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Purchasing goods manufactured in America has many perks for our country and your family. Any item with the “Made in The USA” marking on it has saved on fossil fuel and pollution, since it skipped over the process of shipping the item from overseas. Also, these American owned and operated companies are a big help to the economy by producing jobs and economic growth on US soil. We have done a little of the shopping for you, so you don’t have to waste time checking manufacturing labels when filling up your cart. 

  • K’Nex

    K’Nex toys are great building toys for children 7 years and older. The rods, connectors, and bricks are all made in Hatfield, Pennsylvania. This company has multiple themes and building options from Angry Birds to Mario, Ferris Wheels to Dinosaurs; making them the perfect toy for any child with busy little hands.

  • American Apparel

    All of American Apparel’s clothing is manufactured  in the USA, but did you know they have an adorable kids line? They carry swim and clothing that is just as trendy as it’s adult counterpart. This company also has a strong commitment to the environment and has gone virtually land-fill free. Could these clothes be any more cute and comfortable?

  • Naturepedic

    Naturepedic sells mattresses and bedding for the entire family. They also carry changing pads and covers specifically for your little one. This company manufactures only organic materials free from the toxic chemicals, which is present in typical bedding. The only thing that makes Naturepedic even better is that their entire line is made in the USA.

  • Step 2

    Step 2 manufactures items for almost everyone in the family. Most of their baby and kids toys, kids furniture, and home and garden items are made and assembled in the USA. However, like many larger companies a few of their items are imported or have an imported part. In an effort to maintain transparency, Step 2 has made three distinctive labels so their consumers easily know where their products are coming from. Look out for the “Made in USA”, “Made in USA of US and Imported Parts”, and “Made in Country-of-Origin” labels.

  • Green Toys

    Looking for a toy company completely manufactured in the USA but does a little extra to help out the environment? Green Toys is what you are looking for! All of their products are made from recycled plastics. That’s the cutest example of reduce, reuse, and recycle we have ever seen.

  • Oliver and Adelaide

    If you are searching for something a little more luxurious , then Oliver and Adelaide are your one-stop shop. Choose from their pre-designed packages to be delivered once or four times a year, made up entirely of items made in the USA. The items include things like bibs, musical toys, hand-crafted toy chests, and family heirloom home furnishings. Everything this company offers is gorgeous.

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