bottle2Bubi takes the stress out of keeping your kids hydrated during school, recess and extracurricular activities. Each size comes in 8 bold colors that will fit any kid’s style. Even mom or dad can clip a Bubi to their briefcase. Bubi Bottles come in 9oz, 14oz, and 35oz sizes. There is even a Bubi Bowl that twists onto a Bubi Bottle for pets and friends.

The Bubi Bottle and Bowl are available at and special sporting goods stores around the US.



Bubi Bottle


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Backpacks from 7AM


Do you have a hip-hop high schooler? Or maybe you are a hip mom going back to school this fall. Either way, the 7AM Voyage Collection backpacks will keep you and your kiddo styling while walking the halls. All backpacks are ultra lightweight and suited with an array of compartments to keep you organized for this busy back to school season.

The 7AM Voyage Collection includes some of their most popular styles. The MINI Backpack is the perfect accessory for your little fashionista. Whether she is carrying books, treats, or toys she will be ready for her day-to-day adventures. With features like:

  • Easy grab handles
  • Zippered interior wallet pockets
  • Two exterior front zippered pockets
  • Mesh compartments
  • Machine washable
  • Measurements: H: 13.5”, W: 10”, D: 3.5”

The MIDI Backpack is 7AM’s newest size. The MIDI size fits school supplies such as folders, binders, planners, tablets, and even laptops up to 13”. The MIDI is roomier than the MINI and can hold more of your everyday essentials that can get you from your day job to your night class. On top of all these great features, the MIDI also has:

  • Compact interior with multiple storage compartments
  • One elasticized interior pocket
  • Zippered interior wallet pocket
  • Two exterior front zippered pockets
  • Padded shoulder straps and back
  • Water-resistant polyester shell and lining
  • Machine washable

Measurements: H: 16”, W: 14”, D: 5 ½”7Am-Voyage-Feminist-Backpack-Black-Puffer–555×688 (1)7AM is driven by the belief that the future health, peace, and prosperity of the world depends on how we invest in and educate girls today. That’s why when you purchase from the Feminist Collection, 10% of your purchase is donated to Girl Rising, a global campaign for girls’ education and empowerment. Sport your Feminist Backpack while making a difference in a girl’s life. This BK718 Backpack can be purchased with or without a padded changing pad and stroller strap attachment.

  • Easy grab handles
  • 2 exterior side pockets
  • Mesh compartments
  • Laptop compartment
  • Zippered front pouch
  • 7 roomy interior pockets
  • Fleece-lined, padded changing pad
  • Strap for stroller attachment
  • Machine washable

Measurements: H: 21”, W: 12”, D: 4.5”


7AM Voyage


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Sneakers and Clothing from the Puma & Tiny Cottons Collaboration

Tiny-Cottons (1)

You’re simply going to fall in love with the newest collaboration between Puma and Tiny Cottons. Featuring luscious fall colors like mustard, maroon, and thyme, this is absolutely a one can’t-miss collab for your little feet this fall. This line was inspired by farmer’s markets and has little highlights of produce-themed colors (hence the thyme), and fun images of fruits throughout.

Tiny-Cottons (2)


These are pretty much the coolest sneakers we’ve ever seen for the toddler set (and sizes go up through big kids), with classic Puma style mixed with the funky fresh look that can only be found in Tiny Cottons designs.

18Aw_Xsp_Tiny-Cottons_Kingston_1159 18Aw_Xsp_Tiny-Cottons_Dbl_Kingston_Scotland_608

So if you’re on the lookout for the coolest, freshest, and trendiest kicks for your little one (and jumpsuits and backpacks to boot), check out the Puma & Tiny Cottons collaboration. Promise you won’t regret it.

Bixbee Shark Camo Backpack and Lunchbox Bundle

Bixbee Shark Camo Backpack

Even if your child’s backpack and lunchbox are still holding up from the previous school year, trends change and school accessories evolve. Giving your child a new backpack and lunch box at the start of each school year will leave them feeling confident and ready for whats to come. As parents, we love a good bundle because it’s time-saving and money-saving. Having the lunchbox match the backpack will also eliminate confusion among your child and their classmates. The Shark Camo Backpack and Lunchbox Bundle by Bixbee is perfect for school, sports, and travel.

Bixbee Shark Camo Lunchbox

Sasha, an all-day snacker and bag hoarder that loves a reasonably priced lunch box. 

The bundle includes a durable and water-resistant backpack with numerous interior and exterior pockets to not only fit everything your child needs for the day but keep them organized. Also included is a matching lunchbox that is heavy-duty, insulated, and safe for food storage. Additionally, the lunchbox can be easily attached to the backpack so your child can be hands-free as well as prevent misplacing their lunch bag. Known for combining “fashion with bite”, this fun print features different sharks all over it, making this a standout set from your traditional solid print book bags.

Sock It To Me

2018-05-Fa18-Yk_Jk0059-V1_Preview Copy

Fashion Tip: Bold, fun, wack socks that express your personality are in! Scour those drawers and trash those boring old white socks to make way for a sock revolution. Sock it to Me has so much to offer regarding socks with personality and pizazz.

2018-05-Fa18-Yc_Jk0054-V1_Preview Copy

Socks speak to the soul. There are so many styles, patterns, and colors to choose from. They range in size from toddlers to big kids (yeah, that means you, Mom!). Knee high or crew, there will sure to be something perfect for you. Unicorn loving lassie? Dino-loving dude? Space exploration babe? Or a monster truck-loving crew? Sock it to Me will knock your socks right off (pun intended).

2018-05-Fa18-Tc0065-Tk0039_Preview Copy 2018-05-Fa18-Yk_Jk0061-Mef0305-V1_Preview Copy


Tech Will Save Us


Tech Will Save Us Gamer

Technology is the key to unlocking, understanding, and preserving our future. This key may lay in the smallest of hands because these little hands need to explore, understand, and expand their little brains until they know all of the workings of the world. Tech Will Save Us provides kids with the tools to discover all that this world has to offer through the power of hands-on STEM learning.


Tech Will Save Us Dough

Tech Will Save Us has almost any STEM learning kit you can imagine. These creative kits will take your school year to the next level. Kids can explore science and technology through electricity, coding, and beyond. Little minds are curious and LOVE learning, capitalize on this interest young to create lifelong learners. Combining imagination with education will exemplify learning and take learning beyond the classroom this school year.

Tech Will Save Us Bright Creatures Tech Will Save Us Synth


Back to school means back to a fast-paced and full day schedule of activities. Getting up early to run the kids to school on time can be a challenge. Riding the bus can be a bumpy ride. Running from class to class to beat the bell. Not only do the rigors of back to school take a toll on the body, but on our devices as well. Luckily, Rug-Ed has your devices covered.

Copy Of Rug-Ed Photoshoot 4

Rug-Ed features the ProLOCK case. With this integrated protection system, your device is locked into the case and cannot be removed by your busy student. This bumper edged case protects your physical device from being damaged and has tempered glass to protect the screen from impact as well. It comes with a removable stand which provides two viewing angles for easy use in the classroom or at home.

Copy Of Ruged Ls 6-2 New

Copy Of Ruged Ls 2 New

Physical protection is great, but Rug-Ed takes it one step further with comprehensive coverage plans that ensure the actual device as well. This eliminates having to use two separate options for case protection and insurance. Not only is this a great gift idea for your student, but it’s very popular among school districts with large device management divisions. Zero deductible device repair is music to the ears!

Copy Of Rug-Ed-Ipad-Case-1

Which Rug-Ed case is right for you? ProLOCK iPhone and ProLOCK Mini cases are available for many of the apple popular models today such as iPhone 6/7/8, and the iPad Mini 4. We all know that the kids want to use your phone to play games all the time so picking one of these up for yourself would be a smart idea.  ProLOCK 9.7 is compatible with iPad Air/iPad Air 2/ iPad Pro 9.7, iPad 5th Gen (2017), and IPad 6th Gen (2018).

Give yourself some piece of mind for all your Back to school devices this year with Rug-Ed.


Little Medical School


Education lights a fuel inside of us to be bigger than we are by finding our dreams, passions, and discovering the gifts we will give back to the world. This is when we discover ourselves through education and learning. Little Medical School designed with hands-on role play experiences at home. They take imaginative play to a whole new level by providing all the tools to carry them on their medical journey.


There are three kits to choose from: Pediatrician, Veterinarian, and Sports Medicine. Your kiddo may find themselves in the midst of surgery, bandaging a new pup, or performing a well-check on a new baby. Your child will love trading their regular clothes for a white coat. Lighting the spark to explore the sciences young will instill a lifetime of learning.

Littlepediatriciankit_Dark Litlte Medical School

Kits come with real-life medical equipment including a white coat, doctor ID badge, diploma, and workbook. Tools of the trade are also included such as ace bandages, clay, craft sticks, sutures, and a face mask. Each kit includes something specific to the type of doctor kit chosen. Get your journey started with Little Medical School. The Doctor is in!

All Day Lunch Bag


Built All Day Lunch Bag

Sometimes those small lunch sacks just don’t cut it and you need a large bag that can hold more than just a sandwich and drink. Built NY has made that possible by designing the All Day Lunch Bag. This lunchbox is large enough to hold food and beverages to eat multiple meals throughout the day. With two zippered exterior pockets and a mesh interior pocket, your food, drinks, utensils, and condiments can be separated making mealtime easier and organized. The All Day Lunch Bag is sturdy, durable, water resistant and built to last all school year and more. Grab this lunch bag by the top handle or use the adjustable, removable shoulder strap to carry with you all day. Although anyone can use this lunch box, this makes for the perfect item to send with your college student who will be spending long days on campus or your high school student who participates in after-school activities.

Built All Day Lunch Bag

You can’t have a lunchbox without a water bottle and there are certain things you should look for when choosing a water bottle. The Perfectseal Vacuum Insulated Bottle has all the qualities that make up a good water bottle. This bottle is not only double-walled and insulated to keep your drinks hot or cold for long periods of time but it is also vacuum sealed to avoid leaking. Made from stainless steel, the Perfectseal Vacuum Insulated Bottle is BPA-free and is complete with a threadless lid that prevents dirt from collecting. At 18 ounces, this water bottle will sit in a standard cup holder and fit perfectly in your All Day Lunch Bag.

Built Water Bottle


Sasha, an all day snacker and bag hoarder that loves a reasonably priced lunch box.

Hoyle Kids Games

6 Lineup

Throughout the school year, it’s important to continue reinforcing good habits and skills at home. When you work learning into playtime, the skills become practical and easier to remember in both the home and school setting. The company you’ve known for decades as America’s most trusted card brand is now creating kid-focused games specifically to help learning continue at home. Family game night just got smart!

Hoyle Super Me

In Super Me! your little learner will pick up emotional intelligence skills using the same game dynamics as memory and matching. Take turns working through an emergency and teach how to make good choices, help others, and empathize with one another.

Hoyle Sharks Are Wild

For students age 4 to 6, Sharks are Wild teaches number sequences. With various levels to master, this fun game will keep your crew engaged and challenged time and time again.

Hoyle Piggy Bank

Addition and subtraction are the building blocks of math. Learning those at a young age can set your student up for success in years down the road. Piggy Bank teaches how to count by and subtract using fives and tens as players compete to ‘break the bank’ and go over a total of 25 coins.

Hoyle Monkey May I

Ready to put the math skills aside and learn some important social skills instead? Monkey May I uses the rules you understand from Simon Says while reinforcing how to make good choices, self-awareness, and self-control.

Hoyle Catch ‘N Fish

One last mathematic game rounds of the full Hoyle Kids game set. Catch ‘n Fish is an addition and subtraction game that makes learning math as easy and building a sand castle. Players spin to determine the game point and then work to create pairs of cards that match the winning number. Learning math has never been so much fun.

Creativity for Kids from Faber-Castell


Learning doesn’t have to stop at school. Creativity for Kids craft kits from Faber-Castell is a great way to continue important skills like fine motor skills, problem-solving, and creative processes all while doing something fun at home. There are several different types of craft kits available. Kids can let their imaginations run wild and get in touch with their creative side when they get home from a long day of sitting at desks.


There are so many different options for craft kits from Creativity for Kids. There are jewelry kits, sewing kits, fun charm kits, rock painting kits, airplane kits, car kits, crafts for preschoolers, and more!

School Supplies You Didn'T Know You Needed 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesSchool Supplies You Didn'T Know You Needed 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Learning can be fun, and with craft kits like the ones from Creativity for Kids, your kids can play and learn even after a long day at school!

Mophie Powerstation Mini from T-Mobile


When school days are go, go, go, keeping your phone charged is a struggle. Both as a parent out running errands to a teenager headed from class to practice, a dead phone battery can mean stress and leave your student stranded. The Mophie powerstation mini from T-Mobile is your new best friend to ensure electronics stay powered up no matter how long the day is.


The 3,000mAh battery has enough power to revive a smartphone more than once throughout the day and the slim size is perfect for tossing in a pocket or backpack. You’ll never hear your student complain that they couldn’t text you when practice was over again! You can even use the compact charger to power up smartwatches or tablets, ensuring that they are completely prepared for the school day ahead.

Tasha Hussey Body: Stress Relief Bath Soak

The start of the new school year is stressful. New schedules, new teachers, new classmates, running back and forth from school to activities- it is quite a bit to take in for the first few weeks. Exhaustion begins to set in, and you find yourself anxious and overwhelmed. Take away some of the back to school stress with an evening soak in Tasha Hussey Body’s Stress Relief Bath Soak.


The Stress Relief Bath Soak and Bath Salts from Tasha Hussey Body are filled with natural herbal botanicals, Dead Sea salt, epsom salt, apricot oil, and other essential oils to deliver a relaxing experience that will help calm those first day jitters and first week exhaustion.


Tasha Hussey Body’s line of bath soaks and salts offer an experience in luxury right in your own home. You can bring the calming effects of the spa right into your own bathroom, giving you an experience that will help you get through those first few weeks of the school year with ease.

Alphabet Acorns by Learning Resources


Whether your preschooler is going to school this year or you’re educating at home, learning your ABCs should be fun. And while there are a number of fun activities to engage your favorite little people, we are really loving Alphabet Acorns.

This fun and challenging matching game gives children multiple ways to learn through active play. Kids can match upper and lowercase letters as they put the acorns together, plus play hide-and-seek by finding a surprise inside each acorn. The object they find begins with the letter sound on the acorn. Colors correspond to letters, and little learners can even practice making words, learning their ABCs, beginning sounds, and more! They’ll hardly know that they’re doing something educational.51C9Cdilnfl81Vxioonsxl._Sl1500_

Little Passports

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 At 8.54.48 Pm

The school year puts a bit of a damper on grandiose travel plans, however, with Little Passports it doesn’t have to. Little Passports allows your kiddo to explore the world from the comfort of your home. This is a fun way to instill wanderlust in your child long before they begin exploring the world on their own.

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 At 8.54.35 Pm

Little Passports is a subscription-based service; each box features a new country. Your kit will include a custom-built suitcase, a passport, and a wall-sized map for inspiration and charting of future trips and plans. Sam and Sofia will quickly become there new favorite pen pals. Explore even more online with Boarding Zone.

Little Passport Little Passports2

This year get ready to explore all of the world’s riches. Your kids will love their monthly updates from Sam and Sophia. They will enjoy opening up a new box of wonders and discovering what adventure they will be going on next!


Little Passports


Little Passports | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube | Instagram

Reusable Beeswax Wraps from EarthHero


Back to school means sack lunches! Thanks to Beeswax Wrap from EarthHero you can plan out a healthy variety of lunch items, all while ensuring no additional plastic makes it into the landfills and water. Instead of using wasteful plastic baggies, Beeswax Wrap can help keep food fresh and provides a covering that can be washed and re-purposed and time and again.


Simply use the warmth of your hands to mold the wrap around any time you wish to stay fresh. You can wrap up anything, even an avocado! Once your student returns the wrap home at the end of the day, just rinse off in cool water and hang dry before starting on the next day’s meal.

You can even use Beeswax Wrap at home to cover up bowls, cheese, or whatever leftovers are in your kitchen.

Eva NYC Mane Magic 10 in 1 Primer

06_198_V2_6F7A86A1-8789-49B0-A93F-89Eba8Adf0Ef_1024X1024There’s no denying it – trying to get ready in the morning with the rush of the school day can be a hassle. But Eva NYC Mae Magic makes it easy to style your hair or your kids in the morning. The styling spray can be used to detangle, soften, and nourish your hair so you can style it quickly without a fight.


Eva NYC Mane Magic 10 in 1 Primer also helps cut drying time. So if you’re fresh out of the shower, simply spray some Mane Magic onto your mane and you’re drying time will be cut significantly so you can get out the door faster. It also helps to control frizz, add shine, and set you up for a perfect day at work or school. Eva NYC Mane Magic is a must-have for your morning routine this back to school season.

Hello Oral Care

Hello Oral CareFirst impressions are everything. Give your best first impression for the new school year with Hello Oral Care. Hello Oral Care offers a safe, high quality, natural toothpaste for kids. Taking care of their teeth is an important part of their daily routines, so make it fun for them with the natural flavors all while knowing that it is safe for them to use.

Hello Oral Care

Hello Oral Care is all natural and never contains artificial colors or flavors, microbes, sulfates, parabens, or triclosan, making it safe to be ingested. This is especially crucial to those just learning to brush their teeth independently- with Hello Oral Care you don’t have to worry if they accidentally swallow too much.

Hello Oral Care

Hello Oral Care is safe for kids 6 and older. For the younger crowd, they have their naturally flavored and fluoride-free watermelon, bubblegum, and blue raspberry toothpaste. For the older kids, 12 and above, they have their charcoal fluoride free whitening toothpaste which is naturally flavored with coconut oil and mint. The black color of the toothpaste makes it kind of fun to brush, too!

Start your school year off right with bright, white smiles from Hello Oral Care.

Limitless Innovations


Before you know it, it will be school picture day. You will want to hang up all those pictures plus the infamous “First Day of School” photos up on your walls. But measuring, banging, hanging only to find out you’ve made a mess of your new school gallery wall is not fun for anyone- and it’s super frustration.

Tapemeasure-In-Use-1 Tapemeasure-Iso-Right

With a picture hanging kit from Limitless Innovations you can easily hang up your back to school photos and create a beautiful perfectly aligned wall gallery that will be a show-stopping place in your home. The kits come in either 4, 6, or 8 picture hanging kits each come with wall Hangers, receivers, Receiver fasteners, wall anchors, wall anchors with stop, and bumpers. There is also a 12-piece kit that comes with a tape measure for easy spacing.

Get your pictures up for everyone to see with ease with Limitless Innovations.


Picture Hanging Kits


Limitless Innovations | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | YouTube

Whether you are in the midst of your school routine or still trying to figure out what works best for your family, being ready, having the supplies you need, and making everyday count is what matters most!
Be sure to double check your stash, because  The Best Winter Coats And Accessories For Back To School will have you chillin’ cold if you aren’t ready!
School Supplies For Back To School



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Andi LaBrune
Andi LaBrune
She's a country girl at heart with her hubby and 11 kids in central Virginia. She raises a small homestead of chickens & ducks with her family. If she's not hatching eggs, waiting for those adorable chicks to emerge, or tearing up the kitchen with yet another scrumptious, mouth-watering meal from her grass-fed roots, or she's sweating her sass off teaching Zumba Fitness classes. You can catch up with her and all her wild, yet introverted shenanigans over at The Skinny Mommy.