Improve Your Summer Sunglasses Style with Coastal

Nothing says summer like a perfect pair of summer shades. Coastal makes it easy for you to get the style that is perfect for you by size, shape, style, and even your prescription. 

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We all know what a pain it is to visit the optometrist to get a new pair of glasses or shades. The doctor’s visit and the overpriced frames, along with the long wait time to get your new glasses after they have ordered them often makes it feel like more of a hassle than it’s worth when you’re just looking to change up your style. Coastal cuts out the middle man and allows you to order prescription (or non-prescription) glasses and sunglasses right from home. No more long eye doctor appointments, no more long waits to get your new style – Coastal has your new eye wear ready and in your hands in no time.

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Coastal makes it easy to order, too. You can use their face-shape and style guide to find the best style for you. You can then filter by use, material, and color to find exactly what you’re looking for in your new pair of eyewear. If you have a prescription, you can order custom lenses to include your actual prescription as well as the type of lens – traditional, sunglasses, transitional, or even Blue Reflect for use in front of a digital screen. You can even create an account that will save your prescription so ordering is as simple as can be every time you need a new pair.

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Coastal has thousands of options for you to choose from, too. No matter if you’re looking for traditional or trendy, classic or funky, Coastal has it all. It is a much wider selection than your optometrist or even your local glasses store. You can find exactly what you want for your new summer style – in fact, it might be hard to decide!

On trend this summer are your classic styles. You can never fail with the Aviator. With amber polarized colored lenses, these Kam Dhillon Hunter aviators are stylish and casual. The gold accents give it a bright and stylish touch, making it look elegant and cool all while being on trend and fun.

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Classic black sunglasses go with anything, but it never hurts to have a few pairs to fit your particular style and feel that day. These Love Lily frames are great for a casual day around town or even a dressed-up sunset dinner date.

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The more beach-ready style of these Kam Dillion Jackie frames with blue polarized lenses make it easy to put on your suit, your new shades, and be ready to hit the waves (or lay in the sand). They are the perfect addition to your sunglass style collection this summer.

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This summer, change up your sunglass style with ease from Coastal. Simply find the style that works for you, the type of lens you’d like along with prescription, and be on your way until your glasses arrive! It is the perfect solution for a new pair of glasses or sunglasses in between your regular two year check-ups. Coastal makes it easy to replace broken glasses or simply add to your collection for different styles, trends, or activities.

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